• Vampire-bat
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n vampire (folklore) a corpse that rises at night to drink the blood of the living
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Vampire bat saliva has been responsible for many advances in research into stroke recovery
    • Vampire A blood-sucking ghost; a soul of a dead person superstitiously believed to come from the grave and wander about by night sucking the blood of persons asleep, thus causing their death. This superstition was once prevalent in parts of Eastern Europe, and was especially current in Hungary about the year 1730. The vampire was often said to have the ability to transform itself into the form of a bat, as presented in the novel depicting the legend of Dracula published by Bram Stoker in 1897, which has inspired several movies. "The persons who turn vampires are generally wizards, witches, suicides, and persons who have come to a violent end, or have been cursed by their parents or by the church,"
    • Vampire (Zoöl) Any one of several species of harmless tropical American bats of the genus Vampyrus, especially Vampyrus spectrum. These bats feed upon insects and fruit, but were formerly erroneously supposed to suck the blood of man and animals. Called also false vampire.
    • Vampire (Zoöl) Either one of two or more species of South American blood-sucking bats belonging to the genera Desmodus and Diphylla; also called vampire bat. These bats are destitute of molar teeth, but have strong, sharp cutting incisors with which they make punctured wounds from which they suck the blood of horses, cattle, and other animals, as well as man, chiefly during sleep. They have a cæcal appendage to the stomach, in which the blood with which they gorge themselves is stored.
    • Vampire Fig.: One who lives by preying on others; an extortioner; a bloodsucker.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: According to Scientists, vampire bat saliva is the best known medicine for keeping blood from clotting.
    • n vampire A kind of spectral being or ghost still possessing a human body, which, according to a superstition existing among the Slavic and other races on the lower Danube, leaves the grave during the night, and maintains a semblance of life by sucking the warm blood of living men and women while they are asleep. Dead wizards, werwolves, heretics, and other outcasts become vampires, as do also the illegitimate offspring of parents themselves illegitimate, and any one killed by a vampire. On the discovery of a vampire's grave, the body, which, it is supposed, will be found all fresh and ruddy, must be disinterred, thrust through with a whitethorn stake, and burned in order to render it harmless.
    • n vampire Hence, a person who preys on others; an extortioner or blood-sucker.
    • n vampire Same as vampire-bat.
    • n vampire Theat., a small trap made of two flaps held together by a spring, used for sudden appearances and disappearances of one person.
    • vampire Of or pertaining to a vampire; resembling a vampire in character; blood-sucking; extortionate; vampiric.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Vampire vam′pīr in eastern Europe, an accursed body which cannot rest in the kindly earth, but nightly leaves its grave to suck the blood of sleeping men: an extortioner
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  • Karl Marx
    “Capital is dead labor, which, vampire-like, lives only by sucking living labor, and lives the more, the more labor it sucks.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
F. vampire,cf. It. vampiro, G. & D. vampir,), fr. Servian vampir,
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Fr.,—Servian vampir; the word is common in the Slavonic tongues.


In literature:

Whatever placidity there is is attained by means of vampirism.
"The Kempton-Wace Letters" by Jack London
To say that we actually believed in vampires or werewolves would be a carelessly inclusive statement.
"The Shunned House" by Howard Phillips Lovecraft
Nourished there on dust, Lilit, with the sister vampires of eternal night, fed on her.
"The Lords of the Ghostland" by Edgar Saltus
It is the vampire that has sucked him.
"Wanderings in South America" by Charles Waterton
She, the foul vampire, sucked his youth away.
"The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 14, No. 81, July, 1864" by Various
The woman was an unconscious vampire.
"Ancestors" by Gertrude Atherton
Thirty per cent, is, I think, thanks enough, and one is not hospitable to harpies and vampires.
"Felicitas" by Felix Dahn
It was as though the vampire vixen who haunts the muskeg swamp had suddenly sapped her youth.
"Seeds of Pine" by Janey Canuck
A vampire vested with the lust and cruelty and power of hell!
"Isle of the Undead" by Lloyd Arthur Eshbach
Where the scholar had been, a vampire emerged.
"Historia Amoris: A History of Love, Ancient and Modern" by Edgar Saltus

In poetry:

Then does Life, so vain at best,
Pine more weakly,
Vampires draining it of rest,
Where Contentment had been blest
Bearing meekly.
"The Mingled Cup" by Martin Farquhar Tupper
I know thee who thou art,
The inmost fiend that curlest
Thy vampire tounge about
Earth's corybantic heart,
Hell's warrior that whirlest
The darts of horror and doubt !
"The Twins" by Aleister Crowley
SAM R— corpse of vampire hue,
Comes from its grave, to rot in town;
For Bays the dead bard's crowned with Yew,
And chaunts the Pleasures of the U-
—niversity we've Got in town.
"Stinkomalee Triumphans" by Richard Harris Barham
The steeples are white in the wild moonlight,
And the trees have a silver glare;
Past the chimneys high see the vampires fly,
And the harpies of upper air,
That flutter and laugh and stare.
"Hallowe'en In A Suburb" by Howard Phillips Lovecraft
The thing my childish fingers found
Cast on a god-frequented ground,
And unto whose compelling note
Sprang the brown dryad from her tree,
And palest vampires came to me
With limbs more sweet than trodden lote.
"Apologia" by Clark Ashton Smith
"To thy body's corruption, thy grave!
Thy hell! from which thou hast stolen!"
And a blackness rolls down like a wave
With a clamor of tongues that are swollen--
And I feel that my flesh is the slave
Of a--vampire, diakka, eidolon?
"The Dream Of Dread" by Madison Julius Cawein

In news:

If you didn't tune in to "True Blood," you are in for a rare treat, unless, of course, neck-snappingly vigorous vampire sex is not your thing.
Spike in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
A San Antonio man told KSAT-TV that he and his friends were bitten by vampire bats while they were camping recently in Johnson City.
Vampire Weekend and Black Keys Fight It Out on 'Colbert Report'.
Vampire Hunter (* * 1/2 stars out of four, R, opens Friday) does to history what its commander-in-chief does to the undead populace: mangles it beyond recognition.
Between Vampire Weekend and the Broadway musical "Fela".
Vampires still claim many young readers, but 'Games' are gaining.
Is our lust for everything vampire sated, waiting for the spike, as popular media have suggested.
(CBS) Singing dogs, a body-painted model and massive vampire combustion will all make an appearance on Super Bowl Sunday 2012.
Seth Grahame -Smith blended Jane Austen with zombies and Abraham Lincoln with vampires.
'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter' review: Horror-history mashup is so much B-movie schlock .
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Looks like movie-goers' affection for vampires isn't just limited to those in 'Twilight.

In science:

VAMPIR is a performance analysis tool for MPI parallel programs.
Cluster Computing White Paper
VAMPIR provides a graphical user interface for analyzing tracefiles generated by VAMPIRtrace.
Cluster Computing White Paper
Examples cited in the literature are warning calls of birds and primates, the social behaviour of bees and ants and other insects, collective feeding of the young by all flock members of the Mexican Jay, or blood sharing of vampire bats (see [114] for these and many more examples).
Biological Evolution and Statistical Physics
Finally, the vampire bat shares his bloody meal with roost-mates that are close to starvation.
Biological Evolution and Statistical Physics
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