• WordNet 3.6
    • v tiller grow shoots in the form of stools or tillers
    • n tiller a farm implement used to break up the surface of the soil (for aeration and weed control and conservation of moisture)
    • n tiller lever used to turn the rudder on a boat
    • n tiller someone who tills land (prepares the soil for the planting of crops)
    • n tiller a shoot that sprouts from the base of a grass
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Tiller (Naut) A lever of wood or metal fitted to the rudder head and used for turning side to side in steering. In small boats hand power is used; in large vessels, the tiller is moved by means of mechanical appliances. See Illust. of Rudder. Cf. 2d Helm, 1.
    • Tiller (Bot) A shoot of a plant, springing from the root or bottom of the original stalk; a sucker.
    • Tiller A small drawer; a till.
    • Tiller (Bot) A sprout or young tree that springs from a root or stump.
    • Tiller A young timber tree.
    • n Tiller One who tills; a husbandman; a cultivator; a plowman.
    • Tiller The handle of anything.
    • Tiller The stalk, or handle, of a crossbow; also, sometimes, the bow itself. "You can shoot in a tiller ."
    • v. i Tiller To put forth new shoots from the root, or round the bottom of the original stalk; as, wheat or rye tillers; some spread plants by tillering.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n tiller One who tills; a husbandman; a cultivator; a plowman.
    • n tiller A drawer in a table, chest, or counter; a till.
    • n tiller A bar or staff used as a lever, or as the handle of an implement. Specifically— The handle of a crossbow; hence, the crossbow itself.
    • n tiller Nautical, the bar or lever fitted to the head of a rudder, and employed to turn the helm of a ship or boat in steering. See cut under rudder.
    • n tiller The handle of a spade.
    • n tiller The handle of a pit-saw, especially the upper one, having across-head. Wright. See cut under pit-saw.
    • n tiller A shoot of a plant which springs from the root or bottom of the original stalk; also, a sapling or sucker.
    • tiller To put forth new shoots from the root, or round the bottom of the original stalk; stool: said of a plant: as, wheat or rye tillers, or spreads by tillering. Also tillow.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Tiller til′ėr the handle or lever for turning a rudder
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
From OE. tillen, tullen, to draw, pull; probably fr. AS. tyllan, in fortyllan, to lead astray; or cf. D. tillen, to lift up. Cf. Till a drawer
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
M. E. tillen, to draw out—A.S. tyllan. Cf. Till (1).


In literature:

What bandit could ever settle down into a tiller of the ground?
"Narrative of a Mission to Central Africa Performed in the Years 1850-51, Volume 2" by James Richardson
Be expeditious in your decisions on the complaints of the tillers of the soil.
"The Letters of Cassiodorus" by Cassiodorus (AKA Magnus Aurelius Cassiodorus Senator)
Here, Tom, take the tiller.
"Captain Sam" by George Cary Eggleston
Ham held firmly to the tiller and kept the bow pointed toward the big rollers, while the monkeys handled the oars.
"The Cruise of the Noah's Ark" by David Cory
The boat was drifting in the cove; I sat in the stern, reading, both oars shipped, and the tiller swinging.
"In Search of the Unknown" by Robert W. Chambers
There was a cleat near the tiller and Ralph, hauling in, brought the yawl a little up in the wind and soon had the craft under headway.
"Ralph Granger's Fortunes" by William Perry Brown
Lee Fu took his station at the great tiller.
"The Best Short Stories of 1921 and the Yearbook of the American Short Story" by Various
The sails filled, and the skipper took his place at the long tiller.
"Fighting for the Right" by Oliver Optic
He took the tiller, as a matter of course.
"A Journey to the Centre of the Earth" by Jules Verne
It's up to you to help them by keeping your hand on the tiller of things right here.
"The Triumph of John Kars" by Ridgwell Cullum

In poetry:

Many a field most fertile
Bears vile and noxious weeds,
Through failure of the tiller
To sow some worthy seeds.
"Many" by Jared Barhite
Then he took the carved and gilded
Dragon-ship that Raud had builded,
And the tiller single-handed,
Grasping, steered into the main.
"Tales Of A Wayside Inn : Part 1. The Musician's Tale; The Saga of King Olaf XI. -- Bishop Sigurd At " by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Lower the sails of pride, rash youth,--
Stand to the lowly tiller of truth;
Quick, or your limber bark shall be
The sport of the winds on a stormy sea!
"Forty" by Martin Farquhar Tupper
To the tiller the lady she laid her han',
An' the ship brayt her cheek to the blast;
They joukit the berg, but her quarter scraped,
An' they luikit at ither aghast.
"The Yerl O' Waterydeck" by George MacDonald
Imports indeed are gone with all their Dues —
Lo! Salt a Lever that I dare not use,
Nor may I ask the Tillers in Bengal —
Surely my Kith and Kin will not refuse!
"The Rupaiyat of Omar Kal'vin" by Rudyard Kipling
But that which with labour in hot-beds is reared,
Secured by nice art from the dews and the rains,
Unsound at the root may with justice be feared,
If it pay not with interest the tiller's hard pains.
"My Birthday" by Charles Lamb

In news:

Tustin Tiller Days through the years.
The Tustin High School Band marches each year in the Tustin Tiller Days parade.
But they cannot escape complicity in Dr Tiller 's death.
George Tiller 's Former Clinic Sold.
An attorney for Dr Tiller 's widow also confirmed the sale.
The Cyclones have thrown the starting job up for grabs, and Tiller 's just one of three guys fighting for the chance to grab it.
Tiller Murder Prompts Extra Security.
Tiller 's assassination -- in a church of all places -- is a blasphemy against the pro-life cause.
From Kitty Martin's "Taking the Tiller " for June 26, 2008.
Flowers are seen in front of the Women's Health Care Services abortion clinic and serve as a memorial to Dr George Tiller 's death May 31, 2009 in Wichita, Kansas.
But she said this morning, anti-abortion protesters acknowledged Tiller 's death.
Vol Steve Fassino and Lady Vol Elizabeth Tiller have been named to the 2011 Southeastern Conference Track & Field Community Service Team, the league announced Tuesday.
Tiller 's targets are inmates.
Indeed, no one has bothered calling Tiller 's parole officer.
When he accepted Tiller 's invitation to become the firm's lawyer, Harris should have known what he was getting into.

In science:

The aim is to study the growth of winter wheat, by measuring the differences in dry weights of wheat tillers and stems.
Small-sample likelihood inference in extreme-value regression models
Plants growing on n = 18 randomly chosen small areas of about 0.15 m2 are harvested each week and the dry weights of the tillers for plants harvested from each area are measured in milligrams. A detailed description of the data can be found in Huet et al. (2004, p. 61).
Small-sample likelihood inference in extreme-value regression models
Modeling potential growth of tillers in winter wheat.
Small-sample likelihood inference in extreme-value regression models
Pfeffermann and Tiller (2006) add monthly benchmark constraints of the form (6.11) to the measurement (observation) equation of a time series statespace model fitted jointly to the direct estimates in several areas.
New Important Developments in Small Area Estimation
Laplace transforms, was put forward by Pearson, Halocioglu and Tiller .
Microcanonical equations for the Tsallis entropy