• WordNet 3.6
    • n tippet a woman's fur shoulder cape with hanging ends; often consisting of the whole fur of a fox or marten
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Tippet A cape, or scarflike garment for covering the neck, or the neck and shoulders, -- usually made of fur, cloth, or other warm material.
    • Tippet A handful of straw bound together at one end, and used for thatching.
    • Tippet A length of twisted hair or gut in a fish line.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n tippet A long and narrow pendent part of the dress, as the hanging part of a sleeve or the liripipium.
    • n tippet Any scarf or similar garment.
    • n tippet A cape or muffler, usually covering the shoulders or coming, at most, half-way to the elbow, but longer in front; especially, such a garment when made of fur; in modern use, any covering for the neck, or the neck and shoulders, with hanging ends, especially a woolen muffler tied about the neck. Fur tippets still form part of the official costume of English judges.
    • n tippet In the Ch. of Eng., a kind of cape worn by literates (non-graduates), of stuff, and instead of the hood, and by graduates, beneficed clergy, and dignitaries, of silk, at times when they do not wear the hood.
    • n tippet A hood of chain-mail: used sometimes for camail.
    • n tippet A length of twisted hair or gut in a fishing-line.
    • n tippet A bundle of straw bound together at one end, used in thatching.
    • n tippet In ornithology, a formation of long or downy feathers about a bird's head or neck; a ruff or ruffle.
    • n tippet In entomology, one of the patagia, or pieces attached to the sides of the pronotum, of a moth: so called because they are generally covered with soft, plumy scales. thus resembling tippets. Also shoulder-tippet.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Tippet tip′et the cape of a coat: a cape of fur, &c.: the stuff cape worn in the English Church by a literate or non-graduate: a bird's ruffle: one of the patagia, or pieces at the side of the pronotum of a moth
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. tipet, tepet, AS. tæppet, probably fr. L. tapete, tapestry, hangings. Cf. Tape Tapestry Tapet
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. tæppet—L. tapete, cloth.


In literature:

His cap was pulled down over his ears, and a big tippet obscured most of his face.
"The Grammar School Boys Snowbound" by H. Irving Hancock
After him came another monster with a petticoat made of sailcloth and a tippet of a bit of old tarpaulin.
"Fighting the Whales" by R. M. Ballantyne
The next Sunday morning came, and Jenny dressed herself in the flowered tabby, with a pink bow on her muslin tippet.
"The Gold that Glitters" by Emily Sarah Holt
Though it was a sharp January morning, her neck was unprotected by the warm tippet which all the other ladies wore.
"The Maidens' Lodge" by Emily Sarah Holt
After him came another monster with a petticoat made of sailcloth, and a tippet of a bit of old tarpaulin.
"Fighting the Whales" by R.M. Ballantyne
Beside the bed, knitting a purple tippet, sat a healer, giving treatment, while she worked.
"The Brentons" by Anna Chapin Ray
On a high chair beside the chimney, and directly facing Denis as he entered, sat a little old gentleman in a fur tippet.
"The Short-story" by William Patterson Atkinson
Hans, go and put that tippet end around your neck and don't let it drag under the bob!
"The Rover Boys on the Farm" by Arthur M. Winfield (AKA Edward Stratemeyer)
Scapula: in Lepidoptera the shoulder tippets, patagia or axillae; q.v.
"Explanation of Terms Used in Entomology" by John. B. Smith
Miss Emelina Tippet was a maiden lady of pleasing countenance and exceedingly uncertain age.
"Fighting the Flames" by R.M. Ballantyne

In poetry:

All the Stags in Capel Court
Saw her lightly trip it;
All the lads of Stock Exchange
Twigg'd her muff and tippet.
"A Doe In The City" by William Makepeace Thackeray
Cravats like towels, thick and broad,
Long tippets made of bear-skin,
Muffs that a RUSSIAN might applaud,
And rouge to spoil a fair skin.
"Female Fashions for 1799" by Mary Darby Robinson
'Tis nothing that her feet are wet,
But her new shoes she can't forget—
They cost five shillings bright!
Her petticoat, her tippet blue,
Her frock, they're smeared with slime like glue!
But baby is all right!
"The Child-Mother" by George MacDonald

In news:

Both the urgency and boredom of the teenage years are captured in this finely observed documentary by Jason Tippet and Elizabeth Mims.
Largemouth bass landed on 7x tippet using a vintage.
Largemouth bass landed on 7x tippet using a vintage bamboo Shakespeare 6wt and a Pflueger Sal-Trout 1554 reel.
North Island 's John Tippets Eyes Retirement, Again.
Heavy, fast or discolored water usually enables the use of slightly heavier tippets than if conditions are low and clear.
With these thoughts in mind, adjust your tippet accordingly.
The flyfishing traditionalists grum­bled about the change for years, and many top anglers refused to go along with it, claiming that anyone who tied on a heavy tippet was no longer flyfishing .
Coast Guard Petty Officer Ryan Tippets says the grounding happened near Greenville, Miss.
That not only helps me to get better drag-free drifts, but the tippet's elasticity is a plus when setting the hook and fighting fish.
Coast Guard spokesman Ryan Tippets told The Associated Press on Monday that the stretch of river near Greenville, Miss.
It was not immediately clear where the oil is coming from, said Petty Officer 3rd Class Ryan Tippets.
Ray Tippet and Wendy Thrush.
And if you're only using 4-pound-test tippet, you might rather have the ability to sense what the fish is doing than have a big stick with backbone that ultimately won't do you much good.
Simplified to the essentials of line, tippet and fly and well-adapted to a terrain where long hikes and small streams abound, tenkara is a new/old approach to the sport of angling with fur and feathers.

In science:

Tippet to produce a table of random numbers to help in such studies, and a book of random sampling numbers was published in the year 1927.
An Introduction to Monte Carlo Simulation of Statistical physics Problem
Tippet to produce a table of random numbers to help in such studies, and a book of random sampling numbers was published in the year 1927.
Monte Carlo: Basics