• WordNet 3.6
    • v wall surround with a wall in order to fortify
    • n wall an embankment built around a space for defensive purposes "they stormed the ramparts of the city","they blew the trumpet and the walls came tumbling down"
    • n wall an architectural partition with a height and length greater than its thickness; used to divide or enclose an area or to support another structure "the south wall had a small window","the walls were covered with pictures"
    • n wall a masonry fence (as around an estate or garden) "the wall followed the road","he ducked behind the garden wall and waited"
    • n wall a layer of material that encloses space "the walls of the cylinder were perforated","the container's walls were blue"
    • n wall (anatomy) a layer (a lining or membrane) that encloses a structure "stomach walls"
    • n wall anything that suggests a wall in structure or function or effect "a wall of water","a wall of smoke","a wall of prejudice","negotiations ran into a brick wall"
    • n wall a vertical (or almost vertical) smooth rock face (as of a cave or mountain)
    • n wall a difficult or awkward situation "his back was to the wall","competition was pushing them to the wall"
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Additional illustrations & photos:

The "Dane John" from the City Wall Canterbury The "Dane John" from the City Wall Canterbury
Shadows on the Wall Shadows on the Wall
Wall Shelf Detail Wall Shelf Detail
Joe's Wall Paper Duds Joe's Wall Paper Duds

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Banging your head against a wall uses 150 calories an hour
    • Wall A defense; a rampart; a means of protection; in the plural, fortifications, in general; works for defense. "The waters were a wall unto them on their right hand, and on their left.""In such a night,
      Troilus, methinks, mounted the Troyan walls ."
      "To rush undaunted to defend the walls ."
    • n Wall (Naut) A kind of knot often used at the end of a rope; a wall knot; a wale.
    • Wall A work or structure of stone, brick, or other materials, raised to some height, and intended for defense or security, solid and permanent inclosing fence, as around a field, a park, a town, etc., also, one of the upright inclosing parts of a building or a room. "The plaster of the wall of the King's palace."
    • Wall An inclosing part of a receptacle or vessel; as, the walls of a steam-engine cylinder.
    • Wall (Mining) The country rock bounding a vein laterally.
    • Wall (Mining) The side of a level or drift.
    • Wall To close or fill with a wall, as a doorway.
    • Wall To defend by walls, or as if by walls; to fortify. "The terror of his name that walls us in."
    • Wall To inclose with a wall, or as with a wall. "Seven walled towns of strength.""The king of Thebes, Amphion,
      That with his singing walled that city."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: The Great Wall stretches for about 4,500 miles across North China
    • n wall Abbreviations of Wallachian.
    • n wall A work or structure of stone, brick, or other materials, serving to inclose a space, form a division, support, superincumbent weight, or afford a defense, shelter, or security. Specifically— One of the upright inclosing sides of a building or a room.
    • n wall A solid and permanent inclosing fence of masonry, as around a field, a garden, a park, or a town.
    • n wall A rampart; a fortified enceinte or barrier: often in the plural. See cuts under chemm-deronde, fortification, and retaining wall.
    • n wall Something which resembles or suggests a wall: as, a wall of armed men; a wall of fire.
    • n wall A defense; means of security or protection.
    • n wall In mining, one of the surfaces of rock between which the vein or lode is inclosed; the country, or country rock, adjacent to the vein. See vein. If the vein is, as is usually the case, inclined at an angle, the wall which is over the miner's head, or overhangs him, is called the hanging wall; that which is under him, the foot-wall. In coal-mining the rock adjacent to the bed of coal which is being worked is called the roof or the floor, according as it is above or beneath, and this is the case whether the strata be horizontal or inclined at an angle. The walls of a vein are called in some parts of England the cheeks.
    • n wall In heraldry, a bearing having some resemblance to a wall, usually embattled. It generally covers a large part of the escutcheon, and the line of division between it and the field may he bendwise, or bendwise sinister. It is, therefore, a division of the field by an embattled or crenelle line, the lower part being masoned, and having usually an arched doorway represented in it.
    • n wall In anatomy and zoology, a paries; an extended investing or containing structure or part of the body: as, a cell-wall; the walls of the chest or abdomen: generally in the plural
    • n wall In cor als, the proper outer investment of the visceral chamber, whether of a single corallum or of a single corallite of a compound corallum. Hard structures upon the inside of the wall are the endotheca; upon the outside, the exotheca. The condition of the wall varies greatly: it is pervious, as in the Perforata, or impervious, as in the Aporosa; smooth, or variously costate, striate, etc.; and it may be indistinguishably united with the cœnenchyme, or replaced more or less completely by the epitheca.
    • n wall Same as wall-knot
    • wall To inclose with a wall or as with a wall; furnish with walls: as, to wall a city.
    • wall To defend by walls; fortify.
    • wall To obstruct or hinder as by a wall.
    • wall To fill up with a wall.
    • wall In English university slang, same as gate.
    • wall To boil.
    • wall To well, as water; spring.
    • n wall A spring of water.
    • n wall A disease of the eyes: same as walleye.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: It would take 15,840,000 rolls of wallpaper to cover the Great Wall of China.
    • n Wall wawl an erection of brick, stone, &c. for a fence or security: the side of a building: : :
    • v.t Wall to enclose with, or as with, a wall: to defend with walls: to hinder as by a wall
    • n Wall wawl (fig.) defence, means of security: in mining, one of the surfaces of rock enclosing the lode
    • n Wall wawl (anat.) a paries or containing structure or part of the body
    • n Wall wawl (pl.) fortifications
    • ***


  • Robert Frost
    “Something there is that doesn't love a wall, and wants it down.”
  • Epicurus
    “It is possible to provide security against other ills, but as far as death is concerned, we men all live in a city without walls.”
  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “Build bridges instead of walls and you will have a friend.”
  • Helen Rowland
    “Home is any four walls that enclose the right person.”
  • Jim Rohn
    “The walls we build around us to keep sadness out also keeps out the joy.”
  • Eugene O'Neill
    Eugene O'Neill
    “Life is a solitary cell whose walls are mirrors.”


Back to the wall - If you have your back to the wall, you are in a difficult situation with very little room for manoeuvre.
Balls to the walls - (USA) If you do something balls to the wall, you apply full acceleration or exertion.
Bounce off the walls - If someone's bouncing off the walls, they are very excited about something.
Chinese walls - Chinese walls are regulatory information barriers that aim to stop the flow of information that could be misused, especially in financial corporations.
Drive someone up the wall - If something or someone drives you up the wall, they do something that irritates you greatly.
Fly on the wall - If you are able to see and hear events as they happen, you are a fly on the wall.
Go to the wall - If a company goes to the wall, it goes bust or fails.
Good walls make good neighbours - Your relationship with your neighbours depends, among other things, on respecting one another's privacy.
Off the wall - Something that is off the wall is unconventional.
Talking to a brick wall - If you talk to someone and they do not listen to you, it is like talking to a brick wall.
Up the wall - If someone goes up the wall, they get very angry.
Writing on the wall - If the writing's on the wall for something, it is doomed to fail.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
AS. weall, from L. vallum, a wall, vallus, a stake, pale, palisade; akin to Gr. a nail. Cf. Interval
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. weall, wall; Ger. wall, both from L. vallum, a rampart—vallus, a stake.


In literature:

The sun had risen over the eastern wall.
"The Boy Scouts Book of Campfire Stories" by Various
And outside the stifling walls the joy of another day's ride through a new world was awaiting me.
"A Wayfarer in China" by Elizabeth Kendall
It was not painted on the wall, but seemed to be on a separate piece of wood with a gilded border, which was hung on the wall.
"The Saracen: The Holy War" by Robert Shea
The figure, whoever or whatever it was, slid around the white wall and vanished as his foot felt the deck.
"Peter the Brazen" by George F. Worts
A wall of fur coated with white snow loomed up before her.
"Shaman" by Robert Shea
He knew a very capital fellow, and a good sailor, James Wall by name.
"The Voyages and Adventures of Captain Hatteras" by Jules Verne
With such a wall the action of the frost is more severe than with a wall with a smooth back, so that the wall in Fig.
"Rural Hygiene" by Henry N. Ogden
And windows will convey the sound of screaming to the outside air, while solid walls will not.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science, June, 1930" by Various
The walls of the canyon narrowed suddenly, and across it stretched a wall of bare rock.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science, October, 1930" by Various
And behind it another wall of protoplasm was pressing forward, and on another side a wall was drifting up.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science, November, 1930" by Various

In poetry:

I chose me a lovely garden,
Beneath whose ivied wall
A lake's blue wavelets murmur
As evening shadows fall,--
"The Postern Gate" by John Lawson Stoddard
'I saw the summer-friend, who shared
The banquet in your hall,
Depart, nor cast one look behind
On the forsaken wall.
"A Tale" by John Logan
Lift up thy feet and march in haste,
Aloud our ruin calls;
See what a wide and fearful waste
Is made within thy walls.
"Psalm LXXIV: Will God For Ever Cast Us Off?" by Isaac Watts
Now earth to earth in convent walls,
To earth in churchyard sod:
I was not good enough for man,
And so am given to God.
"The Ugly Princess" by Charles Kingsley
Oh tell me not of bitter thoughts,
Of melancholy dreams,
By that fair fount whose sunny wall
Basks in the western beams.
"Trehill Well" by Charles Kingsley
The festive scene had scarce began,
When near the Castle wall,
A messenger of warlike mein,
On RAYMOND'S name did call;
"Sir Raymond of the Castle" by Mary Darby Robinson

In news:

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Wall to wall TV commercials.
The latest protestors to join the Occupy Wall Street fray are also the littlest protestors—more the Sesame Street crowd than the Wall Street crowd.
It began Thursday afternoon as cable news outlets aired wall-to-wall coverage after Smith was found in her Florida hotel room.
Some television sports channels are providing wall to wall coverage of the proceedings in Las Vegas.
The dark cloud I believe is a "wall" cloud and the lighter cloud is what came of the "wall" cloud over time.
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Wall-to-wall gaffes, by the media.
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Walls + Forms now has a product gallery on its fast growing modular wall system.
Walls + Forms Introduces Product Gallery on its Modular Wall System.
Demonstrators affiliated with the Occupy Wall Street movement gather to call for the occupation of Wall Street in New York.
For the show, Jones painted the gallery walls a warm gray after trying out several shades on her studio walls.
Peace of mind translates to a lighter wallet SANDRA SNYDER WALL TO WALL.
Charging fees of $8 to $14 an hour, there are approximately 50 parks in the US that feature wall-to-wall trampolines.

In science:

However, the increase in the length of the domain wall due to roughening is marginal in cases where the domain wall is well defined.
Domains and Interfaces in Random Fields
We would like to apply NOSLIP boundaries for Driven Cavity non-moving walls, so we have to zero values of velocities on every wall.
Solution to two-dimensional Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations with SIMPLE, SIMPLER and Vorticity-Stream Function Approaches. Driven-Lid Cavity Problem: Solution and Visualization
Let Wi denote the third wall crossed by γi (for i = 1, 2 ), namely the first wall immediately after the vertex pi .
Automorphisms and abstract commensurators of 2-dimensional Artin groups
Both the hard wall and the soft wall cases are considered.
Unzipping an adsorbed polymer in a dirty or random environment
For every sample, Eq. 3 and 4 remain valid so that these recursion relations can be used both for soft-wall and hard-wall cases.
Unzipping an adsorbed polymer in a dirty or random environment