• WordNet 3.6
    • n wart (pathology) a firm abnormal elevated blemish on the skin; caused by a virus
    • n wart any small rounded protuberance (as on certain plants or animals)
    • n wart an imperfection in someone or something that is suggestive of a wart (especially in smallness or unattractiveness)
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: People from North America prefer pickles with warts, where as Europeans prefer pickles with no warts
    • Wart (Med) A small, usually hard, tumor on the skin formed by enlargement of its vascular papillæ, and thickening of the epidermis which covers them.
    • Wart An excrescence or protuberance more or less resembling a true wart; specifically Bot, a glandular excrescence or hardened protuberance on plants.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Abraham Lincoln had a wart on his face.
    • n wart A small circumscribed elevation on the skin, usually with an uneven papillary surface and a broad base, caused by a localized overgrowth of the papillæ and epidermis; verruca; hence, a similar natural excrescence of the skin. Any part of the skin of mammals, parts about the head and beak of birds, the skins of various reptiles, batrachians, fishes, and numberless invertebrates, may be studded with such formations, to which the name wart commonly and not improperly applies. The toad is a good example.
    • n wart In farriery, a spongy excrescence on the pastern of the horse.
    • n wart In botany, a firm glan dular or gland-like excrescence on the surface of a plant.
    • n wart In entomology, a small obtuse, rounded, or flattened elevation of a surface, often of a distinct color from the rest of the part: used principally in describing larvæ.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Wart wawrt a small, hard excrescence on the skin: a protuberance on trees
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Warts and all - If you like someone warts and all, you like them with all their faults.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. werte, AS. wearte,; akin to D. wrat, G. warze, OHG. warza, Icel. varta, Sw. vårta, Dan. vorte,; perh. orig., a growth, and akin to E. wort,; or cf. L. verruca, wart
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. wearte; Ger. warze; prob. allied to L. verruca.


In literature:

He was a hideous old thorny cactus, all covered with warts and knobs and sharp spines.
"Hildegarde's Holiday" by Laura E. Richards
I perceived then that he was comparing warts!
"Explorers of the Dawn" by Mazo de la Roche
He had a wart on his cheek, and wore a straw hat summer and winter.
"The Goose Man" by Jacob Wassermann
He had a wart on his nose.
"Peck's Bad Boy and His Pa 1883" by George W. Peck
Well, Polly, there never was a witch that didn't have moles and warts.
"Little Grandmother" by Sophie May
You can't tell about these moon girls; she may have a wart on her nose when you see her in daylight.
"The Madness of May" by Meredith Nicholson
This miserable wart ought to be enough to distinguish me from anyone else.
"Luke Walton" by Horatio Alger
This must be done nine nights successively, at the end of which times the wart will completely disappear.
"Notes and Queries, Number 33, June 15, 1850" by Various
Some accuse them of causing warts, but this is not true.
"The Renewal of Life; How and When to Tell the Story to the Young" by Margaret Warner Morley
She had an enormous wart upon her nose, of which I cured her.
"Eastern Tales by Many Story Tellers" by Various

In poetry:

So when my colleague makes his moan
Of careless cooks, and warts, and debt,
— Enlarge his views, restore his tone,
And introduce him to your Pet!
"To a Lady with an Unruly and Ill-mannered Dog Who Bit several Persons of Importance" by Sir Walter Raleigh
Still, he hasn’t a stain on his character
Except where he sat in the mud
He has two gold teeth, and a wart on his neck
He can use for a collar-stud.
"The Wedding That Never Was" by Billy Bennett
His feet were bad, but a handsomer lad
No blind man ever set eyes on
He'd warts on his neck He'd saved from the wreck
And a nose you could advertise on.
"The Sailor Comes Home With The Washing" by T W Connor
Hush, mah lil' black-bug - doan yuh weep.
Daddy's run away an' mammy's in a heap
By her own fron' door in the blazin' heat
Outah the shacks like warts on the street…
"Lullaby" by Lola Ridge
No, what good is infinity serve?
let me see that I have food and cigarettes;
that my night clothes do not smell
and that I get the better of a wart on my neck.
I get a handkerchief to blow my mouth.
"“No, what good is infinity serve?”" by Gunnar Bjorling-other
Knotted and warted, slabbed and armoured like the hide
Of tropic elephant; unstormable and steep
As some grim fortress with a princess-pearl inside,
Where savage guardian faces beard the bastioned keep:
"Tree-Worship" by Richard Le Gallienne

In news:

Warts and All, Thompson's Film Is Good at Heart.
I have warts on the bottoms of my feet.
Mets' Dickey Is Writing a Self-Portrait , Warts and All.
A behind-the-scenes look at how the budget was passed, warts and all.
I got big blisters and more warts .
Perhaps that is why it works against warts , which are caused by a virus.
A man in England recently had a painful wart that he just couldn't get rid of.
'Didn't expect' to lose finger, says man who shot off wart .
The Wart Hog is also not fast for a lot of good reasons.
'Didn't expect' to lose finger, says man who shot off wart.
Ingrid Croce presents a warts- and-all portrait of the.
CLEVELAND — If the Mavericks were in a beauty contest, they would have needed wart-removal cream.
O'Connor: Respect the Houston toad, warts and all.
Life of a worry wart.
I am 80 years old and in the past few years developed two or three warts on my fingers.

In science:

The latter are the compromisers, members of the “warts and all” school.
Gravitational Lensing: Recent Progress and Future Goals - Conference Summary
Both those of the “golden lens” school and those of the “warts and all” school agree that many new lenses are needed.
Gravitational Lensing: Recent Progress and Future Goals - Conference Summary