• He Would Break Me up Into Bones, and Throw Me Into a Pile 246
    He Would Break Me up Into Bones, and Throw Me Into a Pile 246
  • WordNet 3.6
    • v throw be confusing or perplexing to; cause to be unable to think clearly "These questions confuse even the experts","This question completely threw me","This question befuddled even the teacher"
    • v throw convey or communicate; of a smile, a look, a physical gesture "Throw a glance","She gave me a dirty look"
    • v throw utter with force; utter vehemently "hurl insults","throw accusations at someone"
    • v throw throw (a die) out onto a flat surface "Throw a six"
    • v throw place or put with great energy "She threw the blanket around the child","thrust the money in the hands of the beggar"
    • v throw propel through the air "throw a frisbee"
    • v throw cause to go on or to be engaged or set in operation "switch on the light","throw the lever"
    • v throw get rid of "he shed his image as a pushy boss","shed your clothes"
    • v throw cause to fall off "The horse threw its inexperienced rider"
    • v throw put or send forth "She threw the flashlight beam into the corner","The setting sun threw long shadows","cast a spell","cast a warm light"
    • v throw make on a potter's wheel "she threw a beautiful teapot"
    • v throw organize or be responsible for "hold a reception","have, throw, or make a party","give a course"
    • v throw cause to be confused emotionally
    • v throw move violently, energetically, or carelessly "She threw herself forwards"
    • v throw to put into a state or activity hastily, suddenly, or carelessly "Jane threw dinner together","throw the car into reverse"
    • n throw the act of throwing (propelling something with a rapid movement of the arm and wrist) "the catcher made a good throw to second base"
    • n throw casting an object in order to determine an outcome randomly "he risked his fortune on a throw of the dice"
    • n throw bedclothes consisting of a lightweight cloth covering (an afghan or bedspread) that is casually thrown over something
    • n throw the maximum movement available to a pivoted or reciprocating piece by a cam
    • n throw a single chance or instance "he couldn't afford $50 a throw"
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Additional illustrations & photos:

He rushed out and throwed the rope around Deacon Sypher He rushed out and throwed the rope around Deacon Sypher
"Had You not Better Throw me into the Millstream?" "Had You not Better Throw me into the Millstream?"
You cannot catch birds by throwing stones at them You cannot catch birds by throwing stones at them
Cicero throws up his Brief, like a Gentleman Cicero throws up his Brief, like a Gentleman
Makoma throws his hammer at the fire-eater Makoma throws his hammer at the fire-eater

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: In Ivrea, Italy, thousands of citizens celebrate the beginning of Lent by throwing oranges at one another
    • Throw A cast of dice; the manner in which dice fall when cast; as, a good throw .
    • Throw (Pottery) A potter's wheel or table; a jigger. See 2d Jigger, 2 .
    • Throw A stroke; a blow. "He, with a careless beat ,
      Struck out the mute creation at a heat."
      "That dent of thunder.""Nor shield defend the thunder of his throws ."
    • Throw A turner's lathe; a throwe.
    • Throw An effort; a violent sally. "Your youth admires
      The throws and swellings of a Roman soul."
    • n Throw thrō Pain; especially, pain of travail; throe.
    • Throw The act of hurling or flinging; a driving or propelling from the hand or an engine; a cast. "He heaved a stone, and, rising to the throw ,
      He sent it in a whirlwind at the foe."
    • Throw (Mining) The amount of vertical displacement produced by a fault; -- according to the direction it is designated as an upthrow, or a downthrow.
    • Throw The distance which a missile is, or may be, thrown; as, a stone's throw .
    • Throw (Mach) The extreme movement given to a sliding or vibrating reciprocating piece by a cam, crank, eccentric, or the like; travel; stroke; as, the throw of a slide valve. Also, frequently, the length of the radius of a crank, or the eccentricity of an eccentric; as, the throw of the crank of a steam engine is equal to half the stroke of the piston.
    • n Throw Time; while; space of time; moment; trice. "I will with Thomas speak a little throw ."
    • Throw To bring forth; to produce, as young; to bear; -- said especially of rabbits.
    • Throw To cast, as dice; to venture at dice. "Set less than thou throwest ."
    • Throw (Mil) To cause to take a strategic position; as, he threw a detachment of his army across the river.
    • Throw To divest or strip one's self of; to put off. "There the snake throws her enameled skin."
    • Throw To drive by violence; as, a vessel or sailors may be thrown upon a rock.
    • Throw To fling or cast in any manner; to drive to a distance from the hand or from an engine; to propel; to send; as, to throw stones or dust with the hand; a cannon throws a ball; a fire engine throws a stream of water to extinguish flames.
    • Throw To fling, cast, or hurl with a certain whirling motion of the arm, to throw a ball; -- distinguished from to toss, or to bowl.
    • Throw (Pottery) To form or shape roughly on a throwing engine, or potter's wheel, as earthen vessels.
    • Throw To give forcible utterance to; to cast; to vent. "I have thrown A brave defiance in King Henry's teeth."
    • Throw To overturn; to prostrate in wrestling; as, a man throws his antagonist.
    • v. i Throw To perform the act of throwing or casting; to cast; specifically, to cast dice.
    • Throw To put on hastily; to spread carelessly. "O'er his fair limbs a flowery vest he threw ."
    • Throw To twist two or more filaments of, as silk, so as to form one thread; to twist together, as singles, in a direction contrary to the twist of the singles themselves; -- sometimes applied to the whole class of operations by which silk is prepared for the weaver.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Each year, Americans throw away 25 trillion Styrofoam cups
    • n throw A crank.
    • n throw The length or lever-arm of a crank.
    • n throw In electricity, the angular movement or swing of the needle of a galvanometer, with incompletely damped motion, measured from the zero-point to the turning-point of its first excursion.
    • throw To turn; twist; specifically, to form into threads by twisting two or more filaments together, or by twisting two or more singles together in a direction contrary to the twist of the singles themselves: as, to throw silk: sometimes applied in a wide sense to the whole series of operations by which silk is prepared for the weaver.
    • throw To shape on a potters' wheel. The mass of clay revolves under the hands of the potter, who gives it the desired form. See thrown ware, under thrown.
    • throw To fashion by turning on a lathe; turn.
    • throw To cast; heave; pitch; toss; fling: literally or figuratively: as, to throw a stone at a bird.
    • throw To cast with sudden force or violence: impel violently; hurl; dash: as, the shock threw the wall down.
    • throw To fling; floor; give a fall to, as in wrestling; unhorse, as in justing.
    • throw To unseat and bring to the ground.
    • throw To cast; shed.
    • throw To spread or put on carelessly or hurriedly: as, to throw a shawl over one's shoulders.
    • throw To advance or place quickly, as by some rapid movement.
    • throw To bring forth; produce, as young; bear; cast: said especially of rabbits.
    • throw To make a cast with, as dice; play with, as dice; make (a cast of dice).
    • throw In card-playing, to lay upon the table; play, as a card.
    • throw To turn; direct; cast: as, to throw one's eyes to the ground.
    • throw To sell, as a race or game; allow another to win unnecessarily or in accordance with previous agreement.
    • throw To part with without compensation; give or spend recklessly; squander; lose by negligence or folly; waste.
    • throw To reject; refuse; lose by indifference or neglect: as, to throw away a good offer.
    • throw To reject; refuse.
    • throw To cast back, as a slur or an insinuation.
    • throw To bring from an erect or exalted to a prostrate position or condition; hence, to overturn; subvert; demolish; destroy.
    • throw To put in or deposit along with another or others: as, he has thrown in his fortune with yours.
    • throw To interpolate: as, he threw in a word now and then.
    • throw To add without reckoning, or as if to complete or effect a bargain or sale: as, I will throw in this book if you buy the lot.
    • throw To discard; dismiss: as, to throw off an acquaintance or a dependent.
    • throw To do or say in a rapid offhand manner: as, to throw off a poem.
    • throw To give free or unrestricted access to; remove all barriers, obstacles, or restrictions from: as, the appointment was thrown open to public competition.
    • throw To cause to project, or to become prominent; build out: as, to throw out a pier or landing-stage, or a wing of a building.
    • throw To emit: as, that lamp throws out a bright light.
    • throw To give utterance to; insinuate: as, to throwout a hint.
    • throw To put off the right track; confuse; embarrass: as, interruption throws one out.
    • throw To leave behind: distance: as, a horse thrown completely out of the race.
    • throw To reject; exclude: as, the bill was thrown out on the second reading.
    • throw In printing, to reject or throw aside, as printed sheets that are imperfect.
    • throw In base-ball, to put out, as a base-runner, by a ball fielded to one of the players on or near a base.
    • throw In cricket, to put out (a batsman) when he is out of his ground by a fielder hitting the wicket.
    • throw To erect or build rapidly; construct: as, to throw up a scaffolding.
    • throw To give up; resign; abandon: as, to throw up an appointment.
    • throw To eject or discharge from the stomach; vomit.
    • throw To cast or fling: as, he throws well at base-ball, but catches badly.
    • throw To cast dice.
    • throw To fall; be cast down.
    • n throw The act of throwing, flinging, or hurling; a cast, either from the hand or from an engine; a fling.
    • n throw A cast of dice; the manner in which dice fall when cast; hence, risk; venture.
    • n throw In angling, the cast of a line.
    • n throw A thrust; a stroke; a blow.
    • n throw The distance which a missile may be thrown by the hand.
    • n throw In steam-engines, the extreme movement of a slide-valve, or of a crank or an eccentric, measured on a straight line passing through the center of motion.
    • n throw In geology and mining, a fault or dislocation of the strata; a leap. Of late the term throw has been more generally used to denote the amount of vertical displacement caused by a leap or fault. See the quotations.
    • n throw An implement or a machine for giving to anything a rapid rotary motion, especially in the industrial arts, as a potters' wheel, a turners' lathe.
    • n throw In mathematics, a complexus of four elements of the same elementary figure, regard being had to their linear order, as four points on a line, four lines of a plane pencil, and the like. Two projective throws are said to be equal.
    • throw An obsolete spelling of throe.
    • n throw A space of time; a moment; a while.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Tomatina is the legendary Spanish tomato-throwing festival held in Bunol, Spain
    • Throw to throw away or abandon
    • v.t Throw thrō to hurl: to fling: to wind or twist together, as yarn: to form on a wheel, as pottery: to venture at dice: to put off: to put on or spread carelessly: to cast down in wrestling
    • v.i Throw to cast or hurl: to cast dice:—pa.t. threw (thrōō); pa.p. thrōwn
    • n Throw the act of throwing; a cast, esp. of dice: the distance to which anything may be thrown: a violent effort
    • ***


  • Charles Maurice De Talleyrand
    Charles Maurice De Talleyrand
    “She is such a good friend that she would throw all her acquaintances into the water for the pleasure of fishing them out again.”
  • Confucius
    “Mankind differs from the animals only by a little and most people throw that away.”
  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “He whose hand is clasped in friendship cannot throw mud.”
  • English Proverb
    English Proverb
    “The best throw of the dice is to throw them away.”
  • Jerome Dean
    Jerome Dean
    “I throw a ball and get paid for it. Others do it by throwing the bull.”
  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “Hatred is a boomerang which is sure to hit you harder than the one at whom you throw it.”


Don't throw bricks when you live in a glass house - Don't call others out on actions that you, yourself do. Don't be a hypocrite.
People who live in glass houses should not throw stones - People should not criticize other people for faults that they have themselves.
Stone's throw - If a place is a stone's throw from where you are, it is a very short distance away.
Throw a monkey wrench into the works - (USA) If you throw a monkey wrench into the works, you ensure that something fails.
Throw a sickie - If you pretend to be ill to take a day off work or school, you throw a sickie.
Throw a spanner in the works - (UK) If you throw a spanner in the works, you cause a problem that stops or slows progress on something that was going well.
Throw caution to the wind - When people throw caution to the wind, they take a great risk.
Throw down the gauntlet - Throw down the gauntlet is to issue a challenge to somebody.
Throw in the towel - If you throw in the towel, you admit that you are defeated or cannot do something.
Throw pearls to the pigs - Someone that throws pearls to pigs is giving someone else something they don't deserve or appreciate. ('Throw pearls before pigs' and 'Cast pearls before swine' are also used.)
Throw someone a bone - If you throw someone a bone, you give them a small reward or some kind words to make them feel good even if they've not really contributed much.
Throw someone a line - If someone throws you a line, they give you help when you are in serious difficulties.
Throw someone in at the deep end - If you are thrown in at the deep end, you have to deal with serious issues the moment you start something like a job, instead of having time to acquire experience.
Throw someone to the wolves - If someone is thrown to the wolves, they are abandoned and have to face trouble without any support.
Throw someone under the bus - To throw someone under the bus is to get the person in trouble either by placing blame on that person or not standing up for him.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. þrowen, þrawen, to throw, to twist, AS. þrāwan, to twist, to whirl; akin to D. draaijen, G. drehen, OHG. drājan, L. terebra, an auger, gimlet, Gr. to bore, to turn, to pierce, a hole. Cf. Thread Trite Turn (v. t.)


In literature:

After this Alice resolved that she would not throw her friend over.
"Can You Forgive Her?" by Anthony Trollope
Wisely for himself, Mr. Connolly determined to let the Ring shift for themselves, and throw himself upon the mercy of the Reform party.
"Lights and Shadows of New York Life" by James D. McCabe
You was throwing away good coffee.
"Dixie Hart" by Will N. Harben
Throw them things inter ther house an' help me hunt ther thief.
"Ted Strong in Montana" by Edward C. Taylor
In throwing to any point on the in-field, if the throw is at all a long one, the fielder should line the ball in on the bound.
"Base-Ball" by John M. Ward
There's a feller down on Ann-st. that'll write beauts for a quarter a throw.
"Torchy" by Sewell Ford
On the third day the mourners go again and collect the ashes and throw them into the nearest river.
"The Tribes and Castes of the Central Provinces of India - Volume IV of IV" by R.V. Russell
A bowl of sweets is brought, she yawns, takes a bit of sweetmeat, and throws herself on the soft cushions.
"From Pole to Pole" by Sven Anders Hedin
There are two ways to throw pursuers off the scent.
"Pluck on the Long Trail" by Edwin L. Sabin
These tablets will probably furnish additional names of deities, and perhaps throw further light on those known.
"The Religion of Babylonia and Assyria" by Morris Jastrow

In poetry:

For, there! have I drawn or no
Life to that lip?
Do my fingers dip
In a flame which again they throw
On the cheek that breaks a-glow?
"Mesmerism" by Robert Browning
Artless one! though thou gazest now
O'er the white blossom with earnest brow,
Soon will it tire thy childish eye;
Fair as it is, thou wilt throw it by.
""Innocent child and snow-white flower!"" by William Cullen Bryant
From his fierce eyes, flashes of rage he throws,
As from black clouds when lightning breaks away,
Transported, thinks himself amidst his foes,
And absent yet enjoys the bloody day;
"The Disabled Debauchee" by Lord John Wilmot
Till joyful tears of passion show,
And to his kind embrace I throw
My heart unworthy, and I cling
With deathless fondness to the king
I worshipped in the Long Ago,
When we shall meet!
"When We Shall Meet" by Freeman Edwin Miller
Give him, she said, something of yours as a charm.
Throw him, she said, some poor thing you alone claim.
No, no, I cried, he hates me; he is out for harm,
And whether I yield or not, it is all the same.
"The Dream" by Louise Bogan
This muche, his giddy braine surth bred
If he with armour once wer cled,
To searche aduenturs, hunt for fame:
Zit wovld he tary heir a whyle,
And pouse his fortune, throw this yle,
Perhaps to win a famous name.
"The Avthor To His Patrone" by Patrick Gordon

In news:

From wall to ceiling mounts, slim to ultraslim, large-venue to short-throw, there?s a lot to consider.
We specialize in throwing parties.
Calmly Fielding Anything Life Throws at Him.
Hip Somodevilla/Getty Images Two people were thrown out of the Republican National Convention Tuesday for throwing nuts at a CNN camera operator and making a racist remark.
Windsor quarterback Quinn Fleeting throws a pass vs New Canaan .
A 30-year-old Shreveport woman is behind bars after allegedly throwing her baby from a car window , according to an AP report.
MLive file photo Western Michigan quarterback Alex Carder throws a pass against UConn on Sept 22.
The senior will miss Saturday's MAC-opener against Toledo with an injured throwing hand.
Western Michigan quarterback Alex Carder is out for Saturday's game against University of Toledo with an injured throwing hand.
At this point you just have to start throwing your hands up in the air.
Carnation 's council voted in 2004 to end the sheriff's contract and throw in with the city of Duvall's police department, which was renamed the Duvall- Carnation Police Department.
Robbin' Hoods Throw Cash Out Window in L.A. September 12, 2012 RSS Feed Print.
You might be throwing when a tight end or two is on the field.
He said people should help them throw off their constraints and obtain greater benefits.
Brees throws 3 TD passes as Saints romp.

In science:

The properties of the exponential and logarithm function are specially important, since they throw light on the role played by the singular numbers in bicomplex function theory.
Bicomplex algebra and function theory
First, we show that we can throw away the tails of characteristic function, and then we estimate convergence in the remaining region.
Harmonic mean, random polynomials and stochastic matrices
Until mentioned otherwise, we now fix some maximum height h above which Magnus is too weak to throw.
Juggling probabilities
When the first element of our state ν is `, we will often refer to what Magnus does during the next second as making a “height 0” throw.
Juggling probabilities
In Figure 1, we show all possible states and transitions when Magnus has 3 balls and is not able to throw anything higher than a 4.
Juggling probabilities