• WordNet 3.6
    • n unhelpfulness an inability to be helpful
    • ***


In literature:

Underhand Royalists, Ex-Minister Bertrand-Moleville, Ex-Constituent Malouet, and all manner of unhelpful individuals, advise and advise.
"The French Revolution" by Thomas Carlyle
For I also have been encompassed by lies, and beset by images of things unhelpful.
"The Story of the Glittering Plain or the Land of Living Men" by William Morris
But the answer was a new storm of bombs, and the fighting went on, and the moaning of the men who were helpless and unhelped.
"Now It Can Be Told" by Philip Gibbs
May I hope that you will follow me without a further parley, which is embarrassing to me, and quite unhelpful to yourself.
"A Rock in the Baltic" by Robert Barr
In the second place, I must go through this unhelped and unsupported all by myself.
"The Unwilling Vestal" by Edward Lucas White
I was better unhelped, as it proved, and better for all I could help him.
"Our Friend John Burroughs" by Clara Barrus
She would grumble and scold and become limply unhelpful, he knew, and none the less so because he could not help things.
"The History of Mr. Polly" by H. G. Wells
Engineers worked unhelped by the example of perfected railroad building of later times.
"The California Birthday Book" by Various
In southern Gaul, as it happens, archaeological remains are unhelpful.
"Ancient Town-Planning" by F. Haverfield
And peasants labour just behind such strife Shorthandedly, unhelped, save by a child or wife.
"Over the Top With the Third Australian Division" by G. P. Cuttriss

In poetry:

Impossible! no stretch of utmost skill can fetch
That fair invisible in colours to confine.
How shall pencil trace unhelped her holy grace?
How divine
Lids of what sweet curve, what lips incarnadine?
"The Lover And The Painter" by Manmohan Ghose
By the low hearth-fire's fitful blaze
He read of old heroic days,
The sage's thought, the patriot's speech;
Unhelped, alone, himself he taught,
His school the craft at which he wrought,
His lore the book within his, reach.
"Wilson" by John Greenleaf Whittier

In news:

Halting donations to the JNF undoubtedly ranks high on the list of unhelpful responses to Israel's Carmel fire.
US says Turkish rhetoric on Israel is ' unhelpful '.
INTERVIEWS New List of Top Music Cities Is Unhelpful , Underrates Atlanta.
Fort Pierce Commissioner's divisive comments unhelpful to agreement on port future.
An unhelpful Twitter family feud.
Don't let unhelpful people ruin your day.
Despite Obama's Concessions, Russia Remains Unhelpful on Iran.
List 'names and shames' unhelpful mortgage firms.
Attacks In Mumbai Tragic, But Sept 11 Comparisons Unhelpful .
Those of us who thought UN election observers would be completely worthless or unhelpful today, were wrong.
Specialist Knowledge Is Useless and Unhelpful.
Several users find Siri unhelpful or even "sassy," and no longer use the virtual assistant.
I think it's extremely unhelpful when new-media gurus like Mark Potts toss off posts saying newspapers don't "provide value" and thus can't charge for their product.
Pete, I agree that much of the rhetoric coming from critics of the Arizona immigration law is overblown and unhelpful to their cause.
Unconventional exchange-traded funds are finding it tough to grow, partly because what is on offer is limited but also because of an unhelpful structure, writes Bernardo Vizcaíno.

In science:

For otherwise, if there is e.g correlation between our n observations, or if the geometry of the dataset does not conform to “i.i.d Gaussian” geometry, naive random matrix predictions will prove unhelpful and uninformative at best.
Geometric sensitivity of random matrix results: consequences for shrinkage estimators of covariance and related statistical methods
But we do not know the large deviations of log Z (θ) ⌊ns⌋,⌊nt⌋ so at first the decomposition seems unhelpful.
Large deviation rate functions for the partition function in a log-gamma distributed random potential
Given the general power of conformal field theory in 2D, it has been surprisingly unhelpful in understanding such random phase transitions.
Criticality in the two-dimensional random-bond Ising model
By contrast, assuming that the framework is determined by some “law of nature”, rather than chosen by the physicist, is rather unhelpful, since it produces new conceptual difficulties.
Choice of Consistent Family, and Quantum Incompatibility
Note that if we were to measure the ancilla register instead of discarding it, the outcome would be unhelpful: each possible value gg occurs with equal probability, and we cannot obtain g from gg unless we know how to compute discrete logarithms.
Quantum algorithms for algebraic problems