• WordNet 3.6
    • v tailor adjust to a specific need or market "a magazine oriented towards young people","tailor your needs to your surroundings"
    • v tailor create (clothes) with cloth "Can the seamstress sew me a suit by next week?"
    • v tailor style and tailor in a certain fashion "cut a dress"
    • n tailor a person whose occupation is making and altering garments
    • ***
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Andrew Johnson, was the only self-educated tailor. He is the only President to make his own clothes as well as his cabinet's.
    • Tailor One whose occupation is to cut out and make men's garments; also, one who cuts out and makes ladies' outer garments. "Well said, good woman's tailor . . . I would thou wert a man's tailor ."
    • Tailor (Zoöl) The goldfish.
    • Tailor (Zoöl) The mattowacca; -- called also tailor herring.
    • Tailor (Zoöl) The silversides.
    • v. i Tailor To practice making men's clothes; to follow the business of a tailor. "These tailoring artists for our lays
      Invent cramped rules."
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: The longest muscle in the human body is the sartorius. This narrow muscle of the thigh passes obliquely across the front of the thigh and helps rotate the leg to the position assumed in sitting cross-legged. Its name is a derivation of the adjective "sartorial," a reference to what was the traditional cross-legged position of tailors (or "sartors") at work.
    • n tailor A name in New South Wales of the fish Pomatomus saltatrix. It is called skipjack in Melbourne, a name by which it is also known in America, where it is more commonly called bluefish.
    • n tailor One who makes the outer garments of men, and women's riding-habits and other garments of heavy stuff; especially, one who makes such garments to order, as distinguished from a clothier, who makes garments for sale ready made.
    • n tailor In zoology: A tailor-bird.
    • n tailor The mattowacca, fall herring, or tailor-herring, Pomolobus mediocris.
    • tailor To make clothing, especially for men; follow the business of a tailor.
    • tailor To deal with tailors, as for clothing.
    • tailor To make clothes for; fit with or as with clothing.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Tailor tāl′ur one whose business is to cut out and make men's clothes
    • v.i Tailor to work as a tailor
    • v.t Tailor to make clothes for
    • ***


  • Zig Ziglar
    “You cannot tailor make your situation in life, but you can tailor make your attitudes to fit those situations.”
  • Victor Daniels
    Victor Daniels
    “We must learn to tailor our concepts to fit reality, instead of trying to stuff reality into our concepts.”
  • Albert Einstein
    “If you are out to describe the truth, leave elegance to the tailor.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OF. tailleor, F. tailleur, fr. OF. taillier, F. tailler, to cut, fr. L. talea, a rod, stick, a cutting, layer for planting. Cf. Detail Entail Retail Tally (n.)


In literature:

Tailors is awful dear.
"Medoline Selwyn's Work" by Mrs. J. J. Colter
They say it taks nine tailors to mak a man.
"Yorksher Puddin'" by John Hartley
The parade uniform has been designed by a lot of unsoldierly politicians and tailors about Washington.
"Scientific American Supplement, No. 1178, June 25, 1898" by Various
He would bow to his postilion, while he was ruining his tailor.
"Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, No. CCCLXXVI. February, 1847. Vol. LXI." by Various
At one of these was a sign denoting it to be the residence of a tailor.
"Arthur Mervyn" by Charles Brockden Brown
But Tailor Hancock went back home with all kinds of ugliness and uncharitableness working in his little heart.
"News from the Duchy" by Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
Two women across the tailor-shop, seeing each other.
"The Best Short Stories of 1921 and the Yearbook of the American Short Story" by Various
The numerous personnel of his stable-garage, his horses, gasoline and tailors' bills ate up even a part of the principal.
"Woman Triumphant" by Vicente Blasco Ibañez
The king's tailor, Messire Jean Percerin, occupied a rather large house in the Rue St. Honore, near the Rue de l'Arbre Sec.
"The Vicomte de Bragelonne" by Alexandre Dumas
But it was not till they came to the tailor's that he realised the full seriousness of the business before them.
"The Admirable Tinker" by Edgar Jepson

In poetry:

The world I clad once, tailor-hired,
Whilst I in tatters quaked,
Today, you see me well attired,
Who lets the world go naked.
"Pen And Shears" by Morris Rosenfeld
As gallant as skipper as ever skipped
Or sailors as ever sailed
As valiant trippers as ever tripped
Or tailors as ever tailed.
"The Fate Of The 'Cabbage Rose'" by Wallace Irwin
A halberdier so fierce in fight,
Made charge with all his gathered might,
When from the foe rebounding back
He tumbled over tailor Jack.
"The Watch And Ward." by Samuel Bamford
Your tailor's bill . . . well, I'll be blowed!
Dear chap! I never knowed him . . .
He's gone and written me an ode,
Instead of what I owed him.
"Facility" by Robert W Service
"Next day the Pleacemen came—
Rewenge it was their plann—
And from my good old dame
They took her tailor-mann:
And the hard hard beak did me bespeak
To Newgit in the Wann.
"The Three Christmas Waits" by William Makepeace Thackeray
Nay, Shoe-makers and Tailors may enjoy
Some time to pray, whilst they their trades pursue:
For whilst their hands they at their craft employ,
Their minds may be employ'd in prayer too.
"Advice To Pray Earnestly, And On All Occasions, Supposed To Be Address'd To His Own Son" by Rees Prichard

In news:

There's almost nothing better than seeing a handsome man in a tailored suit.
Tailor-made Vision Correction with iLASIK.
Folk artist and tailor Charlie Umhau plans to leave VCU to spend a year pulling this cart around Richmond, hawking his handmade shirts.
Bottega Veneta, Ferragamo and Emporio Armani showed updated versions of the well-tailored summer silhouette, easy to wear and easy to pack.
Employees operate a computerized cutting machine at Haas Tailoring's Belair-Edison plant.
Joyful Noise (** out of four, rated PG-13, in theaters Friday) seems tailor-made for an audience of churchgoers and Glee devotees.
'Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy' the quintessential spy tale.
Gary Oldman stars as George Smiley in the Cold War thriller "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.".
Obama tailors messages to groups.
Courtesy photo Gary Oldman as George Smiley in "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy".
Buyers can tailor their car's features to suit their needs.
Once the almost exclusive domain of the Gammarelli family ofpapal tailors, some cardinals opting to have their outfits madeback home.
The first performance, tailored for young audiences, will be at 11 am Saturday, March 27.
Christie® is making the grade at the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference November 7-8 in Denver, Colorado, with visual display solutions tailored to the higher education market.
Dareus probably had to pay the tailor overtime for the suit he wore Friday afternoon.

In science:

The map ∗ is a modification of the isomorphism Ψ0 : G 0 × Z (HA )\ G −→ B(A)\ G , tailored to the special case of generic connections.
On the Gribov Problem for Generalized Connections
The function V has been tailored to map quantum gravity boundary dimensions to the corresponding conformal dimensions in the full plane C, as in (2.46) (2.47).
Conformal Fractal Geometry and Boundary Quantum Gravity
Their approach, which is tailored to scale-free random graphs, relies on an effective field approximation which accounts for the effect of the nodes with the highest degree.
Potts Model On Random Trees
Figure 10: Probability distribution function for lengths of pieces of active fiber in tailored F-RAM : ℓo = 5 mm.
Levy statistical fluctuations from a Random Amplifying Medium
In a first step, they tailor Bernstein’s inequality for adequately stopped martingales to the triangle counting problem.
Moment inequalities for functions of independent random variables