• WordNet 3.6
    • v trundle move heavily "the streetcar trundled down the avenue"
    • n trundle small wheel or roller
    • n trundle a low bed to be slid under a higher bed
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Trundle (Mach) A lantern wheel. See under Lantern.
    • Trundle A lind of low-wheeled cart; a truck.
    • Trundle A motion as of something moving upon little wheels or rollers; a rolling motion.
    • Trundle A round body; a little wheel.
    • Trundle (Mach) One of the bars of a lantern wheel.
    • Trundle To cause to roll or revolve; to roll along; as, to trundle a hoop or a ball.
    • Trundle To go or move on small wheels; as, a bed trundles under another.
    • Trundle To roll (a thing) on little wheels; as, to trundle a bed or a gun carriage.
    • Trundle To roll, or go by revolving, as a hoop.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • trundle In cricket, to bowl.
    • n trundle A wheel small in diameter, but broad and massive so as to be adapted to support a heavy weight, as the wheel of a caster.
    • n trundle A small wheel or pinion having its teeth formed of cylinders or spindles: same as lantern-wheel.
    • n trundle One of the spindles of such a wheel.
    • n trundle A small carriage with low wheels; a truck.
    • n trundle A trundle-bed.
    • n trundle In heraldry, a quill of thread for embroiderers, usually represented as a spool or reel, and the thread as of gold.
    • trundle To roll, as something on low wheels or casters; move or bowl along, as a round body; hence, to move with a rolling gait.
    • trundle To revolve; twirl.
    • trundle To roll, or cause to roll, as a circular or spherical thing or as something on casters or low wheels: as, to trundle a hoop; to trundle a wheelbarrow; hence, to cause to move off with a rolling gait or pace.
    • trundle To cause to revolve; twirl: as, to trundle a mop.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Trundle trun′dl anything round: a wheel: a truck: a trundle-bed:
    • Trundle v.t to roll, as on wheels
    • v.i Trundle to roll: twirl: bowl along
    • n Trundle trun′dl (her.) a. spool of golden thread
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
AS. tryndel, a little shield. See Trend (v. i.)
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. trendel, a circle, wheel.


In literature:

Mary 'Liza and I had outgrown the trundle-bed, and had a room to ourselves upstairs.
"When Grandmamma Was New" by Marion Harland
They trundled hoops of bronze, in some of them bells being placed in the centre, ringing as they ran along.
"Chats on Household Curios" by Fred W. Burgess
Meanwhile Lambikin trundled along, laughing to himself, and singing.
"Boys and Girls Bookshelf; a Practical Plan of Character Building, Volume I (of 17)" by Various
Jeannot comes last trundling the wheelbarrow.
"Child Life In Town And Country" by Anatole France
Weak and faint he sat down on the edge of his trundle bed.
"The Launch Boys' Adventures in Northern Waters" by Edward S. Ellis
Other peoples' vehicles trundled her over to camp whenever she would drive.
"Found in the Philippines" by Charles King
Why can't people let girls dress dolls and trundle hoops, as they used to do?
"Hopes and Fears scenes from the life of a spinster" by Charlotte M. Yonge
Aristocracies with beards on their chins will find other work to do than amuse themselves with trundling-hoops.
"Past and Present" by Thomas Carlyle
We can 'stand on our head in our little trundle-bed, and nobody nigh to hinder.
"The Little Colonel's Christmas Vacation" by Annie Fellows Johnston
More basket trunks were being trundled down the platform.
"The Bill-Toppers" by Andre Castaigne

In poetry:

Trundling in dust and thunder
They rumbled up and down,
Laden with princely plunder,
Loot of the tragic Town.
"The Poet's Town" by John Gneisenau Neihardt
But if upon the seas I sail,
Or trundle on the glowing rail,
I am but a thought of hers,
Loveliest of travellers.
"Una" by Ralph Waldo Emerson
The other dream ran fast and free,
As the moon benignly shed
Her golden grace on the smiling face
In the little trundle-bed.
"The Dreams" by Eugene Field
Child of the ploughshare, smile;
Boy of the counter, grieve not,
Though muses round thy trundle-bed
Their broidered tissue weave not.
"The Poet’s Lot" by Oliver Wendell Holmes
Whenever Auntie moves around,
Her dresses make a curious sound,
They trail behind her up the floor,
And trundle after through the door.
"Auntie's Skirts" by Robert Louis Stevenson
In my old Aesop, toiling with his bundle,—
His load of sticks,— politely asking Death,
Who comes when called for,— would he lug or trundle
His fagot for him?— he was scant of breath.
"The Iron Gate" by Oliver Wendell Holmes

In news:

Conestoga wagons still trundle across Texas on 22-inch wheels, packed to their square corners with people and cherished possessions.
B&C Business Editor John Higgins and I had trundled in the upper reaches of the Madison Square Garden where the major news operations were trying to squeeze some.
We of The Spin love fall nights, and we reveled in an exceptional specimen as we trundled down Charlotte Avenue past the wall of thrift stores to The Stone Fox.
Here, it is common to find tourists trundling along and breathing heavily.
Russell often wonders about the practice of parents trundling their mucous-filled, unwashed children.
Dwarves trundled happily down the streets of Stormwind, looking for grog or a hammer on the cheap from the city's Auction House.
Dwarves trundled happily down the streets of Stormwind , looking for grog or a hammer on the cheap from the city's Auction House.
You can hear the creek rushing from your tent , or trundle straight down to it to fly-fish.
RINGGOLD Betty Jane Hall Trundle , 90, passed away Monday, Oct 1, 2012.A lifelong resident of the North Georgia area, she was a member of Ringgold United Methodist Church and was a devoted wife, mother and grandmother.
When Michael Trundle , Tyler Jacobson and Tim Cook started Lipgloss in the summer of 2001, they had no idea that it would become something of a Denver institution.
Spillum often chooses models with trundles, which can be pulled out into a double bed .
NASA's Curiosity rover is currently trundling around Mars, thanks, in part, to MR Encoders and magnetic sensors from maxon precision motors, Fall River, Mass.
A crane trundled onto the Mt San Antonio College campus and hoisted a 23-foot, 3,000-pound aluminum dome onto the roof of the science building.
As a huge truck trundled by his home, then another, and another within an hour, Ray Lee wondered why he had to put up with the fuss.
Some styles have collapsible trundles that slide underneath out of sight to be pulled out when needed.

In science:

The grasshopper watched as she trundled her way laboriously up an incline under the weight of a large piece of leaf.
Interplay between Network Topology and Dynamics in Neural Systems
Recent evidence, based on model atmosphere calculations rather than H ii region analyses, suggests a lower metallicity for M31 (Trundle et al. 2002).
Gemini observations of Wolf-Rayet Stars in the Local Group Starburst Galaxy IC10
In addition to varying the Teff and , we vary the surface gravity between log(g) = 2.5 − 3.5, as appropriate for supergiants (Crowther et al. 2006; Trundle et al. 2004).
Single-Star HII Regions as a Probe of Massive Star Spectral Energy Distributions