wring out


  • WordNet 3.6
    • v wring out extract (liquid) by squeezing or pressing "wring out the washcloth"
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Wring out to squeeze out by twisting
    • ***


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. wringan, to twist; Dut. wringen, Ger. ringen. Cf. Wreak, Wry.


In literature:

All she does all day is to moan and wring her hands and call out his name.
"Turn About Eleanor" by Ethel M. Kelley
I could wring you out like a mop, and drop you down a knot-hole, and nobody'd be the wiser.
"Hepsey Burke" by Frank Noyes Westcott
Take them out, and strain them through a coarse cloth, wringing the berries.
"The Lady's Own Cookery Book, and New Dinner-Table Directory;" by Charlotte Campbell Bury
Add as much cold water as will enable you to wring the bag out dry, or it can be wrung out in a cloth.
"Nelson's Home Comforts" by Mary Hooper
Don't wring out flannels or woolens.
"Boy Scouts Handbook" by Boy Scouts of America
Wring out that pesky wash and spread it on the grass to dry.
"Four Little Blossoms at Brookside Farm" by Mabel C. Hawley
He saw them wringing out their rain-drenched garments.
"The Golden Woman" by Ridgwell Cullum
It has seized Labor in its clutches and wrings a ransom out of every toiler in the land.
"Around the World with Josiah Allen's Wife" by Marietta Holley
Max entered, pausing to knock his cap against the door, and wring it out.
"Calumet 'K'" by Samuel Merwin
You were going to wring it out of me.
"Thin Edge" by Gordon Randall Garrett

In poetry:

Come from thy Bed of Clay, my dear!
See! where thy Father stands;
His Soul he sheds out Tear by Tear,
And wrings his wretched Hands.
"The Distress'd Father or, the Author's Tears over his Dear Daughter Rachel" by Henry Carey
No, hardly, but seeing he had been born
In a half savage country, out of date;
Bent resolutely on wringing lilies from the acorn;
Capaneus; trout for factitious bait;
"E.P. Ode Pour L'election De Son Sepulchre" by Ezra Pound
My darling pain that wounds and sears,
And wrings a blessing out of tears
Be deadening me to earthly cares;
And yet, a king, though Prudence well
Have taught thy subject to rebel.
"Speak, God Of Visions" by Emily Jane Bronte
My darling pain that wounds and sears,
And wrings a blessing out from tears
By deadening me to earthly cares ;
And yet, a king, though Prudence well
Have taught thy subject to rebel.
"Plead For Me" by Emily Jane Bronte
He was bawlin', and gruntin', a-humpin' the hump;
He turned wring side out with every new jump.
At ridin' bad horses I'm no crippled squaw,
But he showed some tricks that I never had saw.
"The Ridge-Running Roan" by Curley Fletcher
"Had'st thou twelve sons to the twelve thou hast,
And cam'st in the midst of them charging me fast,
Sooner should'st thou wring water from steel,
Than thou in such fashion with me should'st deal.
Look out, look out, Svend Vonved.
"Svend Vonved" by George Borrow

In news:

Hypermilers' wring out every last bit of mpg.
Simply wet the fabric, wring it out and wave it in the air to activate.
A bit of hand-wringing must have preceded President Obama's decision on how many troops to pull out of Afghanistan.
A proposal on how to wring money out of the Ohio Turnpike could be announced within 30 days, Gov John Kasich has said.
Wringing the color out of autumn.
Retailers and suppliers wring out after Sandy.
Weather experts concerned as drought conditions wring out N.J. View full size Ed Murray/The Star-Ledger Alstede Farms in Chester uses irrigation to water corn through a stretch of hot weather in 2010.
Twisting can wring out the toxins, tension.
Wringing the Most Out of Business Insurance.
Wringing Out the Music.
But its particular brand of civic and economic decay has also drawn something unexpected: a small but well-publicized movement of artists and other creative types trying to wring something out of the rubble.
Wringing the Rag Out.
Whether an aggregates producer owns one machine or a large fleet, leveraging its equipment management plan to wring the most out of its asset for the lowest owning and operating cost can be tricky.
Wringing Costs Out of Telecom.
Around the country, governments big and small are embracing cooperation, consolidation and efficiency to wring a few more dollars out of the budget as the effects of the Great Recession linger.

In science:

Caves, Wringing out better Bell inequalities, Ann.
Full randomness from arbitrarily deterministic events