• WordNet 3.6
    • v tout show off
    • v tout advertize in strongly positive terms "This product was touted as a revolutionary invention"
    • n tout one who sells advice about gambling or speculation (especially at the racetrack)
    • n tout someone who advertises for customers in an especially brazen way
    • n tout someone who buys tickets to an event in order to resell them at a profit
    • ***
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: In 1964 General Mills began marketing Lucky Charms cereal with pink hearts, yellow moons, orange stars, and green clovers. The marshmallow bits (technically referred to as marbits) were invented in 1963 by John Holahan. The cereal is marketed using a leprechaun character named Lucky (L.C. Leprechaun is his full name) that touts his cereal as being "Magically Delicious." Over the years the various shapes and colors of the marshmallow bits in the cereal have undergone many changes.
    • Tout A spy for a smuggler, thief, or the like.
    • n Tout In the game of solo, a proposal to win all eight tricks.
    • Tout One who gives a tip on a race horses for an expected compensation, esp. in hopes of a share in any winnings; -- usually contemptuous.
    • n Tout One who secretly watches race horses which are in course of training, to get information about their capabilities, for use in betting.
    • Tout One who solicits custom, as a runner for a hotel, cab, gambling place.
    • n Tout The anus.
    • Tout To act as a tout. See 2d Tout.
    • Tout (Horse Racing) To act as a tout; to tout, or give a tip on, a race horse.
    • Tout To look narrowly; spy.
    • Tout To ply or seek for customers.
    • v. t Tout (Horse Racing) To spy out information about, as a racing stable or horse.
    • Tout (Horse Racing) To spy out the movements of race horses at their trials, or to get by stealth or other improper means the secrets of the stable, for betting purposes.
    • v. i Tout To toot a horn.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • tout To look about; spy; specifically, in modern racing slang, to spy out the movements of race-horses at training.
    • tout To look about for customers; solicit custom, employment, or the like.
    • tout To follow.
    • n tout Same as touter.
    • n tout In horse-racing, a person who clandestinely watches the trials of race-horses at their training quarters and for a fee gives information for betting purposes.
    • n tout In the game of solo, a play when one person takes or proposes to take all the tricks. Also touter.
    • n tout The buttocks; the backside; the fundament.
    • tout To pout; be seized with a sudden fit of ill humor.
    • n tout A pet; a huff; a fit of ill humor.
    • n tout A fit or slight attack of illness.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.i Tout towt to look out for custom in an obtrusive way
    • n Tout one who does so: a low fellow who hangs about racing-stables, &c., to pick up profitable information
    • v.i Tout towt (Scot.) to pout
    • n Tout a pet, a fit of the sulks, a sudden illness
    • ***


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Prob. fr. F. tout, all


In literature:

Je prie votre Majeste de vouloir bien etre, aupres du Prince son Epoux, l'interprete de toute ma sensibilite.
"The Letters of Queen Victoria, Vol 2 (of 3), 1844-1853" by Queen Victoria
Quelquefois, en sortant d'un gouffre, une agreable prairie, rejouissoit tout-a-coup mes regards.
"The Works of Lord Byron, Volume 2" by George Gordon Byron
J'essayerai de tout mon coeur.
"The Life of Charles Dickens, Vol. I-III, Complete" by John Forster
Je vais envoyer le garcon la chercher tout de suite.
"The Merry-Go-Round" by Carl Van Vechten
Ladicte librairerie est toute pavee de petits carreaulx a diverses figures.
"The Care of Books" by John Willis Clark
I shall look out for something safe and quiet, and end my days as a wine-merchant's tout or an insurance agent.
"The Explorer" by W. Somerset Maugham
Tout vient a qui ne sait pas attendre!
"The Martian" by George Du Maurier
His trade is now to tout and find prey for gamblers.
"Sir Harry Hotspur of Humblethwaite" by Anthony Trollope
HILL-TOUT, C. British North America (the Far West) (London, 1907).
"Introduction to the History of Religions" by Crawford Howell Toy
TOUT, T. F. The Political History of England.
"A Student's History of England, v. 1 (of 3)" by Samuel Rawson Gardiner

In poetry:

They glory have not moche to seek,
For freedom haf soche charms?
Tout la'Canaille, in bout six week,
Are hero all in arms.
"Ca N'ira Pas" by Charles Dibdin
"There was a time when tout might see
My grande flights dans the saddle;
Crowned rois, indeed, applauded me
Le Pegasus astraddle.
"New England Magazine" by Ellis Parker Butler
"Tout food was gone, and dans the street
Each homme sought crusts to sate him—
Joyeux were those with horse’s meat,
And Pegasus! Je ate him!"
"New England Magazine" by Ellis Parker Butler
The Moral of the tale is: Bah!
Nous avons change tout cela.
No clear idea I hope to strike
Of what our nicest girl is like,
But she whose best young man I am
Is not an oyster, nor a clam!
"How Rudeness And Kindness Were Justly Rewarded" by Guy Wetmore Carryl
Ah, well if the soil of the stranger had wrapped you,
While the lords that you served and the friends that you knew
Hawk in the marts of the tyrants that trapped you,
Tout in the shops of the butchers that slew.
"To Captain Fryatt" by Gilbert Keith Chesterton
Your tastes may be of simpler type; --
A homely glass of "half-and-half,"
An onion and a dish of tripe,
Or headpiece of the kindly calf.
(Cruel perhaps, but then, you know,
"'Faut tout souffrir pour etre veau!")
"Enough is as Good as a Feast" by Harry Graham

In news:

And most Democrats would concede that, over the past two years, they've done a miserable job of touting health care reform.
A new TV spot for the Robert Dold for Congress campaign features the candidate's mom, Judy Dold , touting her son's stance on protecting Social Security and Medicare.
Some interior designers tout paint as the best way to change the look of a room.
Tout the Texas leader as the CEO, the man who runs a state like a buck-stops-here businessman.
The studio will also tout "Total Recall," "Looper" and "Resident Evil.
Oklahoma's energy secretary Michael Ming touts natural gas.
Customer service is an important concept being touted by all types of companies.
Hyster touts ergonomic advances on new cost-effective trucks.
Frederick touts for truthfulness in prosecutor's office.
CCIA Report Touts Value of Fair Use .
Trying to fend off the angry customers who don't like change, the company touted all the positive aspects of a plastic jug — plus, it could even be reused when empty.
Patterson mends , so race touted by friends.
In touting his recent book, conservative columnist Jonah Goldberg demonstrates why no open- minded person should read it.
Foundation funding and collaboration, touted as the way forward for news, have their own pitfalls.
Citing key findings of a major medical study on multivitamins , CVS/pharmacy and Walgreens are touting their stores and pharmacies as a destinations for consumers seeking dietary supplements and advice.

In science:

This corresponds to an outer disk temperature near 500 K, which is a likely lower limit for Tout when interpreting the χ2 surfaces.
Constraints on the Lifetimes of Disks Resulting from Tidally Destroyed Rocky Planetary Bodies
The upper panel shows a slice at the best fitting Tout and the lower panel is defined by the best i.
Constraints on the Lifetimes of Disks Resulting from Tidally Destroyed Rocky Planetary Bodies
Such main-sequence companions would be detected in the SDSS photometry and spectroscopy (Kroupa & Tout 1997).
The ELM Survey. IV. 24 White Dwarf Merger Systems
This, however, would solve only part of the problem, because although this would allow us to keep ‘normal’ α’s in quiescence, the outburst itself would be a flop (see Warner, Livio & Tout 1996).
The disc instability model of dwarf-novae and low-mass X-ray binary transients
Hot coronae are believed to form as a result of magnetorotational instabilities in the disk and the buoyancy of the generated magnetic field (Tout & Pringle 1992; Miller & Stone 2000).
Accretion Disk Models of Luminous Black Holes