• WordNet 3.6
    • v swash act in an arrogant, overly self-assured, or conceited manner
    • v swash show off
    • v swash dash a liquid upon or against "The mother splashed the baby's face with water"
    • v swash make violent, noisy movements
    • n swash the movement or sound of water "the swash of waves on the beach"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Swash A blustering noise; a swaggering behavior.
    • Swash A narrow sound or channel of water lying within a sand bank, or between a sand bank and the shore, or a bar over which the sea washes.
    • Swash A swaggering fellow; a swasher.
    • n Swash (Arch) An oval figure, whose moldings are oblique to the axis of the work.
    • Swash Impulse of water flowing with violence; a dashing or splashing of water.
    • Swash Liquid filth; wash; hog mash.
    • a Swash Soft, like fruit too ripe; swashy.
    • Swash To bluster; to make a great noise; to vapor or brag.
    • Swash To dash or flow noisily, as water; to splash; as, water swashing on a shallow place.
    • Swash To fall violently or noisily.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • swash To spill or splash water about; dash or flow noisily; splash.
    • swash To fall violently or noisily.
    • swash To bluster; make a great noise; make a show of valor; vapor; brag.
    • swash To dash about violently; strike violently.
    • n swash A dashing or splashing of water; splash.
    • n swash Liquid filth; wash; hogwash.
    • n swash A narrow sound or channel of water lying within a sand-bank, or between that and the shore. Also swash channel, swashway.
    • n swash A low coast-belt or tract of country covered with mangroves, and liable to be submerged or inundated at certain seasons.
    • n swash A blustering noise; a vaporing.
    • n swash A roaring blade; a swaggerer; a swasher.
    • swash Soft; watery, like fruit too ripe. Also swashy.
    • n swash In architecture, an oval figure formed by moldings which are placed obliquely to the axis of the work.
    • swash See swash-letters.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t Swash swosh to dash or splash
    • v.i Swash to make a splashing noise, to wash up against
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Probably of imitative origin; cf. Sw. svasska, to splash, and, for sense 3, Sw. svassa, to bully, to rodomontade


In literature:

Not a sound could he hear, save the swash of the waves.
"As It Was in the Beginning" by Philip Verrill Mighels
When ole Mars say, 'Jerry, what you seen in de Vine Ridge Swash?
"Plantation Sketches" by Margaret Devereux
What, then, would they not undergo, if they knew for certain that their other child was swash-buckler to Mumbo Jumbo up here?
"Lavengro The Scholar - The Gypsy - The Priest, Vol. 2 (of 2)" by George Borrow
They were great swash-bucklers at first.
"The Eyes of Asia" by Rudyard Kipling
What, then, would they not undergo if they knew for certain that their other child was swash-buckler to Mumbo Jumbo up here?
"Lavengro The Scholar, the Gypsy, the Priest" by George Borrow
There were a great many steamers going up and down, which kept the water all the time a-swashing against the banks.
"Rollo in Scotland" by Jacob Abbott
They are getting ready to cut us off this side of the Swash channel!
"Macaria" by Augusta Jane Evans Wilson
Suddenly Blaise made a feint at Evander's leg and then swashed for his head.
"The Lady of Loyalty House" by Justin Huntly McCarthy
Down came the tons of water, booming on the deck that bent under the blow, spilling in a great cataract that swashed across the deck.
"A Man to His Mate" by J. Allan Dunn
Another and another follow with a swash and a suck and a savage bubbling of relieved pressures.
"With The Night Mail" by Rudyard Kipling

In poetry:

"More Poets yet!"—I hear him say,
Arming his heavy hand to slay;—
"Despite my skill and 'swashing blow,"
They seem to sprout where'er I go;—
I killed a host but yesterday!"
"More Poets Yet!" by Henry Austin Dobson
What wondrous flotsam! And a golden shell
Drifted beside it, stringed with silver chords,
Playing fit accompaniment to the words
That through the sounds of winds and swashing sea did swell.
"The Orphic Legacy" by Maurice Thompson
Having, with bold Horatius, stamped her feet
And waved a final swashing arabesque
O'er the brave days of old, she ceased to bleat,
Slapped her Macaulay back upon the desk,
Resuned her calm gaze and her lofty seat.
"Schoolmistress" by Wilfred Owen

In news:

And Swashes Buckled All Around.
Brondell's Swash Can Turn Almost Any Toilet Into a Bidet.
Brondell Inc.'s Swash Ecoseat is a battery-operated toilet seat with an integrated bidet that features adjustable water pressure for cleaning and push-button controls that reduce toilet-paper consumption.
Previously, air-conditioning systems on these buses were limited to automotive-style (or swash-plate) compressors .
The "Real Pirates" exhibition that opens at the Milwaukee Public Museum on Friday is sure to buckle the swash of any true pirate fan.