• WordNet 3.6
    • n writ (law) a legal document issued by a court or judicial officer
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Writ 3d pers. sing. pres. of Write, for writeth.
    • Writ imp. & p. p. of Write.
    • Writ (Law) An instrument in writing, under seal, in an epistolary form, issued from the proper authority, commanding the performance or nonperformance of some act by the person to whom it is directed; as, a writ of entry, of error, of execution, of injunction, of mandamus, of return, of summons, and the like.
    • Writ That which is written; writing; scripture; -- applied especially to the Scriptures, or the books of the Old and New testaments; as, sacred writ . "Though in Holy Writ not named.""Then to his hands that writ he did betake,
      Which he disclosing read, thus as the paper spake."
      "Babylon, so much spoken of in Holy Writ ."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n writ That which is written; a writing: used especially of the Bible, with holy or sacred, often capitalized as a title.
    • n writ In law, a precept under seal, in the name of the people, or the sovereign, or other competent legal authority, commanding the officer or other person to whom it is addressed or issued to do or refrain from doing some specified act. In early times, when the pleadings and proceedings generally in actions were oral, writs were, as the name implies, the written parts of an action (besides judgments in courts of record), it being for obvious reasons required that the warrant by which a person or his property might be seized, or his conduct controlled under penalty of contempt, should be expressed in writing and attested by the name and seal of the government.
    • n writ A formal instrument or writing of any kind.
    • n writ In the United States, a mandatory precept issuing out of the clerk's office in any of the courts of law, by the authority and in the name of the State or commonwealth, under the seal of the court from which it issues, bearing teste of the chief justice of the court, if he is not a party, and signed by the clerk of the court. (Heard.) Its object is to compel the appearance of the defendant, or at least to give him due notice that he is sued. In most of the States it has been superseded by a summons, issued by the plaintiff's attorney, giving such notice and requiring the defendant to plead. See also original writ, under original.
    • n writ The writ is legally capable of enforcement: as, the writ of subpœna runs throughout the state.
    • n writ The writ is practically capable of enforcement: as, “When lawlessness has yielded to order; when the Queen's writ runs; when the edicts of the civil courts are obeyed; … and when sedition is trampled under foot—then, and then only, is there some chance for the development of remedial measures.” (Edinburgh Rev., CLXV. 587.)
    • n writ An obsolete form of the third person singular present indicative (for writeth), and an obsolete or archaic form of the past participle, of write.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • pa.t., pa.p Writ rit obsolete of write.
    • n Writ rit a writing:
    • n Writ rit (law) a written document by which one is summoned or required to do something: a formal document, any writing
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  • Sir John Denham
    Sir John Denham
    “Nor ought a genius less than his that writ attempt translation.”


Writ large - If something is writ large, it is emphasised or highlighted.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
AS. writ, gewrit,. See Write


In literature:

They have, indeed, received the usual writ of election; but that writ, alas!
"Obiter Dicta Second Series" by Augustine Birrell
And so much did he accomplish withal that, as has been writ before, took he as many as eighty towns.
"The Sagas of Olaf Tryggvason and of Harald The Tyrant (Harald Haardraade)" by Snorri Sturluson
I'm the Under-Sheriff of Cornwall, and I've come with a writ of ejectment.
"Two Sides of the Face" by Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
He had one o' his dreamy fits an' writ letters till long after I went to bed.
"Mary Louise in the Country" by L. Frank Baum (AKA Edith Van Dyne)
Why, nothing now but lonely sit And over-read what I have writ.
"The Hesperides & Noble Numbers: Vol. 1 and 2" by Robert Herrick
No; let him bring a thousand writs against me.
"The Comedies of Terence" by Publius Terentius Afer
Is not 'The Civil War and Restoration' writ big about them all?
"The Book-Hunter at Home" by P. B. M. Allan
God hath writ her name, Mistress Blanche, on the last page of His Word; and it is, Babylon, Mother of all Abominations.
"Clare Avery" by Emily Sarah Holt
Look, here is writ 'kind Julia.
"Two Gentlemen of Verona" by William Shakespeare
Certes, the writ was forth.
"The White Rose of Langley" by Emily Sarah Holt

In poetry:

What can I do in poetry,
Now the good spirit's gone from me?
Why, nothing now but lonely sit
And over-read what I have writ.
"Departure of the Good Daemon" by Robert Herrick
Hast thou not writ salvation down,
And promised quick'ning grace?
Doth not my heart address thy throne?
And yet thy love delays.
"Psalm 119 part 10" by Isaac Watts
Until beneath a sadder sun,
We came to know the book was done.
Then, as our minds were but new lit,
It dawned upon us what was writ;
"The End Of The Chapter" by Paul Laurence Dunbar
Not only on cross and gibbet,
By sword, and fire, and flood,
Have perished the world’s sad martyrs
Whose names are writ in blood.
"The Martyr" by Victor James Daley
Where'er in sacred writ we see
A word of grace or promise free,
With blessings dropt for Jesus' sake;
We these for gospel-news may take.
"The Believer's Principles : Chap. II." by Ralph Erskine
Scanning the verse that here is writ,
While cherishing some secret smart
Of love or loss, may glean from it
Some comfort for her weary heart;
"The Door Of Humility" by Alfred Austin

In news:

BOOKS AND PORTRAITS Some Further Selections From the Literary and Biographical Writtings of Virginia Woolf.
Washam loses bid to scuttle writ requiring continued inspections.
He plays in a band called The Writ -Kickers (hence the post title) with fellow judges Brent Gamble, Patricia "Legs" Kerrigan, and attorney Steve Ferrell.
A celebrity, a life writ large.
WRIT 's dividend always remained steady or grew.
Steve Schwarzman's Great Library Gift, Writ Small.
A Ranking Writ In Brake Lights: DC 2nd in Traffic.
The price of war writ large.
Writ in Silian Rail.
Media Marketing Writ Large .
Couple's months-long billboard battle is writ large , in lights.
A celebrity, a life writ large .
Debate on gays is writ large .
The past, writ large .
The price of war writ large .

In science:

As we have said, however, this is just the no-signalling theorem writ large.
Nonlocality and information flow: The approach of Deutsch and Hayden
This can be done by writting formally ˆD0 (x, y ) and ˆE0 (x, y ) as two infinite series of delta functions.
Metastable states and T=0 hysteresis in the random-field Ising model on random graphs
Writting out such a kind tables below, we omite the conversion matrices and write arbitrary coefficients Qk instead of bQk in central column of the table.
Search for gauge symmetry generators of singular Lagrangian theory
Very often, the operation ϕ will be clear from the context and we will drop it writting hRi instead of hRiϕ .
Generalized Majority-Minority Operations are Tractable
Remark 2.1. I have assume that ∗ is operation on Group G ,hence instead of writting (G,∗) I will use simply Group G. if other operation will come I will mention that operation .
Rohit Self-Class Group