take away


  • WordNet 3.6
    • v take away remove something concrete, as by lifting, pushing, or taking off, or remove something abstract "remove a threat","remove a wrapper","Remove the dirty dishes from the table","take the gun from your pocket","This machine withdraws heat from the environment"
    • v take away take out or remove "take out the chicken after adding the vegetables"
    • v take away take away a part from; diminish "His bad manners detract from his good character"
    • v take away get rid of something abstract "The death of her mother removed the last obstacle to their marriage","God takes away your sins"
    • v take away buy and consume food from a restaurant or establishment that sells prepared food "We'll take out pizza, since I am too tired to cook"
    • v take away remove from a certain place, environment, or mental or emotional state; transport into a new location or state "Their dreams carried the Romantics away into distant lands","The car carried us off to the meeting","I'll take you away on a holiday","I got carried away when I saw the dead man and I started to cry"
    • v take away take from a person or place "We took the abused child away from its parents"
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  • Miguel De Cervantes
    “Take away the cause, and the effect ceases.”
  • Seneca
    “Fortune can take away riches, but not courage.”
  • Davy Crockett
    Davy Crockett
    “Remember that a government big enough to give you everything you want is also big enough to take away everything you have.”
  • Barry Goldwater
    Barry Goldwater
    “A government that is big enough to give you all you want is big enough to take it all away.”
  • Desiderius Erasmus
    “Time takes away the grief of men.”
  • Epicurus
    “If thou wilt make a man happy, add not unto his riches but take away from his desires.”


Take your breath away - If something takes your breath away, it astonishes or surprises you.


In literature:

Especially now I should think he would, when we are going to let him have our sister and take her away.
"Her Mother's Secret" by Emma D. E. N. Southworth
Take away their saints; they don't deserve them.
"Vera" by Oscar Wilde
He watched old man Broyles ride away, and Blev Straley take a leisurely departure.
"Judith of the Cumberlands" by Alice MacGowan
A man can't walk if you take away his legs.
"The Vicar of Bullhampton" by Anthony Trollope
Holding him back with one hand, Harding pulled the drawer open with the other to take the revolver away.
"The Rider of Waroona" by Firth Scott
You couldn't want to take away our land and give it to this rabble?
"The Cattle-Baron's Daughter" by Harold Bindloss
He doesn't drive out other people's cattle and take away their living.
"Brand Blotters" by William MacLeod Raine
And then the practical question came back, taking away her breath.
"The End of a Coil" by Susan Warner
It fairly takes away my breath.
"Cleek, the Master Detective" by Thomas W. Hanshew
Cook a few stones with them for flavor, even if you take away the bulk.
"Dishes & Beverages of the Old South" by Martha McCulloch Williams

In poetry:

While far away, from the river,
Comes a low dread sound that seems
Like the warning we heart at midnight
When the dead take a part in our dreams.
"Night In The Village" by Alexander Anderson
So I ask for my Mary, not grandeur,
Nor the wealth, nor the fame of the day,
But that which the world cannot give her,
The peace which it takes not away.
"Verses Written In Mary's Album" by Kate Seymour Maclean
Take them, O Father, in immortal trust! Ashes to ashes, dust to kindred dust,
Till the last angel rolls the stone away,
And a new morning brings eternal day!
"A Poem. Dedication of the Pittsfield Cemetery" by Oliver Wendell Holmes
But I must go! I must away!
Must take the path that is appointed!
God grant I find her realm some day!
Where, by her love, as by a ray,
My soul shall be anointed.
"Allurement" by Madison Julius Cawein
Go not far from me, O my God, Whom all my times obey;
Take from me anything Thou wilt, But go not Thou away,
And let the storm that does thy work
Deal with me as it may.
"Go Not Far From Me, O My God" by Anna Laetitia Waring
How wonderful are the works of God,
At times among His people abroad;
Therefore, let us be careful of what we do or say,
For fear God doth suddenly take our lives away.
"The Great Yellow River Inundation in China" by William Topaz McGonagall

In news:

What Airlines Take Away, One Airport ( Partially ) Gives Back.
But you can take away its internet access.
For a variety of reasons, customers still seek portable foods they can take away from the cafeteria, and most operators happily oblige.
"What is going on here today is taking away from our real work that we have to do to identify who really was affected," Conley said during a break.
I am thinking of taking away TV for a few days or taking away some of her favorite toys for a week or so.
Council opposes bill that would take away city control of Ontario airport.
Recently, a contributor to these pages wrote that the government shouldn't take away the right to marry.
If shoppers keep requesting both receipts , that will take away the cost savings retailers were looking for in emailed receipts , Beemer said.
True Image Server for Windows can take away your worries about accurate and efficient server recovery .
Discourage means to be deprived or to take away courage.
That is about the only positive to take away from a tough weekend in Chicago.
Restricting access to fishing takes away our rights.
My take away from this session was that Russia has been a difficult country to understand historically.
"What we shouldn't be doing is trying to take away your rights to bargain for better wages and working conditions.".
Facebook may take away your right to vote .

In science:

Although these plots do not take into account the effects of the unknown radial velocity, it is evident that the general motion of ordinary pulsars is directed away from the plane.
Millisecond Pulsar Velocities
The backward reradiation takes away more energy from the parallel component of the E field.
Transversality of Electromagnetic Waves in the Calculus-Based Introductory Physics Course
Although, compared with photons, neutrinos interact extremely weakly, once produced they easily escape from stellar interiors carrying away energy that would otherwise take much longer to be transported to the surface by radiation or convection.
The Impact of Neutrino Magnetic Moments on the Evolution of Massive Stars
With all length and time scales being classical, and the evolution taking place far away from the matter Q and any region of high curvature, the evolution of the mode will lead to a state like (2).
Fuzzballs and the information paradox: a summary and conjectures
Namely, one partitions the initial data into a “local” component near the spatial origin, and a “global” component far away from the spatial origin, plus an error term corresponding to the intermediate region which one can take to be negligible using the pigeonhole principle.
Global regularity of wave maps VI. Abstract theory of minimal-energy blowup solutions