• WordNet 3.6
    • v tangle twist together or entwine into a confusing mass "The child entangled the cord"
    • v tangle disarrange or rumple; dishevel "The strong wind tousled my hair"
    • v tangle tangle or complicate "a ravelled story"
    • v tangle force into some kind of situation, condition, or course of action "They were swept up by the events","don't drag me into this business"
    • n tangle something jumbled or confused "a tangle of government regulations"
    • n tangle a twisted and tangled mass that is highly interwoven "they carved their way through the tangle of vines"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Tangle A knot of threads, or other thing, united confusedly, or so interwoven as not to be easily disengaged; a snarl; as, hair or yarn in tangles; a tangle of vines and briers. Used also figuratively.
    • Tangle An instrument consisting essentially of an iron bar to which are attached swabs, or bundles of frayed rope, or other similar substances, -- used to capture starfishes, sea urchins, and other similar creatures living at the bottom of the sea.
    • Tangle (Bot) Any large blackish seaweed, especially the Laminaria saccharina. See Kelp. "Coral and sea fan and tangle , the blooms and the palms of the ocean."
    • v. i Tangle To be entangled or united confusedly; to get in a tangle.
    • Tangle To involve; to insnare; to entrap; as, to be tangled in lies. "Tangled in amorous nets.""When my simple weakness strays, Tangled in forbidden ways."
    • Tangle To unite or knit together confusedly; to interweave or interlock, as threads, so as to make it difficult to unravel the knot; to entangle; to ravel.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n tangle A name of various large species of seaweed, especially Laminaria digitata and L. saccharina. See cut under seaweed. Also called tangle-wrack and hanger.
    • n tangle A tall, lank person; any long dangling thing.
    • tangle To unite or knit together confusedly; interweave or interlace, as threads, so as to make it difficult to separate them; snarl.
    • tangle To catch or involve as in a snarl; entrap; entangle.
    • tangle To embroil; embarrass; confuse; perplex; involve; complicate.
    • tangle Synonyms To entangle, intertwine, snarl (up).
    • tangle To be entangled or united confusedly.
    • n tangle A snarl of threads or other things united confusedly, or so interwoven as not to be easily disengaged.
    • n tangle A device used in dredging, for sweeping the sea-bed in order to obtain delicate forms of marine life, too small or frangible to be obtained by ordinary dredging. It consists of a bar supported on runners, and serving to drag after it a series of masses of hemp, each of which is a sort of mop which entangles the more minute and delicate forms of marine life without injuring them.
    • n tangle A perplexity or embarrassment; a complication.
    • tangle Froward; peevish.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Tangle tang′gl a knot of things united confusedly: an edible seaweed: a perplexity, complication:
    • v.t Tangle to unite together confusedly: to interweave: to ensnare, entangle
    • n Tangle tang′gl (Scot.) any long hanging thing, even a lank person: an apparatus for dredging
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  • Rudyard Kipling
    “The Three in One, the One in Three? Not so! To my own Gods I go. It may be they shall give me greater ease than your cold Christ and tangled Trinities.”
  • Sir Walter Scott
    “Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
A frequentative fr. tang, seaweed; hence, to twist like seaweed. See Tang seaweed, and cf. Tangle (n.)
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Scand.; Dan. tang, Ice. thang, seaweed.


In literature:

Her jetty hair descended smoothly from under a red handkerchief down to her shoulders, and there, at the tips, became tangled and curling.
"Red Money" by Fergus Hume
There was a tangled thicket of masts at the piers.
"Children of the Market Place" by Edgar Lee Masters
It was beautiful out in the open with the sunshine pouring down and a big lazy white cloud tangled in tree-tops.
"Far to Seek" by Maud Diver
The shuttle of Fate clicked and clicked as she wove and crossed and tangled the threads of these wandering, sun-brown nomads.
"Diane of the Green Van" by Leona Dalrymple
There was the sound of a footstep advancing towards them along the lonely tangled path.
"The Lost Treasure of Trevlyn" by Evelyn Everett-Green
Around the teeth was tangled the end of the string.
"Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue Playing Circus" by Laura Lee Hope
The first part of their journey was through a dense and tangled forest, which extended nearly to Hailsham.
"The House of Walderne" by A. D. Crake
The upland wind cooled her brow; she washed her hands in a rocky pool and arranged her tangled tresses.
"The Half-Hearted" by John Buchan
Pat glanced at her, then nodded his tangled head toward Leary.
"The Harbor Master" by Theodore Goodridge Roberts
In fact nothing but a wide sweep of crushed brown tangle which had once been vegetation.
"Star Born" by Andre Norton

In poetry:

In fear didst thou desire,
At peace dost thou regret,
The wasting of the fire,
The tangling of the net.
"Earth The Healer, Earth The Keeper" by William Morris
He holds the tangled threads,
His hands unravel them;
He knows the hearts and heads
For thorns, or diadem.
""To-Morrows"" by Abram Joseph Ryan
His tangled Hebrew beard,
Which to his waist came down,
Was now a pair of whiskers fair -
"The Bishop and the Busman" by William Schwenck Gilbert
Where leaves are tossed from branches lost
In a tangle
Of vines that vie to clamber high--
But to vault and dangle!
"Faun-Call" by Cale Young Rice
Away from the weary, dusty town,
Where the sorrows dim the days,
To the sleeping lake and the silent stream
And the wildwood's tangled ways!
"Away, Away, From The Sultry Ways" by Freeman Edwin Miller
Look, you have cast out Love! What Gods are these
You bid me please?
The Three in One, the One in Three? Not so!
To my own Gods I go.
It may be they shall give me greater ease
Than your cold Christ and tangled Trinities.
"Lispeth" by Rudyard Kipling

In news:

Don't tangle with this E-6B.
1-ranked Palmetto Tigers to tangle with Lakewood Ranch Mustangs.
Batavia, Bethel- Tate tangle in Meijer Wildcard Game.
Teasing , Tangled Melville Yarn.
Medical personnel from both teams surrounded the tangle of fallen bodies, stabilizing heads, asking questions, working to assess the damage.
'Tangled in Tinsel ' coming to Terry Depot.
The Friends of Terry will present the dinner theater Tangled in Tinsel Nov 30, Dec 1 and Dec 8 at the Terry Depot.
"Tourist" expected to bow with about $20 million in battle with "Tangled," "Deathly Hallows" for second or third place.
Here's a tip for an easy-change leader system to eliminate tangled treble hooks.
Veritas, more ambitious, uses its 10-member cast to explore the tangled relationships within its undergraduate gay circle, as well as Harvard's harassment of them.
What a Tangled Web We Unweave .
What a Tangled Web I Wove .
Peace Lutheran Church will present a free movie night featuring Disney's "Tangled" on Friday, Oct 26.
As detailed in our cover story, the strings attached to stimulus monies are a wee bit more tangled than those traditionally wrapped around federal funding — particularly for water and wastewater managers.
Utah lawmakers want to tangle with beetle .

In science:

Lyubashenko: Tangles and Hopf algebras in braided categories. J.
From Subfactors to Categories and Topology II. The quantum double of tensor categories and subfactors
Moffatt, The degree of knotness of tangled vortex’ lines, J.
Canonical description of ideal magnetohydrodynamics and integrals of motion
In section 2 we review the phenomenology of thermal conduction in static tangled magnetic fields.
Thermal conduction and particle transport in strong MHD turbulence, with application to galaxy-cluster plasmas
In this paper we consider the effects of field-line tangling a nd turbulent resistivity on the thermal conductivity kT in galaxy clusters.
Thermal conduction and particle transport in strong MHD turbulence, with application to galaxy-cluster plasmas
The source is a spherical homogeneous region, embedded in a tangled magnetic field.
The nuclear SED of NGC6251: a BL Lac in the center of an FR I radio galaxy