trick up


  • WordNet 3.6
    • v trick up put on special clothes to appear particularly appealing and attractive "She never dresses up, even when she goes to the opera","The young girls were all fancied up for the party"
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  • Casey Stengel
    Casey Stengel
    “The trick is growing up without growing old.”
  • George Eliot
    “When one wanted one's interests looking after whatever the cost, it was not so well for a lawyer to be over honest, else he might not be up to other people's tricks.”
  • Napoleon Hill
    “Nature cannot be tricked or cheated. She will give up to you the object of your struggles only after you have paid her price.”


Have a trick up your sleeve - If you have a trick up your sleeve, you have a secret strategy to use when the time is right.


In literature:

I cut up tricks of all sorts, as doth become a witch.
"Marjorie at Seacote" by Carolyn Wells
He had changed the bags, and the fellows who worked up the trick were his cappers.
"American Adventures" by Julian Street
My dear Bill, if we weren't signed up for sponsors' fees, I'd raise our prices after this trick!
"Operation: Outer Space" by William Fitzgerald Jenkins
For if the monkey is up to tricks like that he ought to be stopped.
"Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue Keeping Store" by Laura Lee Hope
And you are up to your tricks as usual!
"Bully and Bawly No-Tail" by Howard R. Garis
It must be Hirst up to his tricks.
"The Ghost of Jerry Bundler" by W. W. Jacobs and Charles Rock
That declaration on their part had been a trick and device, cockered up in the hope of taking the foe by surprise and from the rear.
"The Best Short Stories of 1921 and the Yearbook of the American Short Story" by Various
You are always up to some underhanded tricks.
"Dave Porter at Star Ranch" by Edward Stratemeyer
He has to make up new tricks, new patter, new nonsense, sometimes every night of his life.
"Magic" by G.K. Chesterton
It wouldn't surprise me to learn that he put some rascally black up to the trick of punching that hole in my bath.
"An Arkansas Planter" by Opie Percival Read

In poetry:

For play I'd choose the jonquils,
For swimming, poppy cups,
For jokes and tricks and tiny naps,
The Johnny-jump-ups!
"Flower Preferences" by John Chipman Farrar
"He crawled up while I was sleepin'
And he bit me while I was drunk;
I don't want to be belly-achin'
But that was the trick of a skunk.
"The Cowboy's Prayer" by Curley Fletcher
When the lights went up again, we'd been tricked, 'twas very plain,
For uncannily the place was calm and still.
And the woman and the Dago had vamoosed upon their way-go
And left my poor chum Jim to pay the bill!
"The Tightest Man I Know" by Billy Bennett
When once the twilight screws were turned,
And mother milk was stiff as sand,
I sent my own ambassador to light;
By trick or chance he fell asleep
And conjured up a carcass shape
To rob me of my fluids in his heart.
"When Once The Twilight Locks No Longer" by Dylan Thomas
But beer! Why, man, they could lap a lot.
There was thousands made on this very spot;
Forchins taken behind this bar
An' never the sight of a motor car,
Or a dolled-up mug with 'is bag o' tricks
Lookin' for tucker at 'arf past six!
"The Old Shanty" by C J Dennis
Just then, the fellow who knew of five,
Nor troubled his sleep with anxious tricks,
Woke, and stirred, and felt alive:
"To-day," he said, "I am up to six!
But my mother feels in her lot the crook—
What if I tried my own little hook!"
"The Early Bird" by George MacDonald

In news:

But they may have to wait for tonight's trick-or-treating to get sugared up.
If you know only as much as you need about Microsoft Outlook to get by, pick up 14 new tricks here.
This long-range passagemaker has a trick up its keel trunk.
If the Arlington Colts needed a pick-me-up following last week's 31-point loss to Arlington Bowie, a trip to North Crowley did the trick.
Fox plans to be up to some new tricks.
Actinovate Is A Trick Up Your Sleeve.
Ferguson has appeared on Ellen, and has a few more tricks up his sleeve.
Thousands of people every Halloween walk up and down Hillcrest Avenue for tricks and treats.
It's got other tricks up its sleeve, like luring potential recruits to undercover Army websites and using secretly obtained personal information to target students.
The Santa Monicans for Renters' Rights (SMRR) leadership was up to its old tricks a week ago on Sunday.
In my humble opinion, there is nothing better than opening up your Trick-Or-Treat bag and seeing a great big FULL SIZE Snickers or Baby Ruth candy bar waiting.
Trick Shot videos have been popping up all over the internet lately.
Actinovate Is A Trick Up Your Sleeve .
BMX's Laguna has tricks up his sleeve .
The Moore brothers, from Krum Texas, didn't win gold with this trick but they did show up everyone with something that has NEVER been done.

In science:

Since for the weak disorder, the summand only trivially depends on n, we can easily sum up this suggestive expression and obtain the same result as the replica trick.
Numerical Replica Limit for the Density Correlation of the Random Dirac Fermion
Assuming the matrix elements of all involved matrices to be statistically independent, up to symmetry constraints, one performs the ensemble averaging by the standard trick of representing the ratio of the two determinants in Eq.(56) in terms of Gaussian superintegrals.
Random Matrices close to Hermitian or unitary: overview of methods and results
Therefore we first have to handle that case in Sections 3.1 and 3.2. A short bounded presentation for PSL(2, p) already requires having the presentation encode exponents up to p in binary; this is accomplished using a trick from [BKL]: a group-theoretic version of “Horner’s Rule” (3.3).
Presentations of finite simple groups: a quantitative approach
We can now sum up the results of lemmas 6, 9, 11 into the following proposition, where the three cases are collected into a single one with help of the little trick of introducing ”metavariables” zc , wc for each c ∈ V : zc = xc and wc = yc if c is not a loop, zc = yc and wc = xc if c is a loop.
A multivariate interlace polynomial
This algorithm can be speeded up with some (not fully justified but useful) tricks.
Longest convex chains