• Entrance to Zuyder Zee
    Entrance to Zuyder Zee
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n zee the 26th letter of the Roman alphabet "the British call Z zed and the Scots call it ezed but Americans call it zee","he doesn't know A from izzard"
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The blew be the zee The blew be the zee


In literature:

I zee ye be no temp'rance man!
"The Treasure of Heaven" by Marie Corelli
Nyack lay buried in a storm, and the Tappan Zee was in a tempest.
"The Von Toodleburgs" by F. Colburn Adams
You aire wonderful, zee how you escape, and to bring us news of our Armand!
"Tom Slade with the Boys Over There" by Percy K. Fitzhugh
The Zuyder Zee rolls, ten fathoms deep, over the ruins of drowned Stavoren.
"Sword and Gown" by George A. Lawrence
I be deadly glad to zee thee, however.
"Speed the Plough" by Thomas Morton
Zee way of zee woods ees zee mos' easy, but dat of zee hills ees shorter.
"A Mating in the Wilds" by Ottwell Binns
Now then, I'm going to walk about in the sun to get dry, and then zee about getting myself a noo cap and a hook.
"Nic Revel" by George Manville Fenn
Dell Villips if you want anything, ant I'll zee to it.
"Despair's Last Journey" by David Christie Murray
His fame as a painter was established from the Mediterranean to the Zuyder Zee.
"Great Artists, Vol 1." by Jennie Ellis Keysor
Now, the water in the Zuyder Zee is shallow.
"Rollo in Holland" by Jacob Abbott

In poetry:

So we read the prayer of him
Who, with John of Labadie,
Trod, of old, the oozy rim
Of the Zuyder Zee.
"Andrew Rykman’s Prayer" by John Greenleaf Whittier
A. A plague! theäse cow wont stand a bit,
Noo sooner do she zee me zit
Ageän her, than she's in a trot,
A-runnèn to zome other spot.
"Riddles" by William Barnes
Zoo let me zee noo darksome cloud
Bedim to-day thy flow'ry sh'oud,
But let en bloom on ev'ry spraÿ,
Drough all the days o' zunny Maÿ.
"The Lilac" by William Barnes
"Men, brethren, sisters, children dear!
God calls you hence from over sea;
Ye may not build by Haerlem Meer,
Nor yet along the Zuyder-Zee.
"Robinson Of Leyden" by Oliver Wendell Holmes
An' I do bide all day among
The bleäten sheep, an' pitch their vwold;
An' when the evenèn sheädes be long,
Do zee em all a-penn'd an' twold.
"The Shepherd O’ The Farm" by William Barnes
"Then next you'll zee her bend her head
Above her aïlèn husband's bed,
A-fannèn, wi' an inward praÿ'r,
His burnèn brow wi' beäten aïr;
The while the clock, by candle light,
Do show that 'tis the dead o' night.
"The Leädy’s Tower" by William Barnes

In news:

Left-hander Barry Zito (ZEE'-toh) gets the start for the Giants while the Tigers hand the ball to Justin Verlander.
Das will be in charge of Zee's news channels and web portal India.com.
Carlucci Calls for Fines Over Contractor-Caused Gridlock on Tappan Zee.
Ginger Zee's Itinerary : A hometown visit to Rockford, then ArtPrize and 'Good Morning America'.
Courtesy of WZZM-TV Ginger Zee of ABC's "Good Morning America" appeared on WZZM-TV (Channel 13) with Lauren Stanton and Derek Francis.
He was born July 24, 1940, in Jiangsu, China, to Chang Zee Yu and Chang Chen Lan Jien.
Studio Zee Tattooing & Body Piercing : Andrew Sistrand, Lizbeth Anderson, Alicyn Miller.
1st) Studio Zee Tattooing & Body Piercing .
All differences come together in the air kay zee es…see.
Watch Joe Zee Multitask in a Cab.
Joe Zee Warns Leila Shams Not to Confuse 'Sexy' With 'Slutty.
0Fergie and Josh Duhamel supported ELLE magazine's Joe Zee at the Sept 19 bash in West Hollywood for All on the Line with Joe Zee , his Sundance Channel show.
Former Storm Team 8 meteorologist and current ABC News Network meteorologist Ginger Zee (second from right) joins the 24 Hour News 8 Daybreak crew for an interview.
BlueReach's E- Zee Shift will be featured on all G-Tec transmission dynos.

In science:

Our approach extends the work of Voiculescu and Zee, and to our knowledge is new.
Nonhermitean Random Matrix Models : a Free Random Variable Approach
Zahed, “Br´ezin-Zee Universality: Why Quenched QCD in Matter is Subtle?”, e-print: hep-ph/9606329; M. A.
Nonhermitean Random Matrix Models : a Free Random Variable Approach
These techniques were further developed in the context of a large N Anderson disorder model (many orbitals per lattice site) by Wegner and in analyzing the eigenvalue correlators of various matrix models by Brezin and Zee .
Random Matrix Model for Superconductors in a Magnetic Field
We have shown how to extend the diagrammatic arguments of Br´ezin, Hikami and Zee to a large variety of nonhermitean random matrix models.
Nonhermitean Random Matrix Models
Our diagrammatic approach and part of our results have been confirmed in two interesting papers by Feinberg and Zee, cond-mat/9701387 and cond-mat/9704191.
Nonhermitean Random Matrix Models