• tapping With his Finger-tips on the Window-pane.'——191
    tapping With his Finger-tips on the Window-pane.'——191
  • WordNet 3.6
    • v tap make a solicitation or entreaty for something; request urgently or persistently "Henry IV solicited the Pope for a divorce","My neighbor keeps soliciting money for different charities"
    • v tap draw from; make good use of "we must exploit the resources we are given wisely"
    • v tap strike lightly "He tapped me on the shoulder"
    • v tap cut a female screw thread with a tap
    • v tap pierce in order to draw a liquid from "tap a maple tree for its syrup","tap a keg of beer"
    • v tap draw (liquor) from a tap "tap beer in a bar"
    • v tap dance and make rhythmic clicking sounds by means of metal plates nailed to the sole of the dance shoes "Glover tapdances better than anybody"
    • v tap walk with a tapping sound
    • v tap make light, repeated taps on a surface "he was tapping his fingers on the table impatiently"
    • v tap tap a telephone or telegraph wire to get information "The FBI was tapping the phone line of the suspected spy","Is this hotel room bugged?"
    • v tap draw from or dip into to get something "tap one's memory","tap a source of money"
    • v tap furnish with a tap or spout, so as to be able to draw liquid from it "tap a cask of wine"
    • n tap a light touch or stroke
    • n tap the act of tapping a telephone or telegraph line to get information
    • n tap a plug for a bunghole in a cask
    • n tap a tool for cutting female (internal) screw threads
    • n tap a small metal plate that attaches to the toe or heel of a shoe (as in tap dancing)
    • n tap a faucet for drawing water from a pipe or cask
    • n tap the sound made by a gentle blow
    • n tap a gentle blow
    • ***
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Approximately 25% of all scald burns to children are from hot tap water and is associated with more deaths than with any other liquid
    • Tap A gentle or slight blow; a light rap; a pat.
    • Tap A hole or pipe through which liquor is drawn.
    • Tap A piece of leather fastened upon the bottom of a boot or shoe in repairing or renewing the sole or heel.
    • Tap A place where liquor is drawn for drinking; a taproom; a bar.
    • Tap A plug or spile for stopping a hole pierced in a cask, or the like; a faucet.
    • Tap (Mil) A signal, by drum or trumpet, for extinguishing all lights in soldiers' quarters and retiring to bed, -- usually given about a quarter of an hour after tattoo.
    • Tap (Mech) A tool for forming an internal screw, as in a nut, consisting of a hardened steel male screw grooved longitudinally so as to have cutting edges.
    • Tap Hence, to draw resources from (a reservoir) in any analogous way; as, to tap someone's knowledge of the Unix system; to tap the treasury.
    • Tap Liquor drawn through a tap; hence, a certain kind or quality of liquor; as, a liquor of the same tap .
    • Tap to connect a listening device to (a telephone or telegraph line) secretly, for the purpose of hearing private conversations; also, to obtain or record (information) by tapping; -- a technique used by law enforcement agencies investigating suspected criminals. In the United States it is illegal without a court order permitting it.
    • Tap To draw, or cause to flow, by piercing. "He has been tapping his liquors."
    • Tap (Mech) To form an internal screw in (anything) by means of a tool called a tap; as, to tap a nut, a pipe, or tubing.
    • Tap To pierce so as to let out, or draw off, a fluid; as, to tap a cask, a tree, a tumor, a keg of beer, etc.
    • Tap To put a new sole or heel on; as, to tap shoes.
    • v. i Tap To strike a gentle blow.
    • Tap To strike with a slight or gentle blow; to touch gently; to rap lightly; to pat; as, to tap one with the hand or a cane.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: A colony of bees have to fly almost fifty-five thousand miles and tap two million flowers to make one pound of honey
    • n tap A tanners' pit, usually sunk below the surface of the tan-yard, in which bark is extracted with water and the process of tanning is carried out. Also called leach or latch.
    • n tap The hole bored and threaded in a street-main of a water-works system, so that the service-pipe of the customer may be connected thereto.
    • n tap In electricity, a branch line which taps the main circuit so as to divert a portion of the current; a shunt.
    • tap To cut an internal screw-thread in with a screw-cutting tool, hob, or tap: as, to tap a nut or a hole.
    • tap In electricity, to divert a portion of (the current) from a circuit by means of a branch circuit or shunt; to make electrical connection with (a circuit) at any point.
    • n tap A movable wooden plug or stopper used to close the opening through which liquor is drawn from a cask.
    • n tap A faucet or cock through which liquor can be drawn from a cask. Compare spigot.
    • n tap The liquor which is drawn through a tap: used to denote a particular quality, brew, or vintage.
    • n tap An instrument employed for cutting the threads of internal screws or nuts. It consists simply of an external screw of the required size, formed of steel, and more or less tapered, parts of the threads being filed away in order to present a series of cutting edges. This, being screwed into the nut in the manner of an ordinary bolt, forms the thread required. Taps are usually made in sets of three. The first, called the entering tap or taper tap, generally tapers regularly throughout its length; the second, or middle tap, sometimes tapers, but is usually cylindrical, with two or three tapering threads at the end; the third, called the plug-tap or finishing tap, is always cylindrical, with the first two or three threads tapering off. See cut under screw-tap.—On tap.
    • tap To draw the tap or plug from (a cask) so as to let the liquor flow out; hence, to broach or pierce (a cask); in general, to pierce so as to let out a contained liquid.
    • tap Specifically— To pierce (a cask) for the purpose of testing or using the liquor.
    • tap To make an incision in (a tree or other plant) with a view to take some part of the sap: as, to tap the trunk of a maple-tree for the sap for making maple sugar.
    • tap To cut into, penetrate, or reach for the purpose of drawing something out: as, to tap telegraph-wires for the purpose of taking off a message.
    • tap To cause to run out by broaching a vessel; especially, to draw for the first time, as for examination, or when the time has come for using the contents.
    • tap To act as a drawer or tapster.
    • tap To strike lightly with something small; strike with a very slight blow; pat.
    • tap To strike lightly with; hit some object a slight blow with.
    • tap To peck or hack with the beak, as a woodpecker a tree, or a nuthatch a nut; break into or excavate with repeated blows.
    • tap To apply a thickness of leather upon, as a previously existing sole or heel. Compare heel-tap.
    • tap To strike a gentle blow; pat; rap.
    • n tap A gentle blow; a slight blow, as with the fingers or a small thing.
    • n tap pl. Milit., a signal on a drum or trumpet, sounded about a quarter of an hour after tattoo, at which all lights in the soldiers' quarters must be extinguished.
    • n tap A piece of leather fastened upon the bottom of a boot or shoe in repairing or renewing the sole or heel.
    • n tap A tap-house or tap-room; also, the room in a tavern where liquor is drawn and served to guests.
    • n tap A Scotch form of top.
    • n tap A very irritable person; a person easily inflamed, like a bundle of flax.
    • n tap Same as tap-cinder.
    • n tap In India, a malarial fever.
    • n tap Same as tapadera.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: A maple tree is usually tapped when the tree is at least 45 years old and has a diameter of 12 inches
    • n Tap tap a gentle blow or touch, esp. with something small: a signal with a drum to put lights out
    • v.t Tap to strike lightly, touch gently
    • v.i Tap to give a gentle knock:—pr.p. tap′ping; pa.t. and pa.p. tapped
    • n Tap tap a hole or short pipe through which liquor is drawn: a place where liquor is drawn: any particular liquor drawn through a tap
    • v.t Tap to pierce, so as to let out fluid: to open a cask and draw off liquor: to broach a vessel
    • v.i Tap to act as a tapster:—pr.p. tap′ping; pa.t. and pa.p. tapped
    • n Tap tap a Scotch form of top.
    • n Tap tap an Indian malarial fever.
    • ***


  • Sri Ramakrishna
    Sri Ramakrishna
    “Dislodging a green nut from it's shell is almost impossible, but let it dry and the lightest tap will do it.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
AS. tæppa, akin to D. tap, G. zapfen, OHG. zapfo, Dan. tap, Sw. tapp, Icel. tappi,. Cf. Tampion Tip
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary


In literature:

A servant tapped discreetly and opened the door.
"The Grell Mystery" by Frank Froest
She was tapping on a piece of metal.
"The Menorah Journal, Volume 1, 1915" by Various
Three times she tapped the pipe.
"The Highgrader" by William MacLeod Raine
Mr. Lake: But that statement about the tap-root would lead the average planter to think that it was very desirable to have the tap-root.
"Northern Nut Growers Association, Report of the Proceedings at the Third Annual Meeting" by Northern Nut Growers Association
I'll go down the passage to the tap-room.
"The Northern Iron" by George A. Birmingham
A little alarmed, I tapped the thing impatiently.
"Once a Week" by Alan Alexander Milne
And as Barber half dropped, half flung him to the floor, old Grandpa roused, and came round in his chair, tap-tapping with the cane.
"The Rich Little Poor Boy" by Eleanor Gates
The slag tap is open most of the time, but the iron tap is opened only once in about six hours.
"Diggers in the Earth" by Eva March Tappan
Her life was preserved for some years by repeated tapping.
"An Account of the Foxglove and some of its Medical Uses" by William Withering
Will no one ever read a book of mine in the subway, that I may tap him on the shoulder?
"Wappin' Wharf" by Charles S. Brooks

In poetry:

If ye gae up to yon hill-tap,
Ye'll there see bonie Peggy;
She kens her father is a laird,
And she forsooth's a leddy.
"The Tarbolton Lasses" by Robert Burns
And rustling vines that lightly tap
Against the window-pane,
Throw shadows on the white-washed walls
To blot them out again.
"A Little Ghost" by Dame Mary Gilmore DBE
For ilka ane at his frichtfu' tale
Had saftly slippit away,
An' were rinnin' aboot like scatter'd sheep
On the tap o' Carco brae.
"Ledgie Cooper" by Alexander Anderson
And though Bill dreams of droving now
On the drought-coloured plain,
There's little need to tap the glass
Or pray for it to rain.
"Up North" by David Campbell
Wild weather. The lash of the sleet
On the gusty casement tapping--
The sound of the storm like a sheet
My soul and senses wrapping.
"One Day And Another: A Lyrical Eclogue – Part V" by Madison Julius Cawein
When you wake from troubled slumbers
With a dream-bewildered brain,
And old leaves which no man numbers
Chattering tap against the pane;
"Soul's Call" by Mathilde Blind

In news:

Two telefilms and one special are on tap for the third and fourth quarters of this year.
Democrats' Fund Taps Corporate Donors for Convention.
Prairie Farms taps on-demand hot chocolate milk dispensing.
More Choppiness on Tap for Stocks.
Service providers tap into home automation to reduce churn .
Thain Tapped For Top Spot At CIT .
Scribes Patrick Massett and John Zinman, co-exec producers on the TV series "Friday Night Lights," have been tapped to write " City State " for New Regency and director James Mangold.
Scribes Patrick Massett and John Zinman, co-exec producers on the TV series "Friday Night Lights," have been tapped to write "City State" for New Regency and director James Mangold.
This allows the members to perform what's known as double-tap clogging .
Now at the age of 7, Campbell can tap, stomp and clog like a pro.
Ice Cube Trays (Spirits and Cocktails/On Tap).
Japan's Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd announced that it is forming a color TV venture with India's BPL Ltd to tap into growing demand for consumer electronics in the region.
Goal is to tap new water source.
Stark GOP taps 3 to replace retiring common pleas judge.
New York City Tap Water For Sale.

In science:

Taps are modelled as the random flipping of a small fraction of the spins followed by a quench at zero temperature.
On random graphs and the statistical mechanics of granular matter
Fig. 1 – Compaction curve at connectivity c = 3 for a system of 104 spins (one spin is flipped at random per tap).
On random graphs and the statistical mechanics of granular matter
This phase corresponds to the relaxation process after the tap, where the particles reach a new locally stable configuration.
On random graphs and the statistical mechanics of granular matter
In the first regime, which only lasts a few taps, all sites orient their spins in parallel with the local field acting on that site.
On random graphs and the statistical mechanics of granular matter
Recent exact analytical results developed for the random number generators with taps are reported.
On the quality of random number generators with taps