troy weight


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n troy weight a system of weights used for precious metals and gemstones; based on a 12-ounce pound and an ounce of 480 grains
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Troy weight the weight which gold and silver, jewels, and the like, are weighed. It was so named from Troyes, in France, where it was first adopted in Europe. The troy ounce is supposed to have been brought from Cairo during the crusades. In this weight the pound is divided into 12 ounces, the ounce into 20 pennyweights, and the pennyweight into 24 grains; hence, the troy ounce contains 480 grains, and the troy pound contains 5760 grains. The avoirdupois pound contains 7000 troy grains; so that 175 pounds troy equal 144 pounds avoirdupois, or 1 pound troy = 0.82286 of a pound avoirdupois, and 1 ounce troy = 117/175 or 1.09714 ounce avoirdupois. Troy weight when divided, the pound into 12 ounces, the ounce into 8 drams, the dram into 3 scruples, and the scruple into 20 grains, is called apothecaries' weight, used in weighing medicines, etc. In the standard weights of the United States, the troy ounce is divided decimally down to the 1/10000 part.
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In literature:

Medicines are made up by troy weight, although drugs are bought by avoirdupois weight.
"Enquire Within Upon Everything" by Anonymous
TOLA, a weight in India for gold and silver, equal to 180 grains troy.
"The Nuttall Encyclopaedia" by Edited by Rev. James Wood
Th' deceased requested that his soul be measured be troy weight.
"Mr. Dooley Says" by Finley Dunne
A pound troy weight, 5760 grains.
"The Prose Works of Jonathan Swift, D.D., Vol. VII" by Jonathan Swift
The legal weight in grains troy was: toman, 53.28; half-toman, 26.64; two-kran piece, 10.656.
"Across Coveted Lands" by Arnold Henry Savage Landor
Every store has its scales, and in these is weighed out the fixed amount for all purchases according to Troy weight.
"The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 18, No. 106, August, 1866" by Various
Why is Troy weight like an unconscientious person?
"The Handbook of Conundrums" by Edith B. Ordway
In 1877 a syndicate of London, Paris and Amsterdam jewellers fixed the weight at 205 milligrammes (3.163 troy grains).
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 5, Slice 3" by Various
The whole of the Gold above mentioned is Eleven hundred, and Eleven ounces, Troy Weight.
"The Book of Buried Treasure" by Ralph D. Paine
Its weight is estimated at nine hundred and seventy-one carats, or about seven ounces Troy.
"The World and Its People: Book VII" by Anna B. Badlam