• WordNet 3.6
    • n UV radiation lying in the ultraviolet range; wave lengths shorter than light but longer than X rays
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In literature:

Next time ye try to ak out afore folks I hope ye'll do better en ye did the nite uv the big party.
"Watch Yourself Go By" by Al. G. Field
So I'm in favor uv riddin' de kentry uv 'im right now, and I'll be de fust to pull de rope.
"The Kentucky Ranger" by Edward T. Curnick
S'posin' dey's uv a new kine.
"The Book of Humorous Verse" by Various
Brer Rabbit wuz settin' dar ontyin' he ole 'oman un he childun, w'ich dey wuz sev'm uv um.
"Nights With Uncle Remus" by Joel Chandler Harris
I'd like to see a man uv yer cloth a holdin' a critter's fut!
"The Continental Monthly, Vol. 2 No 4, October, 1862" by Various
He ain't no blood uv min'.
"The Hindered Hand" by Sutton E. Griggs
What I want is a dry place, a piece out uv that ocean uv sand you're talkin' 'bout.
"The Eyes of the Woods" by Joseph A. Altsheler
Well, I nussed her and I nussed all uv their chillun; that I did, sah.
"Historical Tales, Vol. 2 (of 15)" by Charles Morris
Red and two or three uv his fellers got away, but I 'ain't heard uv 'em since.
"The Candidate" by Joseph Alexander Altsheler
I've been cuttin' it out uv a silver sixpence, an' now it exactly fits my rifle.
"The Border Watch" by Joseph A. Altsheler

In poetry:

I've knowed ole Snowy since the days uv old;
Yet never 'ad I got so close to see
A world-wise man 'oo's 'cart is all pure gold
An' 'uman charity.
For, all that girl was suff'rln', well I knoo,
'E suffered too.
"Rose" by C J Dennis
I know I'm dull. I know I got a brain
That's only fit fer fertilizin' 'air.
I don't arst for bokays: I ain't that vain;
But fair is fair.
An' when yeh think yer somethin' uv a man,
It 'urts to find yerself a also-ran.
"The Also-Ran" by C J Dennis
"But, dead in earnest, it's a job I 'ate.
We've got to do it, an' it's gittin' done;
But this soul-dopin' game uv sit-an'-wait,
It ain't no fun.
There's times I wish, if we weren't short uv men,
That I wus back in 'orspital again.
"Rabbits" by C J Dennis
I tells 'er that no wife, 'oo was n't blind,
Would treat 'er 'usban' like a block uv wood.
I sez I could n't understand 'er mind --
Blowed if I could!
I tells 'er that no woman with a brain
An' 'eart would smile to see a man in pain.
"Termarter Sorce" by C J Dennis
'Taint my idea uv argument to call a man a fool,
An' I ain't lookin' round for bricks to 'eave at ole man Poole;
But when 'e gets disputin' 'e's inclined to lose 'is 'ead.
It ain't so much 'is choice uv words as 'ow the words is said.
"Over the Fence" by C J Dennis
"Aw! It ain't that," I sez .... Then I let go,
When once we git inside, an' ease me mind
By tellin' 'er some things she ought to know.
I seemed to find
A lot uv things that 'elped to make me sore;
An' they remind me uv a 'ole lot more.
"Termarter Sorce" by C J Dennis

In news:

In the mid-2000s, he found a job sanding away the yellow and clouded plastic from UV-damaged headlights on old cars.
Fabric may be used with solvent and UV inks.
LOL swimwear from Seasons UV changes colors and patterns in the sun to make your child aware of when they need to reapply sunscreen.
Parents can teach their children to be sun aware – and sunburn aware – with a new line of swimwear offered through Seasons UV called LOL.
Some experts say gloss makes the sun's UV rays hit harder.
Launches the Maxima ML-3500C UV lamp.
Inc is launching a water-based/UV flexographic ink program targeted to the narrow web and label markets.
The Model 4830 digital UV inkjet system from EFI Jetrion is a new, affordable option for printing of colorful labels.
The Pepper Spray Store in Bethlehem is donating six UV lights to the.
UV-E football season ends on a downer , part 2.
Fisher Textiles expands lines of UV- and dye-sub-printable fabrics .
Fisher Textiles (www.fishertextiles.com) recently expanded its lines of UV- and dye-sub-printable fabrics .
The filter is said to boost the performance and the stability of other commonly used UV filters , creating synergies that offer higher SPF ratings for UVB radiation and photostability that results in longer-lasting UVA protection.
At the heart of the ALK-365 kit is the powerful, cordless and rechargeable OPTIMAX™ 365 UV LED leak detection flashlight.
Gauging UV Light Exposure to Reduce Vitamin D Deficiency.

In science:

Now, H (u, t) = exp(−uv/D − γ t)G(u, t) and consequently ˆH (u, s) = e−uv/D ˆG(u, s + γ ).
Sign-time distribution for a random walker with a drifting boundary
Therefore, V ⊗n is a Uv (gld )-module; let ρn : Uv (gld ) −→ End(V ⊗n ) be the corresponding representation.
The representation theory of the Ariki-Koike and cyclotomic q-Schur algebras
Then V ⊗n is a Uv (g)-module by restriction; let ρn,r : Uv (g) −→ End(V ⊗n ) be the corresponding representation of Uv (g).
The representation theory of the Ariki-Koike and cyclotomic q-Schur algebras
The mass corrections for the pion two point function are UV finite and free of UV/IR mixing as expected.
Noncommutative Supersymmetric Theories
An A2 prelayer γ is uniquely defined by σ(γ ) = (σ(βuv ) T ˆA3 − s) T σ(βf g ) T ˆA2 or by σ(γ ) = σ(βuv ) T(σ(βf g ) T ˆA2 + s) T ˆA3 .
Invariants of mixed representations of quivers II : defining relations and applications