• WordNet 3.6
    • adj toothy having or showing prominent teeth "a toothy smile"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • a Toothy Toothed; with teeth.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • toothy Having teeth; full of teeth.
    • toothy Toothsome.
    • toothy Biting; carping; crabbed; peevish.
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In literature:

By flashing that toothy grin of his and talking every word of it.
"One Basket" by Edna Ferber
His voice seemed to come from just behind his teeth, a toothy voice.
"Crome Yellow" by Aldous Huxley
That precise and toothy little sub-deity does not seem extremely enthusiastic over his return.
"Young People's Pride" by Stephen Vincent Benet
By flashin' that toothy grin, of his and talkin' every word of it.
"Cheerful--By Request" by Edna Ferber
Conniston, you git your hoss an' go with Rawhide an' Toothy.
"Under Handicap" by Jackson Gregory
Tommy grinned and said that that was a toothy remark!
"The Lifeboat" by R.M. Ballantyne
It was a little short in the jaw, me not having one of their toothy mandibles, but that was all right.
"The Repairman" by Harry Harrison
What was the word that you used for the leather-winged, toothy things that live in the forest?
"Hunters Out of Space" by Joseph Everidge Kelleam
The figure's mouth was open in an engaging toothy smile, and its right hand was on one hip, on the chipped red paint of the baggy trousers.
"Mr. Wicker's Window" by Carley Dawson
Quillan was conducted to the commodore and favored with an alarmingly toothy grin.
"Lion Loose" by James H. Schmitz

In poetry:

My little dog, who blessed you
With such white toothy-pegs?
And who was it that dressed you
In such a lot of legs?
"Dr. Doddridges Dog" by George MacDonald

In news:

Dog with toothy grin takes prize at Carnation Pet Show.
Here's a toothy preview to ' Dine in Brooklyn' week.
Gar provide anglers toothy challenges.
At the end of the 1989 Exxon Valdez Oil Spill, the people who fought for a citizen's regional council to oversee the oil industry had high hopes a toothy watchdog would be on guard to monitor the oil industry.
A week before Halloween, a scary looking, toothy fish nearly 14 inches long and resembling a piranha washed up dead on the south shore of Oneida Lake.
New Toothy , Flying Dino Discovered in Texas.
Here's a toothy preview to 'Dine in Brooklyn' week.
A Toothy Tale From Nantucket.
Toothy day Click to enlarge.
It's not often you see a dinosaur with a girth and toothy grimace reminiscent of Tyrannosaurus rex yet covered in a downy winter coat worthy of L.L.
The Museum of Dentistry mixes toothy artifacts with interactive displays to appeal to a range of ages and audiences.
Peep discovers a beaver dam and a young, toothy beaver, while Quack loses his favorite stick.
Texas 5-year-old reels in toothy surprise on her first fishing trip.
Two kids fishing with their grandpa in a New York pond recently got a toothy surprise at the end of one of their lines.