• WordNet 3.6
    • v terminate bring to an end or halt "She ended their friendship when she found out that he had once been convicted of a crime","The attack on Poland terminated the relatively peaceful period after WW I"
    • v terminate terminate the employment of; discharge from an office or position "The boss fired his secretary today","The company terminated 25% of its workers"
    • v terminate have an end, in a temporal, spatial, or quantitative sense; either spatial or metaphorical "the bronchioles terminate in a capillary bed","Your rights stop where you infringe upon the rights of other","My property ends by the bushes","The symphony ends in a pianissimo"
    • v terminate be the end of; be the last or concluding part of "This sad scene ended the movie"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
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    • Terminate Hence, to put the finishing touch to; to bring to completion; to perfect. "During this interval of calm and prosperity, he [Michael Angelo terminated two figures of slaves, destined for the tomb, in an incomparable style of art."
    • Terminate To be limited in space by a point, line, or surface; to stop short; to end; to cease; as, the torrid zone terminates at the tropics.
    • Terminate To come to a limit in time; to end; to close. "The wisdom of this world, its designs and efficacy, terminate on zhis side heaven."
    • Terminate To put an end to; to make to cease; as, to terminate an effort, or a controversy.
    • Terminate To set a term or limit to; to form the extreme point or side of; to bound; to limit; as, to terminate a surface by a line.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: For the blockbuster movie "The Terminator," O.J. Simpson was considered to play the role of the Terminator, but producers did not choose him as they thought he would not be taken seriously
    • terminate To bound; limit; form the extreme outline of; set a boundary or limit to; define.
    • terminate To end; put an end to.
    • terminate To complete; put the closing or finishing touch to; perfect.
    • terminate Synonyms To close, conclude.
    • terminate To be limited in space by a point, line, or surface; stop short; end.
    • terminate To cease; come to an end in time; end.
    • terminate Capable of coming to an end; limited; bounded: as, a terminate decimal. A terminate number is an integer, a mixed number, or a vulgar fraction. See interminate.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The actor who played the T-1000 in Terminator 2 (Robert Patrick) and the lead singer of Filter are brothers
    • v.t Terminate tėr′min-āt to set a limit to: to set the boundary: to put an end to: to finish
    • v.i Terminate to be limited: to end either in space or time: to close
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  • Francois De La Rochefoucauld
    “Our actions are like the terminations of verses, which we rhyme as we please.”
  • William S. Burroughs
    “Intelligence and war are games, perhaps the only meaningful games left. If any player becomes too proficient, the game is threatened with termination.”
  • Fred A. Allen
    “Life, in my estimation, is a biological misadventure that we terminate on the shoulders of six strange men whose only objective is to make a hole in one with you.”
  • Michel Eyquem De Montaigne
    “I conceive that pleasures are to be avoided if greater pains be the consequence, and pains to be coveted that will terminate in greater pleasures.”
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower
    “Unlike presidential administrations, problems rarely have terminal dates.”
  • W. H. Auden
    “All sins tend to be addictive, and the terminal point of addiction is damnation.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. terminatus, p. p. of terminare,. See Term


In literature:

A creek terminating in a swamp.
"Three Expeditions into the Interior of Eastern Australia, Vol 2 (of 2)" by Thomas Mitchell
Flowers terminal, springing from the young spine tufts, each 4 in.
"Cactus Culture For Amateurs" by W. Watson
A long arc is established between the terminals AB of the first induction coil.
"Experiments with Alternate Currents of High Potential and High Frequency" by Nikola Tesla
Beds of all various herbs, for ever green, In beauteous order terminate the scene.
"Robert Kerr's General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels, Volume 18" by William Stevenson
This admission, which was foreseen, necessarily terminated the conference upon this question.
"A Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Presidents, Volume IX." by Benjamin Harrison
The war was virtually terminated by the campaign of 1759, when Quebec was taken.
"Life & Times of Col. Daniel Boone" by Cecil B. Hartley
In 1698, the war between Spain and France was terminated.
"The Life of Hugo Grotius" by Charles Butler
His connection with me terminated in begging a subscription or a guinea now and then.
"The Journal of Sir Walter Scott" by Walter Scott
On the evening of the 10th, we halted in the same river near its termination.
"Journals of Travels in Assam, Burma, Bhootan, Afghanistan and TheNeighbouring Countries" by William Griffith
"The Empire of Russia" by John S. C. Abbott

In poetry:

Alas! but this will never end,
'Tis like a grave old aunt's relation:
I would that reason might attend,
And terminate our disputation.
"Hope And Memory" by Joanna Baillie
Is it because past black there is not found
A fixed or horizontal bound? And so, as it doth terminate the white,
It may be said all colors to infold,
And in that kind to hold
Somewhat of infinite?
"To Her Hair" by Lord Edward Herbert of Cherbury
From Ann a scold began to flow,
For, by long practice, she knew how.
The elements exert their power,
Then terminated in a shower:
Thus, though loud thunders cease to creep,
The dismal clouds in sorrow weep.
"The Robin-Red-Breast" by William Hutton
TANS. Because the human heart has two summits, which terminate in one
base or root; and, spiritually, from one affection of the heart proceed
two opposites, love and hate; and the mountain of Parnassus has two
summits and one base.
"The Heroic Enthusiasts - Part The First =First Dialogue.=" by Giordano Bruno
Le madri abbandonavano--le culle dei bambini;
E, fra l'essere donne--curiose o madri buone,
Prendeano il mezzo termine--d'affacciarsi al verone,
Tenendo sempre a bada--colla coda dell'occhio
Il letticciuolo, dove--miagolava il marmocchio.
"Fuoco" by Ferdinando Fontana

In news:

For updates, call the Southport terminal at 910 457-6942.
Naples Municipal Airport Terminal .
The commercial terminal at the airport has had vacant spots for business for five years.
The city says crews are now clearing away current infrastructure and excavation from the new terminal site and its foundations.
Tampa Tribune, Fla. Tampa International Airport's main terminal should be good for another 20 years with some enhancements, a consultant told the Hillsborough Aviation Board on Thursday.
John Baxter had been terminated in August.
Dubai's DP World is selling its breakbulk terminal in Antwerp to focus on its core container operations at the Belgian port.
In a Wednesday, Dec 7, 2011 file photo, a person stands near the Apple logo at the company's new store in Grand Central Terminal, in New York.
The renovated PVTA terminal in downtown Springfield.
The MiniBridge wire-to-board connector features a high-temperature IDC wire termination and is rated up to 4A per contact.
THERE is a scene in "The Terminator," the 1984 James Cameron movie, in which the audience sees through the robotic eyes of the title character, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Damen to Build 14 Terminal Tugs.
Walkmen, Dum Dum Girls @ Terminal 5: October 18, 2012.
To expedite the delivery of import loads affected by Hurricane Sandy, Maher Terminals and Port Newark Container Terminal extended hours this week.
The Rockmart terminal shown here is a showcase for Heatec's terminal work.

In science:

Let (X, B ) be a Kawamata log terminal pair. A proper birational contraction f : X 99K Y of normal pro jective varieties is a log terminal model for (X, B ) if f is (KX + B )-negative, Y is Q-factorial and KY + f∗B is nef.
Effective finite generation for adjoint rings
LMMPn implies that each Kawamata log terminal pair (X, B ) such that KX + B is pseudo-effective admits a log terminal model.
Effective finite generation for adjoint rings
Thus, if 1 ≤ t ≤ λε , a log terminal model of (X, tHε ) is also a log terminal of (X, C + (t − 1)(1 + η )Hε ) and the KX −minimal model with scaling of Hε coincides with the (KX + C )-minimal model with scaling of (1 + η )Hε .
Effective finite generation for adjoint rings
In this section, we recall a few known facts about Kawamata log terminal singularities in dimension 2 and terminal singularities in dimension 3.
Effective finite generation for adjoint rings
The values Q on the terminal equational theory 1 is the terminal strongly regular theory, i.e. the theory of monoids.
Theories of analytic monads