virtual memory


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n virtual memory (computer science) memory created by using the hard disk to simulate additional random-access memory; the addressable storage space available to the user of a computer system in which virtual addresses are mapped into real addresses
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In literature:

I shall return to what is virtually the same question in connection with true memory, which raises exactly similar problems.
"The Analysis of Mind" by Bertrand Russell

In news:

Despite ongoing disagreement over the design of a national memorial to President Dwight D Eisenhower in Washington, planners are creating a high-tech virtual memorial to accompany the monument.
The Battleship Missouri Memorial — located a ship's length from the USS Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor — is now offering a 360-degree above- and below-deck virtual tour.
Real Solace in a Virtual World: Memorials Take Root on the Web.
Press Releases Texas Memory Systems Teams Up with DataCore Software to Provide Advanced Enterprise Features to Supercharge Virtual Environments.
This is a special disk file Windows uses for virtual memory, a place to store program segments and data when the PC lacks enough solid-state memory to hold everything.
A concert cellist whose memory was virtually wiped out by a.
I recently encountered a situation involving virtual server memory allocation that could help others coming to grips with network performance issues.
This Parallel Memory Architecture (PMA) enables all flash drives to operate at full speed in unison, providing superior scalability for virtualized infrastructures that depend on low-latency, high throughput storage.
Join W1AW Station Manager Joe Carcia, NJ1Q, on a virtual tour of W1AW, the Hiram Percy Maxim Memorial Station, the Amateur Radio station at ARRL Headquarters in Newington, Connecticut.
It's difficult to comprehend what a keyless keyboard looks like -- or why anyone would want one, unless they like playing memory games -- but it is a step towards virtual keyboards .
Iran's currency virtually collapsed earlier this month and the public protests that followed in Tehran stirred memories of the massive anti-regime protests of 2009.
There are numerous memory optimization technologies used by virtualization platforms today.
In virtual memory systems, it is called "paging.".

In science:

If pointer arithmetic is used to access to the memory, incoming virtual pointers values that are not present in the table are received.
Fast Dynamic Memory Integration in Co-Simulation Frameworks for Multiprocessor System on-Chip
Then, virtually all of the entries of the field layout data structure (with the exception of the vector containing the abstract elements associated to mesh cells) can be shared between the original and the aliased field layout, making aliasing very cheap in terms of memory requirements.
Continuum multi-physics modeling with scripting languages: the Nsim simulation compiler prototype for classical field theory
However, it seems to be more effective to “virtualize” produced by PRNG pseudo-random numbers as it allows to eliminate unnecessary additional read-write operations to the GPU-memory for the random numbers as well as to decrease the GPU-memory consumption of the application.
Pseudo-random number generators for Monte Carlo simulations on Graphics Processing Units
Self-adaptive Virtual Processor (SVP) to distributed memory organizations, naming this extension DSVP1 .
Extending and Implementing the Self-adaptive Virtual Processor for Distributed Memory Architectures
Memory coherence in shared virtual memory systems.
Extending and Implementing the Self-adaptive Virtual Processor for Distributed Memory Architectures