violin bow


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n violin bow a bow used in playing the violin
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In literature:

He opened the case and drew forth a violin and bow.
"Paul Gerrard" by W.H.G. Kingston
The Doctor gave me a Violin-bow, and pointed to the instruments.
"The Violin" by George Hart
Or, better than all, it takes just that hold upon the ear which the violin bow takes upon the strings.
"The Romance Of Giovanni Calvotti" by David Christie Murray
Yes, that was it, Christopher confessed, as he took back the violin and bow and laid them on the table.
"Cruel Barbara Allen" by David Christie Murray
Then he rapped on his violin with his bow, and the class sat up straight.
"Emmy Lou" by George Madden Martin
The violin-bow was between his teeth, and his hat hung over one eye in the fashion of early dawn.
"The Idler Magazine, Volume III, June 1893" by Various
Box 199, Toledo, Ohio, a violin and bow, and Vol.
"Golden Days for Boys and Girls" by Various
Her violin once under her chin, the bow grasped firmly in her hand, what nervousness Dorothy had felt, quickly vanished.
"Dorothy's Triumph" by Evelyn Raymond
He reached for the violin and bow, and sitting in the now solid sugar struck the strings wildly.
"The Arkansaw Bear" by Albert Bigelow Paine
The player finished, tucked his violin and bow under his arm, and turned away.
"Gold" by Stewart White

In poetry:

The silken trains go rustling,
The spur-clinks sound between,
The dark dwarfs blow and bow there
Small horn and violin.
"Translations And Adaptations From Heine" by Ezra Pound
They called him mad,--the poor, old man,
Whose white hair, worn and thin,
Fell o'er his shoulders, as he played
His cherished violin,
Forever drawing to and fro
O'er silent strings a loosened bow.
"Proem" by John Lawson Stoddard

In news:

Describing himself as "A happy guy--doing what he loves" Richard Biggs told the Duneland Historical Society about his work with violins and bows at the society's meeting November 15 at the Library Service Center.
The crane boom dangling over West 57th Street like a broken violin bow, a result of Hurricane Sandy, has paralyzed life at Carnegie Hall, one of the world's most precious concert spaces almost directly across the street.
Yichu Zhu played "Horseracing" by Haihuai Huang with an Erhu, a two-stringed bowed musical instrument, also known as the Chinese violin.
Rubbing your finger around the rim of the glass is much like taking a bow to a violin string .
Fine violins, electric violins, 5 string violins, violas, cellos, double bass and bows are exhibited and available for trial.
Rubbing your finger around the rim of the glass is much like taking a bow to a violin string.
Fine violins , electric violins , 5 string violins , violas, cellos, double bass and bows are exhibited and available for trial.
We sell all kinds of animal hair,horse hair,tailhair, violin bow hair and so on.
When most people think about a violin virtuoso, they picture a man in a tailcoat courteously bowing and smiling at his audience before assuming a dignified stance and proceeding to dazzle with a fiddle and a bow.
At times it seems as though Rachel's violin is on fire as she glides her bow across the strings.

In science:

For bowed instruments such as violin, which do not have the damping problem due to continued string stimulation, unfretted fingerboards are used to allow the player more control over fine, subtle changes in pitch than fretted fingerboards.
Music in Terms of Science
When a string with fixed two ends is plucked (like in guitars and harps) or bowed (like in violins) or thumped (like in pianos), a transverse standing wave pattern is formed along the string with the vibrating velocity in the direction perpendicular to the string.
Music in Terms of Science
Bowing is a method typically used in the violin family (such as violin, viola, cello, and double bass).
Music in Terms of Science
The violin produces louder notes with greater bow speed or more weight on the string.
Music in Terms of Science
Violin family string instrument players are occasionally instructed to strike the string with the side of the bow, a technique called col legno.
Music in Terms of Science