• WordNet 3.6
    • n vocabulary a language user's knowledge of words
    • n vocabulary the system of techniques or symbols serving as a means of expression (as in arts or crafts) "he introduced a wide vocabulary of techniques"
    • n vocabulary a listing of the words used in some enterprise
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Of all the words Dr. Seuss made up in his storybooks, only one has stuck in the English vocabulary: grinch, which is refers to a killjoy -- and it took more than 20 years
    • Vocabulary A list or collection of words arranged in alphabetical order and explained; a dictionary or lexicon, either of a whole language, a single work or author, a branch of science, or the like; a word-book.
    • Vocabulary A sum or stock of words employed. "His vocabulary seems to have been no larger than was necessary for the transaction of business."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Of all the languages in the world, English has the largest vocabulary about 800,000 words.
    • n vocabulary A list or collection of the words of a language, a dialect, a single work or author, a nomenclature, or the like, arranged usually in alphabetical order and briefly defined and explained; a glossary; a word-book; a dictionary or lexicon: as, a vocabulary of Anglo-Indian words; a vocabulary of technical terms; a vocabulary of Virgil.
    • n vocabulary The words of a language; the sum or stock of words employed in a language, or by a particular person; range of language.
    • n vocabulary Synonyms Vocabulary, Dictionary, Glossary, Lexicon, Nomenclature. A vocabudary, in the present use, is a list of words occurring in a specific work or author, generally arranged alphabetically, concisely defined, and appended to the text; whereas we generally apply the term dictionary to a word-book of all the words in a language or in any department of art or science, without reference to any particular work: thus, we speak of a vocabxdary to Cæsar, but of a dictionary of the Latin language, or of architecture, chemistry, etc. An exception to this may be where the words of an author are so fully treated, by derivation, illustration, etc., as to seem to amount to more than a vocabulary: as, a Homeric dictionary. A glossary is yet more restricted than a vocabulary, being a list and explanation of such terms in a work or author as are peculiar, as by being technical, dialectal, or antiquated: as, a glossary to Chaucer, Burns, etc; a glossary of terms of art, philosophy, etc. Lexicon was originally and is often still confined to dictionaries of the Greek or Hebrew tongues, but it is also freely applied to a dictionary of any dead or merely foreign language: as, a German-English lexicon. A nomenclature is a complete list of the names or technical terms belonging to any one division or subdivision of science.
    • n vocabulary Idiom, Diction, etc. See langwage.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Parrots, most famous of all talking birds, rarely acquire a vocabulary of more than twenty words, however Tymhoney Greys and African Greys have been know to carry vocabularies in excess of 100 words.
    • ns Vocabulary a list of vocables or words explained in alphabetical order: the words of a language: a dictionary: any list of words
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  • Kim Basinger
    Kim Basinger
    “I work in a strange business, and trust is a word that's not even in the vocabulary.”
  • Malcolm X
    “If you're not ready to die for it, put the word freedom out of your vocabulary.”
  • Louisa May Alcott
    Louisa May Alcott
    “Stay is a charming word in a friend's vocabulary.”
  • Booker T. Washington
    “We don't just borrow words; on occasion, English has pursued other languages down alleyways to beat them unconscious and rifle their pockets for new vocabulary.”
  • Marina Warner
    Marina Warner
    “The vocabulary of pleasure depends on the imagery of pain.”
  • Tommy Lasorda
    Tommy Lasorda
    “Pressure is a word that is misused in our vocabulary. When you start thinking of pressure, it's because you've started to think of failure.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
LL. vocabularium, vocabularius,: cf. F. vocabulaire,. See Vocable
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. vocabulumvocāre, to call.


In literature:

He was curious and exact in his choice of words and commanded a wide vocabulary.
"The Glory of English Prose" by Stephen Coleridge
The words "I have no luck" should be erased altogether from the vocabulary of the man who proposes to acquire poise.
"Poise: How to Attain It" by D. Starke
He talked the vocabulary of the people, and the jury understood every point he made and every thought he uttered.
"The Every-day Life of Abraham Lincoln" by Francis Fisher Browne
To describe the view baffles my limited vocabulary.
"Argentina From A British Point Of View" by Various
They illustrate the fashionable tendency of his day to fill the Egyptian vocabulary with the words and phrases of Canaan.
"Patriarchal Palestine" by Archibald Henry Sayce
The word fear was not in her vocabulary.
"The Story of the Foss River Ranch" by Ridgwell Cullum
Those grown-up persons who are in charge of the children must realise that the child's vocabulary is their vocabulary, not his own.
"The Nervous Child" by Hector Charles Cameron
He is talkative at times, but his vocabulary is limited.
"Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 152, January 31, 1917" by Various
The difficulty to be overcome is one of construction rather than of the vocabulary.
"Faust" by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
The average peasant is diffident, with a vocabulary of few words, ignorant of art or music or where the world lay.
"The Goose Girl" by Harold MacGrath

In news:

Students Score Near Bottom in Nat'l Vocabulary Tests.
What makes up a gardener 's vocabulary.
Bristol Palin's son has quite the vocabulary for a 3-year-old.
The lack of vocabulary skills explains Nevada's poor showing on the overall reading test.
A nationwide assessment shows the vocabulary skills of Arizona students in fourth- and eighth-grade rank below the national average.
His latest book, Seven Controlled Vocabularies and Obituary 2004.
2) Her vocabulary was as bad as, like, whatever.
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Virginia students' vocabulary better than most nationwide .
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The Simpsons changed America's vocabulary.
Inactivity isn't in Chuck Scalin's vocabulary.
WordGirl will have a week of summer episodes July 19-22 at 3:30 pm featuring two new episodes and the latest vocabulary villains to threaten the city.
The vocabulary word for the color and also one of the earliest flower names, first used during the 1830s.
Watch Snooki Give Matt Lauer a Vocabulary Lesson.

In science:

Once the domain and the vocabulary are fixed, the structures are particular models of the predicates, applied to variables in the domain.
Zero-one laws for binary random fields
Although this is accordance with established vocabulary in the case of stable theories, one should be aware that there is a discrepancy in the case of simple theories.
Groups, measures, and the NIP
So if L is a fragment of L∞,ω (τ ) (for a fixed vocabulary), T ⊆ L a theory included in L , and we let K = {M : M |= T }, M ≤K N if and only if M ≺L N , we get such a class; if L is countable then K has L.S. number ℵ0 .
Abstract elementary classes near aleph_1
Claim. 1) Assume λ is regular uncountable, M0 is a model with countable vocabulary and T = ThL (M0 ), < a binary predicate from τ (T ) and (P M0 ,
Abstract elementary classes near aleph_1
Here in §1-§5, τ is a vocabulary, K will be a class of τ -models and ≤K a two-place relation on the models in K .
Abstract elementary classes near aleph_1