• "'It is a terrible thing, is a wreck on this coast.'"
    "'It is a terrible thing, is a wreck on this coast.'"
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n wrecking destruction achieved by causing something to be wrecked or ruined
    • n wrecking the event of a structure being completely demolished and leveled
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Additional illustrations & photos:

The Wreck The Wreck
Wrecks! And the Ice Between Wrecks! And the Ice Between
The Wreck of the Maine The Wreck of the Maine

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The skipper's real name on Gilligan's Island is Jonas Grumby. It was mentioned once in the first episode on their radio's newscast about the wreck.
    • Wrecking a. & n. from Wreck v.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n wrecking Relating to the work of removing wreckage, as on a railway, of saving wrecked vessels or their cargoes, or of tearing down old buildings; also, such work itself.
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  • Sarah Orne Jewett
    Sarah Orne Jewett
    “Wrecked on the lee shore of age.”
  • Sir Walter Scott
    “A rusty nail placed near a faithful compass, will sway it from the truth, and wreck the argosy.”
  • Ernest Hemingway
    “The good parts of a book may be only something a writer is lucky enough to overhear or it may be the wreck of his whole damn life --and one is as good as the other.”
  • Proverb
    “A wreck on shore is a beacon at sea.”
  • Thomas Fuller
    “Haste and rashness are storms and tempests, breaking and wrecking business; but nimbleness is a full, fair wind, blowing it with speed to the heaven.”
  • Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton
    “The mind profits by the wrecks of every passion.”


In literature:

Let us clear the wreck.
"True Blue" by W.H.G. Kingston
A few things from the wreck floated on the surface of the water.
"The Secret of the Island" by W.H.G. Kingston (translation from Jules Verne)
Pump as hard as we could, however, we found that we made no progress in clearing the wreck of water.
"Will Weatherhelm" by W.H.G. Kingston
Some were struck by portions of the wreck and killed at once.
"Shifting Winds" by R.M. Ballantyne
This was fortunate, for the wreck was carried shoreward with great rapidity.
"Charlie to the Rescue" by R.M. Ballantyne
She had run down to the wreck under sail.
"The Coxswain's Bride" by R.M. Ballantyne
D'ye see that bit o' floating wreck a-head?
"The Floating Light of the Goodwin Sands" by R.M. Ballantyne
Is there no iron-work in the wreck that might be fashioned into one?
"The Island Queen" by R.M. Ballantyne
I also listened to the thrilling yarns of Jarman until I felt a strong desire to go off with him to a wreck.
"Personal Reminiscences in Book Making" by R.M. Ballantyne
The English ship was fairly covered with bits of the flying wreck.
"The Naval History of the United States" by Willis J. Abbot

In poetry:

My thoughts had wandered far away,
Borne off on Memory's outspread wing,
To where in deepening twilight lay
The wrecks of friendship's broken ring.
"The Broken Circle" by Oliver Wendell Holmes
And far o’er many a distant zone
These wrecks of Eden still are flung
The fruits that Paradise hath known
Are still in earthly gardens hung.
"The New Eden" by Oliver Wendell Holmes
Yet, Clara, where you deign to stay,
Your sense and manners charm us so,
E'en sick'ning Sorrow's self looks gay,
And smiles amid the wreck of woe.
"Lines To Mrs. B---, At Bristol Hot Wells" by Sir John Carr
Yet must the strong ship breast the wave,
The wreck lie rotting on the shore;
O hopes that perish in the grave!
O youthful dreams that come no more!
"On The Promenade" by John Lawson Stoddard
From her wrecked dream, as months flew on,
Her thought seemed not to range.
'What ails the wife?' they said anon,
'That she should be so strange?'…
"The Satin Shoes" by Thomas Hardy
Hark! how the surges o'erleap the deck!
Hark! how the pitiless tempest raves!
Ah, daylight will look upon many a wreck
Drifting over the desert waves.
"Storm Song" by James Bayard Taylor

In news:

The crash took the lives of 45 people and was the worst wreck in the history of the Burlington Railroad.
Twinkranes Spektrum Theatre Snakes High Tekk Train Wreck.
Planning to see 'Wreck-It Ralph'.
Following the roll-over wreck of a Troopers bus earlier in the week in Iowa.
Cedric Burnside And Lightnin' Malcolm: Two-Man Wrecking Crew.
Three Car Wreck on Caddo Lake Bridge.
Three vehicles were believed to have been involved in the wreck.
3 dead in wreck near Sapulpa.
Robyn is a pro at offering gorgeous ballad versions of her own club-wrecking songs like "Dancing on My Own" and "Indestructible".
Sequim High School students view a scene constructed by participants in the Grim Reaper "Every 48 Minutes" program in May Classmates played "bodies" of those killed in a car wreck caused by a driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
The huge Goliath grouper seemed to be playing peek-a-boo with divers hovering near the wreck of the MG III about 60 feet deep off Jupiter.
Drivers grumbling after wreck fest at Talladega.
If you've ever wondered how Hollywood train wreck Lindsay Lohan became the way she is, look no further.
The Rusty Crane, a new restaurant at 109 N Detroit Ave, is ready for the Wrecking Ball.
'Ralph' wrecks rivals at the weekend box office.

In science:

These IR poles a priori wreck any Wilsonian interpretation of noncommutative field theories since integrating out short distance fluctuations gives rise to long distance effects (UV/IR mixing , ).
Blocking up D-branes : Matrix renormalization ?
Global issues might well wreck this framework since there could be nontrivial topological obstructions to recovering smooth limits.
Blocking up D-branes : Matrix renormalization ?
It was good, but also slightly nerve-wrecking, to hear many of the points I had planned to mention coming up naturally in the past hour.
Concluding Remarks JD13
Other non-local formulations have been tried but these all either break Lorentz invariance or dynamically generate ghost contributions which wreck the theory (for an excellent treatment of these problems see ).
Kaplan-Narayanan-Neuberger lattice fermions pass a perturbative test
TeV; and the late decay of even a relatively small number of such massive particles can wreck BBN and/or the thermal spectrum of the CBR.
Dark Matter and Structure Formation in the Universe