• Louis Xi. And Burgesses Waiting for News——193
    Louis Xi. And Burgesses Waiting for News——193
  • WordNet 3.6
    • adj xi being one more than ten
    • n xi the 14th letter of the Greek alphabet
    • n XI the cardinal number that is the sum of ten and one
    • ***

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Louis Xi. And Charles the Rash at Peronne——209 Louis Xi. And Charles the Rash at Peronne——209
Louis Xi. At his Devotions——255 Louis Xi. At his Devotions——255

Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n xi The Greek letter Ξ, ξ, corresponding to the English x.
    • n xi The Greek letter Ξ, ξ, corresponding to the English x and z.
    • ***


In literature:

"The Great Events by Famous Historians, Volume 11" by Various
The first to combine the two functions, that of Bailli and Concierge, was Jacques Coictier, the doctor of Louis XI.
"Royal Palaces and Parks of France" by Milburg Francisco Mansfield
Cosquin, XI., has a fairly good variant of this, with comparative notes.
"Europa's Fairy Book" by Joseph Jacobs
Josefstadt, X. Przemysl, XI.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 3, Part 1, Slice 1" by Various
Alfonso XI, whose passion for war carried him too far, died of it at the siege of Gibraltar, March 26, 1350.
"The Great Events by Famous Historians, Volume 07" by Various
Louis XI was in these instances the willing agent of avenging fate.
"In Château Land" by Anne Hollingsworth Wharton
He obtained grants from Parliament to enable him, in alliance with Charles of Burgundy, to make war against Louis XI.
"A Student's History of England, v. 1 (of 3)" by Samuel Rawson Gardiner
Then came Books iii.-xi.
"The Student's Companion to Latin Authors" by George Middleton
"The Works Of George Meredith A Linked Index to the Project Gutenberg Editions" by George Meredith
"The Memoirs, Correspondence, And Miscellanies, From The Papers Of Thomas Jefferson A Linked Index to the Project Gutenberg Editions" by Thomas Jefferson

In poetry:

XI. Such was the time, and such the place,
The bard respir'd his song of woe,
To those, who had of Erin's race
Surviv'd their freedom's vital blow.
"The Irish Harp" by Sydney Owenson
XI. Oh then to NATURE'S touch be sacred still!
To HER I consecrate thy soothing pow'r;
Let passion, fancy, feeling , wake the thrill
That gives to bliss each visionary hour.
"The Spanish Guitar" by Sydney Owenson
XI. Yes, th' enthusiast e'en here, midst these scenes drear and wild,
The gentlest of spirits has found,
And many a bosom "ethereally mild,"
By the sweet ties of sympathy bound.
"Fragment XVI." by Sydney Owenson
LILIA rises. He places her a chair, and seats himself at the
instrument; plays a low, half-melancholy, half-defiant prelude, and
"Within and Without: Part III: A Dramatic Poem" by George MacDonald

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Xi 'fans' fawn over "Pingping," China 's new leader.
A recent speech that Mr Xi Jinping, China's new paramount leader, delivered during a tour to a museum exhibition called the "Road to Revival" has garnered wide online attention because of its mention of the " Chinese Dream".
China's Communist Paper Calls for Closer Ties With US Under Xi.
China's massive military pledges its loyalty to new Communist Party leader Xi Jinping.
China Communist Party unveils new leadership with Xi at the top.
Xi Jinping's elevation to the no.
China's Communist Party leader and president-in-waiting Xi Jinping.
Xi Jinping takes helm of China's Communist Party amid reform calls.
Xi Jinping takes helm in China.
Pride in China's history "is the historical driving force inspiring people today to build the nation," says Chinese Vice-President Xi Jinping, who is odds-on favorite to become China's next president.
File photo of China Vice-President Xi in Dublin .
Vice President Biden told his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping that "the economic stability of the world" depends on the U.S.-Chinese relationship, Reuters reported Thursday.
During the trip, Xi spoke forcefully about reforming the Chinese economy .
Divided Chinese congress expected to elevate Xi Jinping.
FILE** Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping (left) meets Feb 14, 2012, with more.

In science:

G(xi , xj ) ≡ hΦ(xi )Φ(xj )i is the Green’s function and G (xi , xj ) ≡ G(xi , xj ) − G(0) ∼ −g/2π ln (|xij |/a).
Numerical Replica Limit for the Density Correlation of the Random Dirac Fermion
W (xj ← xi ) = f (xj ) W (xi ← xj ). where W (xj ← xi ) is the probability of transition from state xi to state xj .
Monte Carlo: Basics
Indeed, ∆2 (xi ⊗ xj )∆2 (xi′ ⊗ xj ′ ) = (xi ⊗ xj ⊗ xj+1 )(xi′ ⊗ xj ′ ⊗ xj ′+1 ) = xixi′ ⊗ xj xj ′ ⊗ xj+1 xj ′+1 , and ∆2 (xi ⊗ xj )(xi′ ⊗ xj ′ ) = ∆2 (xi xi′ ⊗ xj xj ′ ) = xixi′ ⊗ xj xj ′ ⊗ t(∆(xj xj ′ )), where the Markov coproduct is defined by ∆xα = xα ⊗ xα+1 .
Coassociativity breaking and oriented graphs
Moreover, S ˜S (xi ) = S (−xi+1 ) = −(−xi ) = xi . and ˜S S (xi ) = ˜S (−xi−1 ) = −(−xi ) = xi .
Coassociativity breaking and oriented graphs
If the B(xi , t, n) is a tree T (xi , d), then we set the value of xi equal to Xi (n) ≡ E[Xi |T W (xi , d)], where the expectation is with respect to the measure P (d).
Linear Phase Transition in Random Linear Constraint Satisfaction Problem