• One of the Wooden Panels Of Hosi, in The GÎzeh Museum
    One of the Wooden Panels Of Hosi, in The GÎzeh Museum
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n woodenness the quality of being wooden and awkward "he criticized the woodenness of the acting","there was a certain woodenness in his replies"
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Additional illustrations & photos:

Tongham Church, with Wooden Tower for Bells Tongham Church, with Wooden Tower for Bells
Adjustable Chisel-Gage.  Wooden Bench-Plane Adjustable Chisel-Gage. Wooden Bench-Plane
Showing wooden ceiling and decorated walls Showing wooden ceiling and decorated walls
Showing large central arch and wooden ceiling; windows set into smaller arches Showing large central arch and wooden ceiling; windows set into smaller arches
Wooden arch Wooden arch
Rding a wooden horse Rding a wooden horse
Wooden Bedstead Wooden Bedstead
Wooden Walls of Old England Wooden Walls of Old England

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Larger Stingrays have the power to drive their stingers or tail-spines through the hulls of wooden boats
    • n Woodenness Quality of being wooden; clumsiness; stupidity; blockishness. "We set our faces against the woodenness which then characterized German philology."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Shoe salesmen have been using those little wooden measuring sticks since 1657.
    • n woodenness Wooden character or quality; stiffness; lack of spirit or expression; clumsiness; stupidity.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Tea was so expensive when it was first brought to Europe in the early 17th century that it was kept in locked wooden boxes.
    • ns Woodenness wooden quality: want of spirit or expression, clumsiness
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  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “Noah was a brave man to sail in a wooden boat with two termites.”
  • Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
    “Intelligence and courtesy not always are combined; Often in a wooden house a golden room we find.”
  • Russian Proverb
    Russian Proverb
    “A wooden bed is better than a golden coffin.”
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson
    “The ship of heaven guides itself and will not accept a wooden rudder.”
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson
    “A man's style is his mind's voice. Wooden minds, wooden voices.”


Don't take any wooden nickels - (USA) This idiom is used to advise people not to be cheated or ripped off.
Dry as a wooden god - (AU) Very dry area or very thirsty: That desert is as dry as a wooden god.
Up the wooden hill - When you go up the wooden hill, you go up the stairs to bed.


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. wudu; cog. with Ice. vidhr, wood; akin to Ir. fiodh, timber.


In literature:

The shops of Quito, as we have remarked, are very small, without windows, and with only one wooden door.
"The Andes and the Amazon" by James Orton
At the port-holes they would place other wooden logs to resemble cannon.
"On the Spanish Main" by John Masefield
It was brought in a cart and poured in wooden troughs.
"Slave Narratives: a Folk History of Slavery in the United States From Interviews with Former Slaves" by Work Projects Administration
They are paved with the Belgian and wooden pavements, cobble stones being almost a thing of the past.
"Lights and Shadows of New York Life" by James D. McCabe
A rooster in wooden shoes with a basket under his wing!
"The Laughing Prince" by Parker Fillmore
All the way, too, on a wooden leg!
"The Mayor of Troy" by Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
A wooden staircase led to the upper story.
"Debit and Credit" by Gustav Freytag
This may be simply an opening between two wooden columns, with a step or two leading in.
"The White Christmas and other Merry Christmas Plays" by Walter Ben Hare
One of the lads had lost his nerve and was lying under a wooden bench.
"The Great War As I Saw It" by Frederick George Scott
This bath must be used in either a wooden or earthenware vessel.
"The Dyeing of Woollen Fabrics" by Franklin Beech

In poetry:

A tiny click of little wooden needles,
Elfin amid the gianthood of war;
Whispers of women, tireless and patient,
Who weave the web afar.
"Grey Knitting" by Katherine Hale
So we shuddered there in silence,
For the stoutest berth was shook,
While the wooden gates were opened
And the mate talked with the cook.
"Ballad of the Canal" by Phoebe Cary
Sometimes I would stand by the wooden bell tower.
The bell was tolled
whenever they lifted up a corpse in the chapel.
It too is silent now.
"The Plague Colemn" by Jaroslav Seifert
Then a pallid woman, in wild-eyed fear,
With her wooden noggin of milk drew near.
"Drink, poor hearts!" a rude hand smote
Her draught away from a parching throat.
"How The Women Went From Dover" by John Greenleaf Whittier
Abel, was murder'd by his brother Cain,
Joseph, was sold to Egypt for a slave,
Isaiah, with a wooden saw was slain,
Ere they were suffer'd seats in heav'n to have.
"A Letter From Sir Lewis Mansel Of Margam, In Glamorganshire, As 'Tis Suppos'd, To The Vicar Prichard" by Rees Prichard
“Rice, bran and clover fine I give him now,
To nourish his rich dmak, of noble size;
I comb his soft wool with a wooden comb;
He is a dear and precious sacrifice.
"The Longing Letter" by Daniel Varoujan

In news:

The bones found near the bladder stain are tipped with wooden plugs with hollow centers.
DEFIANCE, Ohio — Karl Kissner picked up a soot-covered cardboard box that had been under a wooden dollhouse in his grandfather's attic.
AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) _ An antique wooden beer keg that was found in a Maine beverage store is going on display at The Boston Beer Co. Museum in Boston.
AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — An antique wooden beer keg that was found in a Maine beverage store is going on display at The Boston Beer Co. Museum in Boston.
An antique wooden beer keg that was found in a Maine beverage store is going on display at The Boston Beer Co. Museum in Boston.
The 20-year-old wooden sign leaned on weakened posts in a crumbling foundation.
"Chu-ku-du, chu-ku-du, chu-ku-du" goes the wooden scooter as it bumps along the lava-covered streets of this central African city.
WAVERLY Reba Boyd Wooden, executive director of the Center for Inquiry, had been pleased that there had been no problems since its billboard was installed in late April.
Enthusiasts are working to keep the 83-year-old wooden coaster intact.
Eagle Scout candidate Jason Ross, 16, of Boy Scout Troop 25, was to install over the weekend the wooden gazebo near the front doors of the preschool-kindergarten.
He was a bit wooden, but pretty good-natured , which is all "Saturday Night Live" requires of its sports-figure hosts.
Before us are two white wooden boxes, and all around is the dense humming of her honeybees , the very air in motion.
Cast in bronze and perched atop a stout wooden pedestal, Floyd of Rosedale has inspired thousands of young men to fight for him each fall.
On the back wall behind Josh Gregory's desk rests a wooden plaque.
It took more than 200 hours' worth of filing, whittling and sanding for Arlie Hubbard of South Charleston to finish a working wooden replica of an antique caplock pistol.

In science:

Blocks for holding mirrors and the web camera. A wooden board for arrangement of the apparatus.
Stereography using a single lens
Bohr argued that the existence of such narrow resonances could not be understood without assuming strong interactions between the incident neutron and the nucleons in the target. A wooden toy model (shown in Fig. 4) was to demonstrate this idea of the compound nucleus.
Random Matrices and Chaos in Nuclear Spectra
Bohr, who conceived the idea of the compound nucleus and who designed the wooden model of Fig. 4, is borne out by the data: Idealized models of billiards are prime examples of chaotic motion, and nuclear levels at neutron threshold display chaotic behavior.
Random Matrices and Chaos in Nuclear Spectra
FIG. 2 Bohr’s wooden toy model of the compound nucleus.
Random Matrices and Chaos in Nuclear Physics
The X-ray generator is enclosed in a lead casing on the right hand side of the room (wooden boards) and the Laue lens assembly station is in the plexiglass enclosure on the left hand side of the room.
Developing a second generation Laue lens prototype: high reflectivity crystals and accurate assembly