• WordNet 3.6
    • n toehold a wrestling hold in which the toe is held and the leg is twisted against the joints
    • n toehold a small foothold used in climbing
    • n toehold a relatively insignificant position from which future progress might be made "American diplomacy provided a toehold on which to proceed toward peace talks","his father gave him a toehold in the oil business"
    • ***


In literature:

At last, however, I found a toehold half way across.
"The Killer" by Stewart Edward White
All one needs is a toehold to get started.
"Class of '29" by Orrie Lashin and Milo Hastings
Stay by me till I get a toehold, and I'll make you.
"The She Boss" by Arthur Preston Hankins
Use toeholds, handholds, and fingerholds.
"Anchorite" by Randall Garrett
He searched the rear hull, looking for some break in the polished metal that might serve as a toehold.
"Gold in the Sky" by Alan Edward Nourse
You've got to get a toehold yourself before you can look at a girl.
"The Huntress" by Hulbert Footner
Man already had a toehold in space, and that toehold was gradually growing into a real beachhead.
"Where I Wasn't Going" by Walt Richmond
My bum tried a step-over toehold on him, but he knows how to kick.
"Hoiman and the Solar Circuit" by Gordon Dewey
I'm getting my toehold in world communism.
"Sentiment, Inc." by Poul William Anderson
Hooking into the solid green water of that eddy, Andy found himself a toehold, and presently clambered out.
"Down the Columbia" by Lewis R. Freeman

In news:

The state is the new epicenter of efforts by energy companies to get a toehold in the potentially vast resources hidden beneath the Atlantic.
The walls surrounding the building are pockmarked with holes the assailants used as toeholds to clamber over.
Solid victory eliminates last significant toehold of Republican power in Colorado.
In an interview with Publishers Weekly in February, Markus Zusak, 30, a first-generation Australian of German descent, said he hoped young adult readers would appreciate his new book for its toehold into new territory.
Canada's archaic access-to-information regime is about to establish a toehold in the online world.
Bigfoot has toehold in Putnam County.
ITraffic looking for toehold in Alabama.
Almost-barefoot running gains a toehold .
A Voracious Outsider Grabs a Toehold , and That Means War.
Sweden's Anti-Immigration Party Gains Toehold in Parliament.
Public Option Keeps Toehold in Senate Deal on Health Bill.
Rudy's Texas Toehold : Giuliani's Law Firm Bundles Bush Bucks.
Ovadafut Tries to Gain a Toehold Without Ad Push.
First Hawaiian's Mainland Toehold .
Healthy vending machines get toehold in Rapides Parish.

In science:

Not only does this lemma fill out our knowledge of the 3-local subgroups but it also gives us a toehold in CG (t).
A 3-local characterization of Co_2