• WordNet 3.6
    • n venom feeling a need to see others suffer
    • n venom toxin secreted by animals; secreted by certain snakes and poisonous insects (e.g., spiders and scorpions)
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Snake venom is ninety percent protein
    • Venom Matter fatal or injurious to life; poison; particularly, the poisonous matter which certain animals, such as serpents, scorpions, bees, etc., secrete in a state of health, and communicate by biting or stinging. "Or hurtful worm with cankered venom bites."
    • Venom Spite; malice; malignity; evil quality. "The venom of such looks."
    • v. t Venom To infect with venom; to envenom; to poison. "Venomed vengeance."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: The King Cobra has enough venom in its bite that it can kill up to 13 adults
    • n venom Poison in general: now an archaic use.
    • n venom The poisonous fluid secreted by some animals in a state of health, as a means of offense and defense, and introduced into the bodies of their victims by biting, as in the case of many serpents, or stinging, as in the ease of scorpions, etc. In vertebrates venom is usually a modified saliva secreted by glands morphologically identical with ordinary salivary glands; and the normal saliva of various animals acquires at times, or under some circumstances, an extremely venomousquality. as in the rabies of various beasts. Venom is normal to few vertebrates, notably all thanatophidian serpents, and one or two lizards, as the Gila monster. Venom-glands are connected with the spines of the head or fins of a few fishes. Venom of extreme virulence is injected with the bite of a few spiders (see Latrodectus, and cut under spider), and the punctures made by the claws or telson of centipeds and scorpions are envenomed. An acrid or irritating fluid, classable as venom, is injected with the sting of many insects (see cases cited under sting), and in one case at least may be fatal to large animals (see tsetse).
    • n venom Something that blights, cankers, or embitters; injurious influence; hence, spite; malice; malignity; virulency.
    • n venom Coloring material; dye.
    • venom Envenomed; venomous; poisonous.
    • venom To envenom; infect with poison.
    • venom To become as if infected with venom.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: There are some species of snails that are venomous. Their venom can be fatal to humans
    • n Venom ven′um any drink, juice, or liquid injurious or fatal to life: poison: spite: malice
    • adj Venom (Shak.) venomous, poisonous
    • v.t Venom to infect with poison
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  • William Shakespeare
    “Sweet are the uses of adversity which, like the toad, ugly and venomous, wears yet a precious jewel in his head.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. venim, OF. venim, venin, F. venin, L. venenum,. Cf. Venenate


In literature:

They climbed down none too warily, though they knew well what might be lying, venomous as a coiled rattler, in wait for them below.
"The Happy Family" by Bertha Muzzy Bower
Venomous and shameful attacks had hurt him, but had never abated his purpose.
"Shandygaff" by Christopher Morley
Mrs. Ermsted's laugh had a touch of venom.
"The Lamp in the Desert" by Ethel M. Dell
The sky took on a lighter, livid tone, one of pure venom.
"The Mississippi Bubble" by Emerson Hough
And then at once they looked venomous.
"Helmet of Navarre" by Bertha Runkle
And the way in which he did his work was venomous as well as petty.
"Sketches In The House (1893)" by T. P. O'Connor
In the end, their venomous persistence must make an end of him.
"A Maid of the Silver Sea" by John Oxenham
Had a venomous snake coiled its glistening folds around his leg he would not have been more startled.
"The Wings of the Morning" by Louis Tracy
Thor threw wrathful looks on the serpent, and the monster staring at him from below cast out venom at him.
"Folk-Lore and Legends; Scandinavian" by Various
The knout that flogged his soul had a score of lashes, each with the sting of its own peculiar venom.
"The Real Adventure" by Henry Kitchell Webster

In poetry:

And cannot hurt it,
But the more artful one
Defiles with nauseous venom
Its silver leaves;
"To My Friend - Ode I" by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Rhymes that, flitting through my brain,
Beat against my window-pane,
Some with gayly colored wings,
Some, alas! with venomed stings.
"Opening The Window" by Oliver Wendell Holmes
Care will not wash one bright blush from their cheeks,
With tears of trust and hope misgiven,
Sin will no more upon their bosom shed
Its painful venom,They are gone to Heaven.
"The Twin Roses" by Caroline Fry
And fear was on him: as he stepped,
A keen pang through his senses swept,
For, pierced by the venomous bristle, his sight
Saw gloom shroud the mountain, and darkness the light.
"The Death Of The Boar" by John Douglas Sutherland Campbell
Who only sorrows when she sees him pain'd,
Then knows to pluck away pain's keenest dart;
Or bid love catch it ere its goal be gain'd,
And steal its venom ere it reach his heart.
"The Obedient Love Of Woman Her Highest Bliss" by Maria Gowen Brooks
You have crushed the head of the serpent whose venom
Has poisoned the entire world.
You assumed your place in Heaven above the angels' choir
And there, glorified, you partake of eternal joy.
"Sonnet III (To the Virgin Mary)" by Mikolaj Sep Szarzynski

In news:

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In the immediate aftermath of Tuesday's election, I was extremely taken aback by venomous post-mortems from people on the right of the political spectrum.
To kill their prey they inject large quantities of hemotoxic venom through their fangs.
This rare venomous snake was discovered in the garage of a home in Raymond on Monday morning.
" Lyrically, there'll still be some "quality Tim Locke venom" but not as much as on previous recordings , Roberts said.
Highlights include a talk today by veterinarian Mark Burgess about caring for reptiles , and a presentation Monday on venomous reptiles .
Eighty vendors offer only captive-bred, non-native and non-venomous reptiles and related equipment and supplies.
30 am For more information on player tryouts, call the Venom offices at 806-350-7277 or go to
Hennessey Venom GT European Unveiling in June.
Orlando Venom finishes sixth in AAU 10th grade hoops tourney.
Venomous Midtown Sign Removed By Police.
A hospital treated an Arizona woman with anti-venom for a scorpion sting after she had trouble breathing, but it left her with a $80,000 bill.