• WordNet 3.6
    • n thermoelectricity electricity produced by heat (as in a thermocouple)
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Thermoelectricity (Physics) Electricity developed in the action of heat. See the Note under Electricity.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n thermoelectricity The electric current produced in a circuit of two or more dissimilar metals, or in a circuit of one metal different parts of which are in dissimilar physical states, when one of the points of union is heated or cooled relatively to the remainder of the circuit; also, the branch of electrical science which treats of electric currents so produced. If, for example, a bar of bismuth and one of antimony are soldered together and the point of union is heated while their other extremities are connected by a wire, it is found that an electric current passes from bismuth to antimony, and through the wire from antimony to bismuth. Such a pair of metal bars is called a thermo-electric couple or pair, and it is found that the thermo - electromotive force, as it is called, is, for a circuit composed of the same pair of metals, proportional to the difference of temperature between the hot and the cold junc ion. It is found, further, that it differs for different metals; and the list of the metals, arranged in order according to the direction of the current generated, is called the thermo-electric series (analogous to the electromotive series in voltaic electricity): for example, bismuth, lead, zinc, copper, iron, antimony. If more than one couple are employed, the whole electromotive force is the sum of the separate forces for the successive junctions. A number of couples of the same two metals joined together form a thermo-electric battery, or thermopile; they are arranged so that one set of junctions can be heated while the other is kept cool. When connected with a delicate galvanometer, the thermopile can be used to detect and measure very small differences in temperature, as especially small differences in radiant heat; for this purpose one end of the thermopile is generally coated with lampblack so as to absorb the heat incident upon it, and a cone of polished brass may be added to collect more heat. Thermo-electric couples give a comparatively low electromotive force, which has, however, great constancy if the two sets of junctions are kept at a uniform temperature. What is called the Peltier phenomenon or effect is the rise or fall of temperature at the junction of two different metals due to the passage of an electric current from one metal to the other across the junction. This thermal effect is distinct from the rise of temperature due to the electrical resistance of the metals, and changes sign when the direction of the current across the junction is changed.
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Thermo-, + electricity,: cf. F. thermoélectricité,


In literature:

Low-calorie lignite remains the major fuel base for thermoelectric power stations.
"Area Handbook for Bulgaria" by Eugene K. Keefe, Violeta D. Baluyut, William Giloane, Anne K. Long, James M. Moore, and Neda A. Walpole
The refraction of invisible heat was ascertained in consequence of the invention of the thermoelectric pile.
"History of the Intellectual Development of Europe, Volume II (of 2)" by John William Draper

In news:

The new detector is reportedly a thermoelectrically cooled 50 mm2 silicon drift detector (SDD) capable of high-resolution spectral acquisition at high count rates.
Curiosity's Thermoelectric Generator includes Iridium Alloys and Carbon- Bonded -Carbon Fibers.
An array of thermocouples of varying densities can form unique embedded thermoelectric coolers (TECs) with different characteristics.
Figure 2 shows an embedded thermoelectric component that measures 3.5 mm × 3.0 mm and is only 0.1 mm thick.
The team packaged the imagers with a thermoelectric cooler (-80°C) and incorporated them into a compact camera.
Curiosity's Thermoelectric Generator includes Iridium Alloys and Carbon-Bonded-Carbon Fibers.
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That led the MIT researchers to the idea of harnessing the cloaking mechanisms developed to shield objects from view — but applying it to the movement of electrons, which is key to electronic and thermoelectric devices.
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Thermoelectric " Power Felt" Fabric Lets You Sit on Your Phone to Power It.
Thermoelectric refrigeration is also 12vDC, but uses no refrigerant and has no moving parts except a heat-dissipating fan.
Non- repeating crystals, once thought impossible, can boost thermoelectric conversion and brighten LEDs.
Triton Ice Thermoelectrics Chill to Unprecedented Temperatures.

In science:

By detecting this contribution, the gravitational corrections to thermoelectric effects can be measured.
General Relativistic Thermoelectric Effects in Superconductors
Indeed, recent measurements of the electrical and thermoelectric transport properties in this series have provided some support for quantum critical fluctuations in the vicinity of the optimal doping .
Correlation effects in the iron pnictides
Prosen, Increasing thermoelectric efficiency towards the Carnot limit, Phys.
Recurrence for quenched random Lorentz tubes
We find that although the asymptotic behavior of transport in open systems is closely related to that in closed systems for these noninteracting models, the magnitude of thermoelectric transport strongly depends on the boundary conditions and the baths spectral properties.
Thermoelectric phenomena in disordered open quantum systems
Thermoelectric phenomena are attracting considerable attention both theoretically and experimentally, due to their fundamental unsolved aspects as well as their impact in energy conversion technology .
Thermoelectric phenomena in disordered open quantum systems