• Ye Frog's Wooing music
    Ye Frog's Wooing music
  • WordNet 3.6
    • v woo make amorous advances towards "John is courting Mary"
    • v woo seek someone's favor "China is wooing Russia"
    • ***

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Ye Frog's Wooing lyrics Ye Frog's Wooing lyrics
I Wooed the Blue-Eyed Maid I Wooed the Blue-Eyed Maid

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Woo To court solicitously; to invite with importunity. "Thee, chantress, oft the woods among
      I woo , to hear thy even song."
      "I woo the wind
      That still delays his coming."
    • v. i Woo To court; to make love.
    • Woo To solicit in love; to court. "Each, like the Grecian artist, wooes The image he himself has wrought."
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • woo To court; seek the favor, affection, or love of, especially with a view to marriage; solicit or seek in marriage.
    • woo To solicit; sue; ask with importunity; seek to influence or persuade; invite; endeavor to prevail upon to do or to grant something.
    • woo To seek; seek to obtain or bring about; act as if seeking to obtain or bring about.
    • woo To court; make love; sue in love.
    • woo To ask; seek; solicit.
    • n woo A Scotch form of wool.
    • woo An old spelling of woe.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t Woo wōō to ask in order to marriage: to court: to solicit eagerly, to seek
    • v.i Woo to court or make love: to ask
    • ***


  • W. H. Auden
    “Healing, Papa would tell me, is not a science, but the intuitive art of wooing nature.”
  • Charles V
    Charles V
    “Fortune has something of the nature of a woman. If she is too intensely wooed, she commonly goes the further away.”
  • Lord Beaverbrook
    Lord Beaverbrook
    “Fortune cannot be flattered by such fetish worship. But she can be wooed and won by hard work.”
  • Marie Carmichael Stopes
    Marie Carmichael Stopes
    “Each coming together of man and wife, even if they have been mated for many years, should be a fresh adventure; each winning should necessitate a fresh wooing.”
  • Maureen Dowd
    Maureen Dowd
    “Wooing the press is an exercise roughly akin to picnicking with a tiger. You might enjoy the meal, but the tiger always eats last.”
  • German Proverb
    German Proverb
    “Prudent men woo thrifty women.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. wowen, woen, AS. wgian, fr. wh, bent, crooked, bad; akin to OS. wāh, evil, Goth. unwahs, blameless, Skr. vac, to waver, and perhaps to E. vaccilate,


In literature:

It could not be said that Nan was helping John Osborne on in his wooing at all.
"Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories, 1904" by Lucy Maud Montgomery
She looked upon him as her future husband; but she would rather have been wooed to be won.
"Traditions of Lancashire, Volume 2 (of 2)" by John Roby
As wooed the eye, and thrilled the Bosphorus along.
"The Works of Lord Byron, Volume 2" by George Gordon Byron
Thorbiorn hated him the more for his open wooing, which he could not forbid.
"Hero-Myths & Legends of the British Race" by Maud Isabel Ebbutt
And now he was being taught how to go a-wooing by his breeches-maker!
"Ralph the Heir" by Anthony Trollope
Into the church, man, and leave me to my wooing!
"The Proud Prince" by Justin Huntly McCarthy
"The Bertrams" by Anthony Trollope
Woo sellers ken aye woo buyers.
"The Proverbs of Scotland" by Alexander Hislop
She had, he thought, been now wooed long enough, and, as he told his wife more than once, was making an ass of herself.
"The Vicar of Bullhampton" by Anthony Trollope
You woo the Emperor's daughter, and withhold Your name?
"Turandot, Princess of China" by Karl Gustav Vollmöller

In poetry:

Oh, who is he?--His eye must be
As a lover's
To leap and woo the chicory's hue
In the hazel-hovers!
"Faun-Call" by Cale Young Rice
I would but cannot love,
Though wooed by love divine;
No arguments have pow'r to move
A soul so base as mine.
"The Good That I Would I Do Not" by John Newton
"Despise the love of shepherd boys;
Shalt thou be basely woo'd
That worthy art of highest joys,
And youths of noble blood?
"The Lass Of Fair Wone" by Charlotte Dacre
Never yet was lonely blossom
Woo'd with such delicious voice!
Never since hath mortal maiden
Dwelt on such celestial choice!
"Daphne" by George Meredith
As the lark that hails the morning
With songs so blythe and gay,
As the doves that woo the evening,
May thy hours pass away.
"A Bridal Toast" by James Madison Bell
Here gloom hath enchantment in beauty's array,
And whispering voices are calling away--
Their wooings are soft as the vision more vain--
I would live in their empire, or die in their chain.
"The Valley Cemetery" by Mary Baker Eddy

In news:

Facebook's D'Arcy continues to woo creative agencies.
Known for his work on "The Matrix," Yuen Woo-ping will take on the Chinese-Canadian co-production about a female assassin who uncovers a conspiracy.
SAN FRANCISCO—Two years ago, both the Miami Dolphins and San Francisco 49ers wooed Jim Harbaugh to be their next coach.
Two years ago, both the Miami Dolphins and San Francisco 49ers wooed Jim Harbaugh to be their next coach.
In Wednesday's newspaper, we're planning stories about the angry Illinois electorate, Chicago companies wooing UI engineering students and the prep playoff picture.
Father John Misty woos the Cats Cradle .
The cub was named Xiao Liwu (shee-ow lee-woo), which means Little Gift.
And judge Randy Jackson is giving the crooner, 17, a chance to woo Paris Jackson.
Dr Woo Jae Im officiating.
But EDM, or electronic dance music , has grown so popular, some political campaigns are using it to woo young voters.
For thousands of campaign staffers scattered across the country, the past several months have been a hectic blur of courting donors, registering voters or wooing the media.
Woo Hoo Look At Miranda's New Doo .
Earlier deals, longer hours woo US shoppers.
(David Woo/The Dallas Morning News) TEXASOU.
(AP) — The baby boy with dark brown eyes has already wooed fans around the world.

In science:

The authors thank Jim Haglund, Alexander Woo and Alexander Yong for many suggestions and shared insights.
Notes on a minimal set of generators for the radical ideal defining the diagonal locus of $(\C^2)^n$
Cardy: Scaling and Renormalization in Statistical Physics (Cambridge University Press, 1996). 28) Min-Chul Cha and Ji-Woo Lee: Phys.
Study of Kosterlitz-Thouless transition of Bose systems governed by a random potential using quantum Monte Carlo simulations
We have however included 12 new galaxies (see also Woo et al. 2010) for which velocity dispersions were not available at the time of Onken et al.’s (2004) analysis.
An expanded M_bh-sigma diagram, and a new calibration of active galactic nuclei masses
In this work we consider the problems which were defined by Woo ldridge et al. but were not considered by Shrot et al. .
Parameterized Complexity of Problems in Coalitional Resource Games
The authors would like once again to thank Alexander Woo for bringing the problem of enumerating A to their attention at this time.
Enumerating indices of Schubert varieties defined by inclusions