• WordNet 3.6
    • adj tenor of or close in range to the highest natural adult male voice "tenor voice"
    • adj tenor (of a musical instrument) intermediate between alto and baritone or bass "a tenor sax"
    • n tenor the pitch range of the highest male voice
    • n tenor the general meaning or substance of an utterance "although I disagreed with him I could follow the tenor of his argument"
    • n tenor a settled or prevailing or habitual course of a person's life "nothing disturbed the even tenor of her ways"
    • n tenor the adult male singing voice above baritone
    • n tenor an adult male with a tenor voice
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Enrico Caruso and Roy Orbison were the only tenors this century capable of hitting e over high c
    • Tenor (Mus) A person who sings the tenor, or the instrument that play it.
    • Tenor A state of holding on in a continuous course; manner of continuity; constant mode; general tendency; course; career. "Along the cool sequestered vale of life
      They kept the noiseless tenor of their away."
    • Tenor (Law) An exact copy of a writing, set forth in the words and figures of it. It differs from purport, which is only the substance or general import of the instrument.
    • Tenor Stamp; character; nature. "This success would look like chance, if it were perpetual, and always of the same tenor ."
    • Tenor That course of thought which holds on through a discourse; the general drift or course of thought; purport; intent; meaning; understanding. "When it [the bond] is paid according to the tenor .""Does not the whole tenor of the divine law positively require humility and meekness to all men?"
    • Tenor (Mus) The higher of the two kinds of voices usually belonging to adult males; hence, the part in the harmony adapted to this voice; the second of the four parts in the scale of sounds, reckoning from the base, and originally the air, to which the other parts were auxillary.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n tenor General, usual, or prevailing course or direction.
    • n tenor General course or drift of a thought, saying, discourse, or the like; that course of thought or meaning which holds on or runs through a whole discourse, treatise, statute, or the like; general purport; substance.
    • n tenor In law: True intent and meaning; purport and effect: as, the tenor of a deed or instrument of any kind is its purport and effect, but not its actual words.
    • n tenor A transcript or copy. It implies that a correct copy is set out, and therefore at common law, under an allegation according to the tenor, the instrument must be set out correctly.
    • n tenor Character; nature.
    • n tenor In music: The highest variety of the ordinary adult male voice. Its compass usually extends about two octaves or less from the first C below middle C. Its quality is properly thin and penetrating, bearing much the same relation to bass that soprano does to alto. Its upper tones often much resemble the middle tones of alto. A tenor voice having somewhat of the breadth and sonority of a barytone is often called (in Italian) a tenore robusto, while a light, agile tenor is called a tenore leggiero.
    • n tenor A singer with such a voice, or a voice-part intended for or sung by such a voice. In ordinary part-writing the tenor is the third voice-part, intermediate between the alto and the bass.
    • n tenor An instrument playing a third part; specifically, the viola (which see).
    • n tenor In medieval music, also, the hold or pause on a final tone of a piece
    • n tenor the ambitus or compass of a mode
    • n tenor the repercussion of a mode.
    • n tenor In Massachusetts, a new form of such currency, issued in accordance with an act of the year 1741 and subsequent years, and differing but slightly from that above described. The notes of this emission received the name of new tenor, which caused the preceding series, which had hitherto borne that name, to be thenceforth called middle tenor.
    • tenor In music, of or pertaining to the tenor; adapted for singing or playing the tenor: as, a tenor voice; a tenor instrument; a tenor part.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Tenor ten′ur continuity of state: general run or currency: purport: the higher of the two kinds of voices usually belonging to adult males: the part next above the bass in a vocal quartet: one who sings tenor
    • adj Tenor pertaining to the tenor in music
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  • Henry Ford
    “The question Who ought to be boss? is like as Who ought to be the tenor in the quartet? Obviously, the man who can sing tenor.”
  • Evelyn Waugh
    “An artist must be a reactionary. He has to stand out against the tenor of the age and not go flopping along.”
  • Billie Burke
    Billie Burke
    “To survive there, you need the ambition of a Latin-American revolutionary, the ego of a grand opera tenor, and the physical stamina of a cow pony.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L., from tenere, to hold; hence, properly, a holding on in a continued course: cf. F. teneur,. See Tenable, and cf. Tenor a kind of voice


In literature:

And so, under his guidance, the Jesuits had increased their orchestra and employed the best tenors that could be hired.
"Evelyn Innes" by George Moore
Gayarre, the wonderful Spanish tenor, sang several solos, each one more exquisite than the other.
"The Sunny Side of Diplomatic Life, 1875-1912" by Lillie DeHegermann-Lindencrone
And across the dray from him on a red-plush sofa is Alonzo Price singing 'My Wild Irish Rose' in a very noisy tenor.
"Somewhere in Red Gap" by Harry Leon Wilson
Besides, the Paris Conference takes on the likeness of a lyrical drama in which there are only tenors.
"The Inside Story Of The Peace Conference" by Emile Joseph Dillon
This time there could be no mistake as to its tenor.
"The Story of the Foss River Ranch" by Ridgwell Cullum
The tenor was arrayed like Solomon in all his glory, with white pants, and a Seymour coat.
"Peck's Compendium of Fun" by George W. Peck
In the centennial year I found "The Pears" much shaken from their even tenor.
"Idle Hour Stories" by Eugenia Dunlap Potts
The tenor of all the speeches was the right of women to vote under the recently adopted Fourteenth Amendment.
"The Life and Work of Susan B. Anthony (Volume 1 of 2)" by Ida Husted Harper
The well known tenor was most kind in granting an audience to one seeking light on his ideas and experiences.
"Vocal Mastery" by Harriette Brower
Why, a man would think by the tenor of them, that these tenants of mine are ground to dust by a tyrant.
"The Poor Scholar" by William Carleton

In poetry:

The tenor, oft, below my flat,
Shall practise "Violets" and such;
And in the area a cat
Shall beat the band, the cars, and Dutch.
"A Wish" by Franklin Pierce Adams
Mortal, thou that hear'st the tale,
Learn the tenor of our song.
Scotland thro' each winding vale
Far and wide the notes prolong.
"The Fatal Sisters: An Ode" by Thomas Gray
Prince or commoner, tenor or bass,
Painter or plumber or never-do-well,
Do me a favor and shut your face
Poets alone should kiss and tell.
"Ballade Of A Talked-Off Ear" by Dorothy Parker
With smiling joy on every face
Two warbled tenor, two sang bass,
And while the leaves above them hissed with
Rough hail, they started "Aberystwyth."
"Sospan Fach" by Robert Graves
Tenors and Basses:
Blessed was the food that fed Thee,
Blessed was the hand that led Thee;
Blessed was the parent's eye,
That watch'd Thy slumb'ring infancy.
"Virgin-Born! We Bow Before Thee!" by Reginald Heber
Trebles and Tenors:
Blessed was she by all creation
Who brought forth the world's salvation;
Blest are they and ever blest,
Who love Thee most and serve Thee best.
"Virgin-Born! We Bow Before Thee!" by Reginald Heber

In news:

Tenor Richard Fracker, soprano Melanie Helton and renowned jazz singer Marion Cowings are among the guest artists.
Ken Ludwig's comedy Lend Me A Tenor returns to Broadway in a Stanley Tucci-directed revival featuring Anthony LaPaglia, Tony Shalhoub, Justin Bartha and more.
Tenor saxophonist Dan St Marseille says he named this album Departure because it deffers from his previous releases.
3 Mas Tenors this weekend.
Milano 's backup tenor helped seal the seamless doo-wop sound of hits like "A Teenager in Love" and "Where or When.".
Mexican soprano Ailyn PÃCopyrightrez and Mexican tenor Arturo Ch.
Tenor Matthew Newlin of Georgetown, Ill.
Il Volo brings their teenaged tenor voices to the Paramount .
Tenor saxophonist David "Bubba" Brooks, born in Fayetteville, N.C.
In 1922, is the older brother of tenor saxophonist Tina Brooks.
Tenor To Sing At Lutheran Recital Series.
Andre Garcia-Nuthman, tenor, and Linda King, piano.
In July 2012, Interlochen repertory theatre production students worked with playwright and director Ken Ludwig ( Lend Me a Tenor.
But even as a seasoned advocate, she's especially concerned with the tenor and direction of those debates over the past several years, which is why she convened a panel to bring together.
This gives tenor saxophonist Walter Smith III a chance to play some bop lines.

In science:

We start by considering the spread between modified forward rates of different tenor, see equation (1), along with their spread with respect to forward rates calculated from the discounting curve.
Interest-Rate Modeling with Multiple Yield Curves
In particular our aim is to produce smooth curves of forward rates and basis spreads Our bootstrap procedure is based on the assumption of a given discounting curve, which in the following we refer to also as the 1d-tenor curve.
Interest-Rate Modeling with Multiple Yield Curves
We start from the six-months tenor, which corresponds in the Euro area to the family of most liquid instruments.
Interest-Rate Modeling with Multiple Yield Curves
Once we know the six-months curve, we can proceed in a similar way (interpolation on rate differences) to obtain the curves corresponding to the other tenors.
Interest-Rate Modeling with Multiple Yield Curves
Left panel shows forward rates of different tenors, where 1d means EONIA (on the x-axis we have the rate forward start date expressed in years from the evaluation date while on the y -axis we have the value of the rate).
Interest-Rate Modeling with Multiple Yield Curves