• Stipule adnated to Leaf-stalk
    Stipule adnated to Leaf-stalk
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n stipule a small leafy outgrowth at the base of a leaf or its stalk; usually occurring in pairs and soon shed
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The term "honeymoon" is derived from the Babylonians who declared mead, a honey-flavored wine, the official wedding drink, stipulating that the bride's parents be required to keep the groom supplied with the drink for the month following the wedding.
    • n Stipule (Bot) An appendage at the base of petioles or leaves, usually somewhat resembling a small leaf in texture and appearance.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: When 7-year-old Shirley Temple’s life was insured with Lloyd’s, the contract stipulated that no benefits would be paid if the child film star met with death or injury while intoxicated.
    • n stipule In botany: One of a pair of lateral appendages found at the base of the petiole of many leaves. Stipules are normally flat organs, leaf-like in appearance and use, or colorless and scale-like, and without function—sometimes, however, as in the magnolia, fig, and beech, serving as budscales and falling when the leaves expand. Stipules may be free from the petiole, or adnate by one edge, then passing by grades into mere wing-like expansions of its base; they may be free from one another, or variously united, sometimes so as to clasp the stem, sometimes between it and the leafstalk (then intrapetiolar), sometimes sheathing the stem, as in Polygonum, then forming ocreæ (see ocrea). The adjacent members of two opposite pairs may become connate around the stem, as in many Rubiaceæ. Stipules are sometimes reduced to mere bristles, or take the form of spines, as in the common locust; in Smilax they appear to be converted into tendrils. They are often wholly wanting, but where present they generally characterize whole families, as they do the Malvaceæ, Leguminosæ, and Rosaceæ.
    • n stipule In the Characeæ, one of certain unicellular tubes, of greater or less length, on the inner and outer sides of the socalled leaf.
    • n stipule Same as paraphyllum .
    • n stipule In ornithology, a newly sprouted feather; a pinfeather. Also stipula.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Stipule stip′ūl (bot.) an appendage or lobe at the base of certain leaves, resembling a small leaf: also, a small appendage at the base of petioles, usually softer than the latter—also Stip′ūla
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. stipula, a stalk, stem, straw: cf. F. stipule,. Cf. Stubble
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. stipula, a stalk, dim. of stipes.


In literature:

Well, I stipulated that part of my monthly pay should be deducted for my dinners.
"Yama (The Pit)" by Alexandra Kuprin
The estates were slow in providing the one hundred and fifty thousand florins which they had stipulated to furnish.
"The Rise of the Dutch Republic, Volume III.(of III) 1574-84" by John Lothrop Motley
Hence all these careful stipulations were a solemn jest, like much of the diplomatic work of this reign.
"History of the United Netherlands, 1590-1599, Vol. III. Complete" by John Lothrop Motley
It would however have been altogether inconsistent with the dignity and the traditions of the Spanish court to fulfil this stipulation.
"History of the United Netherlands, 1600-09, Vol. IV. Complete" by John Lothrop Motley
It was also stipulated that no place within the whole debateable territory should be put in the hands of a third power.
"The Life of John of Barneveld, 1609-15, Volume I." by John Lothrop Motley
Hope you then to stipulate for the preservation of a life every way forfeited to the offended justice of your country?
"Wacousta: A Tale of the Pontiac Conspiracy--Volume 3" by John Richardson
Hope you then to stipulate for the preservation of a life every way forfeited to the offended justice of your country?
"Wacousta: A Tale of the Pontiac Conspiracy (Complete)" by John Richardson
Stipulate that he is to board himself; no more than 80 francs.
"Frederick Chopin as a Man and Musician" by Frederick Niecks
THE Nihilist was shown into the dainty drawing room of the flat, and found Dorothy Amhurst alone, as he had stipulated, waiting for him.
"A Rock in the Baltic" by Robert Barr
The children were to select their own costumes; the Mayor had stipulated that.
"The Children's Book of Christmas Stories" by Various

In news:

The draft law stipulates that the village will grant boat permits for the storage of boats on village beaches.
When one of America's foremost abstract expressionists died, he left a vast catalog of 2,400 paintings and a somewhat unusual stipulation in his will.
NYT reporter scoffs at Hill staffer's ' background ' stipulation.
Financial reform's proxy-access stipulation could empower activists.
Dogs are entered in pairs as " breeder 's teams," with the only stipulation being that the same breeders must be listed on both dogs.
All area stores that take manufacturer coupons have these common stipulations.
Male prisoners will not be moved into Valley State Prison for Women in Chowchilla — at least not until September, according to a stipulation signed in court Wednesday morning.
Although the agreement stipulates that the board dissolve at some as-yet-unspecified date, business will go on as usual, Walker said Monday.
Despite Trada stipulating in court to the easement 's validity and agreeing the Vogts could maintain it, John Vogt was arrested in 2008 while clearing it of apartment sidewalks and air conditioning condensers.
David Cay Johnston explains the ways corporations hide sneaky stipulations in contract, often with government permission.
A recent grant from a California-based foundation includes this unusual stipulation: Gov Chris Christie must stay in office in New Jersey.
Kathy St Laurent, a 17-year nurse turned educator tells WBSM News the bill as is has very few stipulations.
SAN DIEGO — The analysis of never-before released government data revealed there has been an overuse of the "Stipulated Order of Removal" program.
Let me start by stipulating that I know you have people on your staff who work on increasing philanthropy for your organization.
DALLAS — The Dallas County District Attorney's office says it will drop assault charges against Dallas Cowboys player Dez Bryant, but there are two stipulations.

In science:

Our stipulation that the same POVM be measured on each of the components of the cipher output is tantamount to restricting the attacker to identical measurements on each tensor component followed by collective processing.
Quantum Noise Randomized Ciphers
The first component is what we call the “algebraic limit”, i.e. we stipulate that the limit version should have properties which correspond to the algebraic properties of the minimal variant.
Domain closure conditions and definability preservation
The disk-absorbed spectra of C IV can also be well modeled, with one stipulation, using a disk temperature Tdisk = 25,000 K and the column density given in §4.1.1.
The magnetic Bp star 36 Lyncis, II. A spectroscopic analysis of its co-rotating disk
We stipulate that our residual mismatches probably result from our use of a disk microturbulence, 20 km s−1 , that is probably much less than the turbulence in at least some regions of the disk.
The magnetic Bp star 36 Lyncis, II. A spectroscopic analysis of its co-rotating disk
In the Introduction we classified degeneracies into steepness and shape, with the stipulation that the latter category can be further subdivided depending on how many image observables we care to consider.
Gravitational lensing model degeneracies: Is steepness all-important?