• WordNet 3.6
    • v twill weave diagonal lines into (textiles)
    • n twill a cloth with parallel diagonal lines or ribs
    • n twill a weave used to produce the effect of parallel diagonal ribs
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Twill A fabric woven with a twill.
    • Twill A quill, or spool, for yarn.
    • Twill An appearance of diagonal lines or ribs produced in textile fabrics by causing the weft threads to pass over one and under two, or over one and under three or more, warp threads, instead of over one and under the next in regular succession, as in plain weaving.
    • v. t Twill twĭl To weave, as cloth, so as to produce the appearance of diagonal lines or ribs on the surface.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • twill To weave in a particular way (see twill, n.), producing diagonal ribs in the stuff.
    • n twill A variety of textile fabric in which the weft-threads do not pass over and under the warp-threads in regular succession, as in common plain weaving. but pass over one and under two, over one and under three, or over one and under eight or ten, according to the kind of twill. The next weft-thread takes a set oblique to the former, throwing up one of the two deposed by the preceding. The effect of this is to produce the appearance of parallel diagonal lines or ribs over the whole surface of the cloth; but the regularity of the parallel lines is broken in various ways in what is termed fanciful twilling. The goods so manufactured are stronger than those made by plain weaving. In twilled cloth the number of heddles used is equal to the number of threads contained in the interval between two intersections of the warp and weft, as when every third thread is to be interwoven three leaves are used, for six threads six leaves, etc. Twills are called, according to the number of leaves employed in the weaving, three-leaf twill, six leaf twill, etc.
    • n twill The raised line made by twilling.
    • n twill A reed; a quill; a spool to wind yarn on.
    • twill To quill; trim with quilling or fluting.
    • twill The great fat pincushion lined with pink inside, and twilled like a lady's nightcap.
    • twill A dialectal variant of till.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Twill contraction of it will.
    • n Twill twil a woven fabric, in which the warp is raised one thread, and depressed two or more threads for the passage of the weft—thus giving a curious appearance of diagonal lines: a fabric with a twill
    • v.t Twill to weave with a twill
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Scotch tweel,; probably from LG. twillen, to make double, from twi-, two; akin to AS. twi-, E. twi-, in twilight,. See Twice, and cf. Tweed Tweel


In literature:

I like good company, and 'twill be more satisfaction to me, I reckon, than to you.
"Guy Rivers: A Tale of Georgia" by William Gilmore Simms
Well, 'twill need some thinking, what you've to do.
"In Clive's Command" by Herbert Strang
Indeed, I fear 'twill all be over before we get there.
"From the Ranks" by Charles King
Bill'll be takin' th' silver fox an' other fur out, and when father sells un 'twill pay for Emily's goin' t' th' doctor.
"Ungava Bob" by Dillon Wallace
E'en in a work-box 'twill not do To talk of every thing that's true.
"Hymns, Songs, and Fables, for Young People" by Eliza Lee Follen
I hope 'twill pass upon him.
"The Busie Body" by Susanna Centlivre
Soon 'twill be poor Emilia.
"The Wings of Icarus" by Laurence Alma Tadema
Fust Tamsin brings 'ee back, and then Paul, an' nex' time I reckon 'twill be Peter's turn.
"The Astonishing History of Troy Town" by Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
When it's wet and growing wetter 'Twill be worse before it's better.
"Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 159, October 6, 1920" by Various
She dropped off into a nap about an hour ago, and 'twill do her good.
"The Return of the Native" by Thomas Hardy

In poetry:

Yes, weeper, weep!
'Twill not be evermore;
I know the darkest deep
Hath e'en the brightest shore.
"Hope" by Abram Joseph Ryan
And for Jesus we are waiting,
List’ning for the advent call;
But ’twill still be Jesus only,
Jesus ever, all in all.
"Jesus Only Is Our Message" by Albert Benjamin Simpson
"You'll forget," he says, "and I
Feel 'tis better for us twain:
It may give you some small pain,
But, 'twill soon be by.
"Perle Des Jardins" by Madison Julius Cawein
"Ah! thou little know'st my love;
She was faithful ever;
And her soul is mine in heaven—
'Twill forget me never.
"Love's Incredulity" by Peter John Allan
`What though I write farewell I could
Not utter, lest your gaze should chide,
'Twill by your love be understood
My love is still, dear, at your side.
"The Door Of Humility" by Alfred Austin
See how it smiles; and yet e'er Day pass by
(This very Day which gave it first a Birth)
'Twill hang it's fainting Head, grow pale and die,
And shed its falling Honours on the Earth:
"The Rose" by Daniel Baker

In news:

A beautiful small samit, or compound silk twill, displays Annunciation and Nativity scenes in interlacing roundels.
Elite Discreet Carry Twill Jacket.
Woolrich Elite Series Tactical® Offers Elite Discreet Carry Twill Jacket.
Levi's/Dockers historian Lynn Downey walked us through some of her favorite khaki vintage finds in The Vault, from Tab Twills straight out of the 1950s, to the first-generation K1 Dockers from 1999.
Cut strips of twill or a natural ribbon the full length of the pouch .
One of the most controversial relics in Christendom, the Shroud of Turin (pictured here) features an intricate twill weave.
Heavy cotton- twill fabric is durable enough to withstand the scuffs and scratches of everyday use.
Imprintables Warehouse expanded its line of CAD-PRINT materials with the addition of Faux Twill Print.
The white material features a textured look that resembles twill fabric and is an alternative to sewing.
When my finisher presses slacks that are constructed with a twill weave (especially gabardine), a discoloration that resembles a swirl occurs.
LOS ANGELES - 'Twill be nights before Christmas and high overhead, the moon will turn brown or maybe deep red.
New England-based Ghurka just released a run of black-on-black twill and leather bags for cult Japanese retailer Beams Plus, and we've got to say — it's pretty fking awesome.
Sew loops of colorful twill tape (in a variety of shades) onto the corners of a lookalike batch of.
Sheri Skinny in Python Print Fine Line Twill, Dark Ash.
4130 Twill Valley Court, St Peters, MO 63376.

In science:

The omission of twills from catalogues, despite their all being isonemal, stems from their extreme simplicity; the over-and-under sequence of each strand is that of its neighbour, say below, shifted by one place always in the same direction, e.g., Figure 5b.
Isonemal prefabrics with only parallel axes of symmetry
Because twills do not appear in the catalogues, a twill is referred to by its over-and-under sequence along a strand as in the caption to Figure 5b.
Isonemal prefabrics with only parallel axes of symmetry
The designs to be discussed here include twills and the simplest extension of the twills, called twillins .
Isonemal prefabrics with only parallel axes of symmetry
Genus I contains all twills and twillins without colour reversal.
Isonemal prefabrics with only parallel axes of symmetry
As Roth remarks [7, p. 318], w > 1 or a twill with mirror symmetry would result, contradicting the type of the symmetry group.
Isonemal prefabrics with only parallel axes of symmetry