states' rights


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n states' rights the rights conceded to the states by the United States constitution
    • n states' rights a doctrine that federal powers should be curtailed and returned to the individual states
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Singer Michael Jackson owns the rights to the South Carolina State anthem
    • States' rights the rights of the several independent States, as distinguished from the rights of the Federal government. It has been a question as to what rights have been vested in the general government.
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  • Georges Bernanos
    “The modern state no longer has anything but rights; it does not recognize duties any more.”
  • Calvin Coolidge
    “The government of the United States is a device for maintaining in perpetuity the rights of the people, with the ultimate extinction of all privileged classes.”
  • Sir Isaac Newton
    Sir Isaac Newton
    “Every body continues in its state of rest, or of uniform motion in a right line, unless it is compelled to change that state by forces impressed upon it.”
  • Thomas Hobbes
    “In the state of nature profit is the measure of right.”


In literature:

We have had too much of State law, too much of State rights, too much of State slavery.
"Continental Monthly, Vol. I, No. V, May, 1862" by Various
In this instance, be it remarked, no sentiment of nationality or State right came into play.
"England's Case Against Home Rule" by Albert Venn Dicey
Next came the adding of ten amendments to the constitution, all for the purpose of protecting State rights.
"Historic Papers on the Causes of the Civil War" by Mrs. Eugenia Dunlap Potts
The legal voters have the right to vote in all local, State, and national elections.
"Elements of Civil Government" by Alexander L. Peterman
On February 3 and 4, 1860, the State Woman's Rights Convention was held at Albany in Association Hall, an interesting and successful meeting.
"The Life and Work of Susan B. Anthony (Volume 1 of 2)" by Ida Husted Harper
State the distinction between personal rights and the rights of person.
"The Government Class Book" by Andrew W. Young
The Democratic party began its career as a States-rights party.
"American Eloquence, Volume I. (of 4) Studies In American Political History (1896)" by Various
Slavery is a local institution, peculiar to the States, and under the guardianship of State rights.
"American Eloquence, Volume II. (of 4) Studies In American Political History (1896)" by Various
Perhaps not; but the Constitution is not the place to look for State rights.
"American Eloquence, Volume III. (of 4) Studies In American Political History (1897)" by Various
I have never held that one State or a number of States have a right without cause to break the compact of the Constitution.
"American Eloquence, Volume IV. (of 4) Studies In American Political History (1897)" by Various

In poetry:

"I think I see a point we've missed,
And that suggests a plan."
At length said I, the Fed'ralist,
To Me, the States' Rights man.
"Another Fusion" by C J Dennis
Forgiven be the State he loved
The one brief lapse, the single blot;
Forgotten be the stain removed,
Her righted record shows it not!
"Sumner" by John Greenleaf Whittier
But, oh, how long, great God! how long
Shall this sad state of things remain:
How long shall right succumb to wrong;
How long shall justice plead in vain?
"The Black Man's Wrongs" by James Madison Bell
With happy youth, and work content,
So sweet and stately on she went,
Right careless of the untold tale. Each step she took I loved her more,
And followed to her dairy door
The maiden with the milking-pail.
"Reflections" by Jean Ingelow
Fayette! the skies were bright to thee,
And our small State right proud may be
That on thy stormy track,
Her sons were guides; for she may boast,
That ALLEN brought thee to our coast,
And MORRIS bore thee back.
"For The Carrier Of The Mirror. 1826" by John Gardiner Calkins Brainard
But Jesus Christ, God's only Son, to our low state descended,
The cause of Death He has undone, his power forever ended,
Ruined all his right and claim and left him nothing but the name,
His sting is lost forever. Alleluia!
"Christ Jesus Lay In Death's Strong Bands" by Martin Luther

In news:

Utah quarterback Travis Wilson, right, passes as Oregon State defenders Tyrequek Zimmerman, left, and Rudolf Fifita move in during the first half of their NCAA college football game in Corvallis, Ore.
So the staff would likely know about the bestselling authors around the state, right.
Let me state right now that every word you are about to read is true.
Palin spouse was member of states' rights party.
With the 2012 election season coming to an end, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is reminding citizens to use caution during the removal of political signs near state right of way.
While facility staff are required to contact the state right away when someone leaves and may be in danger, there is no mandate for them to call police.
After a vote from the Legislature Wednesday, Washington state is poised to be the seventh state to grant marriage rights to same-sex couples.
Romney tells Virginians healthcare is 'states' rights' issue .
Arizona measure on states' rights won't be on ballot.
An anti right-to-work protester and a pro right-to-work protestor yell at each other outside of Michigan's state capitol building in Lansing.
Photo courtesy of Ferris State Ferris State's Kenny Brown, right, is a preseason all-conference North Division pick after averaging 16.9 points a game last season.
Idaho State Senator, District 6 candidate and Republican Dan Johnson believes the state government is heading the right direction and needs to continue down that path.
There are 2.2 million farms across the United States, and it is estimated 36,000 of those farms are found right in New York State.
The state Department of Transportation Commission on May 21 decided to target some $64 million right now for land acquisition for highway rights-of-way.
The ACLU's Double Standard It supports state rights but only when they suit its agenda.

In science:

As the arc is crossed from left to right, there is a discontinuous increase in the density of the infinite 1-state cluster.
Random-cluster representation of the Blume-Capel model
The white dots are ruled out by the relations stated in the beginning, however the dot in the lower right corner is not independent here.
Sylvester-t' Hooft generators of sl(n) and sl(n|n), and relations between them
Example 30 Figure 5 displays the 5-state transducer which allows to compute right normal forms in the left divisibility monoid h x, y , z : xy = yz i.
Finite transducers for divisibility monoids
For instance, there is a arrow between the state w and the maximal hypercube right-dividing wz = xyz = xw, namely the state w itself ; this arrow is then labelled by z |x.
Finite transducers for divisibility monoids
More precisely (with above notation) 4.6 of states among other things that if X ⊂ G is definable (in ¯M ) then X is left generic iff right generic iff X contains an open set which is L0 -definable over M0 .
Groups, measures, and the NIP