• A Flight of Wild Swans
    A Flight of Wild Swans
  • WordNet 3.6
    • adj wild (of the elements) as if showing violent anger "angry clouds on the horizon","furious winds","the raging sea"
    • adj wild without civilizing influences "barbarian invaders","barbaric practices","a savage people","fighting is crude and uncivilized especially if the weapons are efficient"-Margaret Meade","wild tribes"
    • adj wild deviating widely from an intended course "a wild bullet","he threw a wild pitch"
    • adj wild intensely enthusiastic about or preoccupied with "crazy about cars and racing","he is potty about her"
    • adj wild located in a dismal or remote area; desolate "a desert island","a godforsaken wilderness crossroads","a wild stretch of land","waste places"
    • adj wild (of colors or sounds) intensely vivid or loud "a violent clash of colors","her dress was a violent red","a violent noise","wild colors","wild shouts"
    • adj wild in a state of extreme emotion "wild with anger","wild with grief"
    • adj wild fanciful and unrealistic; foolish "a fantastic idea of his own importance"
    • adj wild involving risk or danger "skydiving is a hazardous sport","extremely risky going out in the tide and fog","a wild financial scheme"
    • adj wild talking or behaving irrationally "a raving lunatic"
    • adj wild without a basis in reason or fact "baseless gossip","the allegations proved groundless","idle fears","unfounded suspicions","unwarranted jealousy"
    • adj wild in a natural state; not tamed or domesticated or cultivated "wild geese","edible wild plants"
    • adj wild marked by extreme lack of restraint or control "wild talk","wild parties"
    • adv wild in a wild or undomesticated manner "growing wild","roaming wild"
    • adv wild in an uncontrolled and rampant manner "weeds grew rampantly around here"
    • n wild a wild and uninhabited area left in its natural condition "it was a wilderness preserved for the hawks and mountaineers"
    • n wild a wild primitive state untouched by civilization "he lived in the wild","they collected mushrooms in the wild"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: In the wild, the poinsettia flower can reach a height of 12 feet, and have leaves that are eight inches across.
    • n Wild An uninhabited and uncultivated tract or region; a forest or desert; a wilderness; a waste; as, the wilds of America; the wilds of Africa. "then Libya first, of all her moisture drained,
      Became a barren waste, a wild of sand."
    • Wild Desert; not inhabited or cultivated; as, wild land. "To trace the forests wild ."
    • Wild Exposed to the wind and sea; unsheltered; as, a wild roadstead.
    • Wild Growing or produced without culture; growing or prepared without the aid and care of man; native; not cultivated; brought forth by unassisted nature or by animals not domesticated; as, wild parsnip, wild camomile, wild strawberry, wild honey. "The woods and desert caves,
      With wild thyme and gadding vine o'ergrown."
    • Wild (Naut) Hard to steer; -- said of a vessel.
    • Wild Indicating strong emotion, intense excitement, or bewilderment; as, a wild look.
    • Wild Living in a state of nature; inhabiting natural haunts, as the forest or open field; not familiar with, or not easily approached by, man; not tamed or domesticated; as, a wild boar; a wild ox; a wild cat. "Winter's not gone yet, if the wild geese fly that way."
    • Wild Not submitted to restraint, training, or regulation; turbulent; tempestuous; violent; ungoverned; licentious; inordinate; disorderly; irregular; fanciful; imaginary; visionary; crazy. "Valor grown wild by pride.""A wild , speculative project.""What are these
      So withered and so wild in their attire ?"
      "With mountains, as with weapons, armed; which makes Wild work in heaven.""The wild winds howl.""Search then the ruling passion, there, alone
      The wild are constant, and the cunning known."
    • Wild Savage; uncivilized; not refined by culture; ferocious; rude; as, wild natives of Africa or America.
    • adv Wild Wildly; as, to talk wild .
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Hippos can live up to 40 years in the wild
    • wild Being in a state of ebullition. Thus steel, solidifying in a mold, which is evolving gases, is said to be wild.
    • wild Self-willed; wayward; wanton; impatient of restraint or control; stirring; lively; boisterous; full of life and spirits; hence, frolicsome; giddy; light-hearted.
    • wild Boisterous: tempestuous; stormy; violent; turbulent; furious; uncontrolled: used in both a physical and a moral sense.
    • wild Bold; brave; daring; wight.
    • wild Loose and disorderly in conduct; given to going beyond bounds in pleasurable indulgence; ungoverned; more or less dissolute, wayward, or unrestrained in conduct; prodigal.
    • wild Reckless; rash; ill-considered; extravagant; out of accord with reason or prudence; haphazard: as, a wild venture; wild trading.
    • wild Extravagant; fantastic; irregular; disordered; weird; queer.
    • wild Enthusiastic; eager; keen; especially, very eager with delight, excitement, or the like.
    • wild Excited; roused; distracted; crazy; betokening or indicating excitement or strong emotion.
    • wild Wide of the mark or direct line, standard, or bounds.
    • wild Living in a state of nature; inhabiting the forest or open field; roving: wandering; not tame; not domesticated; feral or ferine: as, a wild boar; a wild ox; a wild cat; a wild bee. More particularly
    • wild Noting beasts of the chase, game-birds, and the like, which are noticeably shy, wary, or hard to take under certain circumstances: opposed to tame, 1 : as, the birds are wild this morning.
    • wild Savage; uncivilized; ungoverned; unrefined; ferocious; sanguinary: noting persons or practices.
    • wild Growing or produced without culture; produced by unassisted nature, or by wild animals; native; not cultivated: as, wild parsnip; wild cherry; wild honey.
    • wild Desert; not inhabited; uncultivated.
    • wild To escape from domestication and revert to the feral state.
    • wild To escape from cultivation and grow in a wild state.
    • wild See Ipomæa.
    • wild A locomotive which by some accident or derangement has escaped from the control of its driver.
    • wild A seesaw.
    • wild The West Indian euphorbiaeeous tree Drypetes glauca.
    • wild Gærtnera vaginata, of Réunion, without ground reported as a fit substitute for coffee: often misnamed mussænda.
    • wild In the West Indies, a plant of the genus Tillandsia, especially T. utriculata.
    • wild Synonyms and Rude, impetuous, irregular, unrestrained, harebrained, frantic, frenzied, crazed, fanciful, visionary, strange, grotesque.
    • n wild A desert; an uninhabited and uncultivated tract or region; a waste.
    • n wild plural Wild animals; game.
    • n wild An obsolete variant of Weald, perhaps due to confusion with wild.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Oscar Wilde and his friends came up the with the word "dude." It came from the words "duds" and "attitude."
    • adj Wild wīld frolicsome, light-hearted: being in a state of nature: not tamed or cultivated: uncivilised: desert: unsheltered: violent: eager, keen: licentious: fantastic: wide of the mark
    • n Wild an uncultivated region: a forest or desert
    • adj Wild (U.S.) haphazard, reckless, unsound financially
    • v.i Wild to wander widely or wildly
    • adj Wild uncultivated
    • n Wild a forest
    • Wild Run wild, to take to loose living: to revert to the wild or uncultivated state
    • Wild wīld a variety of weald.
    • ***


  • Doug Horton
    “Born to be wild -- live to outgrow it.”
  • Robert Green Ingersoll
    “Courage without conscience is a wild beast.”
  • Emily Dickinson
    “Dying is a wild night and a new road.”
  • Colley Cibber
    Colley Cibber
    “Thou strange piece of wild nature!”
  • William Cowper
    “No wild enthusiast could rest, till half the world like him was possessed.”
  • Ralph Charell
    Ralph Charell
    “Nobody succeeds beyond his or her wildest expectations unless he or she begins with some wild expectations.”


Sow your wild oats - If a young man sows his wild oats, he has a period of his life when he does a lot of exciting things and has a lot of sexual relationships. for e.g. He'd spent his twenties sowing his wild oats but felt that it was time to settle down.
Wild goose chase - A wild goose chase is a waste of time- time spent trying to do something unsuccessfully.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. wilde, AS. wilde,; akin to OFries. wilde, D. wild, OS. & OHG. wildi, G. wild, Sw. & Dan. vild, Icel. villr, wild, bewildered, astray, Goth. wilpeis, wild, and G. & OHG. wild, game, deer; of uncertain origin


In literature:

All the plants were growing wild.
"The Tree-Dwellers" by Katharine Elizabeth Dopp
If a better name than "wilde-honden" (wild hounds) can be given to these animals, I should like to hear it.
"Popular Adventure Tales" by Mayne Reid
The woodsman had seen the whole incident, and was wild with enthusiasm over the prowess of his prize.
"The Watchers of the Trails" by Charles G. D. Roberts
Why shouldn't we be wild in our own fashion?
"Girls of the Forest" by L. T. Meade
Dartmoor laid on her its magic of wild earth and wild skies.
"The Creators" by May Sinclair
He did all that writing after a hard day's work, in a wild and strange country.
"The Young Alaskans on the Missouri" by Emerson Hough
He was born wild, an' his dam was born wild, an' there you have it.
"The Boy Scouts Book of Campfire Stories" by Various
To get firewood, to make rude boats and simple houses, to fight wild animals, now became easier.
"Conservation Reader" by Harold W. Fairbanks
Then he gave a sudden wild prance into the air, headed round and started again.
"When Life Was Young" by C. A. Stephens
He does the same with wild pigs, wild goats, and wild sheep.
"The Wonders of the Jungle, Book Two" by Prince Sarath Ghosh

In poetry:

I'm off'n wild wimmen
An Cognac
An Sinnin'
For I'm in loOOOOOOOve.
"I'm Off'n Wild Wimmen" by Ernest Hemingway
Young heart, wild heart,
Ah, could you follow
All the clouds, all the dreams,
Down the world's hollow!
"Songs From A Masque" by Margaret Widdemer
By the wild and bloody close,
When I loose this hell of woes,
And these fires shall eat our foes,
Fare thee well!
"Farewell" by Sydney Thompson Dobell
Yet some maintain that to this day
She is a living Child,
That you may see sweet Lucy Gray
Upon the lonesome Wild.
"Lucy Gray [or Solitude]" by William Wordsworth
When Eve's wild children come to you
With prayerful words,
You crowd the rivers with fine fish,
The sky with birds.
"Christ's Bounty" by Anonymous Irish
When kings against her joined,
And saw the Lord was there,
In wild confusion of the mind
They fled with hasty fear.
"Psalm 48 part 1" by Isaac Watts

In news:

Bachelor Party Gets Wet & Wild (Video).
He was expecting a wild time but when he was told that he is going to Bungee jump, he got nervous.
We like to have a wild little time.
The Wild won a back-and-forth game 55-54 Saturday night at Hartman Arena.
The Badlands ' wild vistas worth a visit.
Olivia Wilde looked exquisite in a Michael Kors Fall 2010 ensemble, which consisted of a deep v cashmere top and a long sequin skirt.
Buffalo Wild Wings franchisee strikes out into better-burger segment.
Banana Republic founders' 'Wild' memoir.
Local girl tames her wild Banana Split .
Preds Host Wild (Nashville, TN) — The Wild will face the Predators in their final road game of the season tonight.
New Jersey DIY punks and hardest-working-band-that's-still-cool-enough-to-play-your-basement, Screaming Females, has released a new video for, well, the wild single "Wild," lifted from last summer's Castle Talk (Don Giovanni).
Nick Wilde, son of Jamie and Dana Wilde, was chosen as one of only 40 national winners of the 2010 Pfizer Epilepsy Scholarship Award.
The ladies of Wild 104 are hosting our 50 Shades of Wild party at Number 5 tonight from 6-9pm.
She Be Wild Offlee Wild Wild Again.
GOP Rep Allen "Wild Wild" West Is A Joke.

In science:

If Λ0 and Λ∞ are of wild representation type, then Λ is of course also of wild representation type.
Infinite dimensional representations of canonical algebras
These lines are expected to rotate wildly, or wind, in a spiralling motion that closely follows the boundary itself.
Conformal Fractal Geometry and Boundary Quantum Gravity
All of the “wildness” in a compact R-tree happens “at the leaves”.
Rayleigh processes, real trees, and root growth with re-grafting
For the regular sawtooth the entanglement oscillates wildly as seen in figure 3.
Matrix Element Randomness, Entanglement, and Quantum Chaos
However, our examples show that in the abstract setting of systems of ideals, the resulting invariants can be fairly wild.
Cones and Asymptotic Invariants of Multigraded Systems of Ideals