• Brad-Awl.  Twist-Drill.   German Gimlet-Bit.  Bit-Point Drill. Twist-Bit.  Auger-Bit
    Brad-Awl. Twist-Drill. German Gimlet-Bit. Bit-Point Drill. Twist-Bit. Auger-Bit
  • WordNet 3.6
    • adj twisting marked by repeated turns and bends "a tortuous road up the mountain","winding roads are full of surprises","had to steer the car down a twisty track"
    • n twisting the act of rotating rapidly "he gave the crank a spin","it broke off after much twisting"
    • n twisting the act of distorting something so it seems to mean something it was not intended to mean
    • ***

Additional illustrations & photos:

Screw- and Wire-Gages. a. Screw-Gage. b. Wire-Gage. c. Twist-Drill-Gage Screw- and Wire-Gages. a. Screw-Gage. b. Wire-Gage. c. Twist-Drill-Gage
"Oliver Twist," 1837, vol. i. ch. xii "Oliver Twist," 1837, vol. i. ch. xii
Twisting the thread Twisting the thread

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Tacoma Narrows Bridge which was located in Washington was nicknamed "Galloping Gertie" because of the unusual way it twisted and swayed with even with the slightest winds when people would drive on it. The bridge collapsed on November 7, 1940, fortunately no humans died, except for a dog
    • Twisting a. & n. from Twist.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Pretzels were originally invented for Christian Lent. The twists of the pretzels are to resemble arms crossed in prayer
    • n twisting Torsion.
    • ***


  • Christopher Walken
    Christopher Walken
    “I tend to play mostly villains and twisted people. Unsavory guys. I think it's my face, the way I look.”
  • Russell Crowe
    Russell Crowe
    “I like villains because there's something so attractive about a committed person -- they have a plan, an ideology, no matter how twisted. They're motivated.”
  • Dick Gregory
    Dick Gregory
    “And we love to dance -- especially that new one called the Civil War Twist. The Northern part of you stands still while the Southern part tries to secede.”
  • Russian Proverb
    Russian Proverb
    “You can't drive straight on a twisting lane.”
  • John Lennon
    “Jesus was all right, but his disciples were thick and ordinary. It's them twisting it that ruins it for me.”
  • Humbert Wolfe
    Humbert Wolfe
    “You cannot hope to bribe or twist (thank God!) the British journalist. But, seeing what the man will do unbribed, there's no occasion to.”


Knickers in a twist - When your knickers are in a twist, you are angry and snappish over something trivial. 'Whenever he loses his car keys, he gets his knickers in a twist.'
Twist someone's arm - If you twist someone's arm, you put pressure on them to try to make them do what you want them to do.
Twisting in the wind - If you are twisting in the wind, you are without help or support - you are on your own.


In literature:

Gerda had put on, probably by accident, a sudden, absurd twist that had made a fool of Rodney.
"Dangerous Ages" by Rose Macaulay
He tried to smile, but was conscious that the twisting of his lips didn't look much like a smile.
"The Circus Comes to Town" by Lebbeus Mitchell
He struggled onward; but not toward the twisted clumps of spruces.
"The Harbor Master" by Theodore Goodridge Roberts
Do not begin until we have a rope; we are not able to twist a rope; there's nobody here can twist a rope.
"Poets and Dreamers" by Lady Augusta Gregory and Others
Rip felt the star shape and twisted.
"Rip Foster in Ride the Gray Planet" by Harold Leland Goodwin
Because my face is torn and twisted makes me no different from you.
"The Hidden Places" by Bertrand W. Sinclair
There the dolls hung all day, swinging and twisting about as the breeze swayed the clothes-line.
"Raggedy Ann Stories" by Johnny Gruelle
Just before she retired she leaned over the rail, watching the reflection of the stars twist and shiver on the smooth water.
"Parrot & Co." by Harold MacGrath
Hobart twisted around to face Soriki.
"Star Born" by Andre Norton
She had twisted her ankle.
"Brigands of the Moon" by Ray Cummings

In poetry:

In his orb she sees the tower,
Dusk against its flaming rims,
Where of old her wretched limbs
Twisted with the stolen power:
Ilium all the lustre dims!
"Cassandra" by George Meredith
Some youths who to the wilds had gone.
Saw there a scene, the most appalling,
All o'er a spot they came upon
Were many black snakes, twisting, crawling.
"The Black Snakes" by Janet Hamilton
Of the hair that is brown thou shalt twist one strand,
Of the hair that is raven another;
Of the golden hair thou shalt twine a band
To bind the one to the other!
"Legend of The Corrievrechan" by George MacDonald
But when the charge was done, they found him
there Deep in the redness, where he’d made his stand,
With withered poppies in his twisted hair,
And poppies in his hand.
"Poppies" by Leon Gellert
There from the hill is sprung a single thorn,
Wind-twisted, straining from the earth to the skies,
Thin branches pleading with wild morn
And root that pressed in darkness lies.
"The Thorn" by John Freeman
O days grown cold! O life grown old
No rose of June may bloom again;
But, like the hazel’s twisted gold,
Through early frost and latter rain
Shall hints of summer-time remain.
"Hazel Blossoms" by John Greenleaf Whittier

In news:

A long-running struggle for control over Ajax 's club management and strategy took another twist Thursday when the entire board of directors, including football great Johan Cruyff, offered to resign.
This is bread pudding with an Italian twist.
Claire tries to regain her memory while facing bizarre characters and plot twists.
Collider's physicists downplay plot twist in Hollywood's 'Angels & Demons.
Put a fun twist on a basic cotton T-shirt by adding an appliqued lion.
You pick up on trends early—adding fresh twists to make them your own, of course.
Calamari crisps up perfectly when fried in grapeseed oil, adding a surprising twist to this classic dish.
Calligraphy With a Twist.
Quarter connections, both with a French twist, underscore today's Bastille Day celebration.
Garnish with the lemon twist.
Anyone who has been closely following the trial of Stacey Castor knows that it is twisted.
0 It's a twist on the classic: grilled cheddar cheese with apple butter.
This meal is a great twist on eggs.
President Obama, with his family, returned to the White House on Wednesday, after a bruising re-election fight with many twists and turns.
Closed-door decision just the latest twist in port's search for new home.

In science:

An H -twisted generalized complex structure J can be fully described in terms of its √−1-eigenbundle L, which is a maximal isotropic subbundle of (T M ⊕ T ∗M )⊗ C satisfying L ∩ ¯L = {0} and to be closed under the H -twisted Courant bracket.
Convexity properties of generalized moment maps
An H -twisted generalized K¨ahler structure on M is a pair of commuting H -twisted generalized complex structures (J1 , J2 ) so that G = −J1J2 is a positive definite metric, that is, G 2 = id, G preserves the natural inner product and G (X + α, X + α) := hG (X + α), X + αi > 0 for all non-zero X + α ∈ T M ⊕ T ∗M .
Convexity properties of generalized moment maps
Not every H -twisted generalized complex manifold admits an H -twisted generalized K¨ahler structure.
Convexity properties of generalized moment maps
If each Ji is integrable with respect to H -twisted Courant brackets, then J is called to be integrable and we call it a H -twisted generalized complex structure of an orbifold M .
Convexity properties of generalized moment maps
Given a connection on µ−1 (Oa ), the twisted generalized complex quotient Ma = µ−1 (Oa )/G inherits an ˜H -twisted generalized complex structure ˜J , where ˜H is defined as in Lemma 3.1.
Convexity properties of generalized moment maps