• WordNet 3.6
    • n standpipe a vertical pipe
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Standpipe (Steam Boiler) A supply pipe of sufficient elevation to enable the water to flow into the boiler, notwithstanding the pressure of the steam.
    • Standpipe (Engin) A vertical pipe, open at the top, between a hydrant and a reservoir, to equalize the flow of water; also, a large vertical pipe, near a pumping engine, into which water is forced up, so as to give it sufficient head to rise to the required level at a distance.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n standpipe A vertical pipe erected at a well or reservoir, into which water is forced by mechanical means in order to obtain a head-pressure sufficient to convey it to a distance.
    • n standpipe A small pipe inserted into an opening in a water-main.
    • n standpipe An upright gas-pipe connecting the retort and the hydraulic main.
    • n standpipe In a steam-engine, a boiler supply-pipe elevated enough to cause water to flow into the boiler in spite of the pressure of steam.
    • n standpipe A pipe on the eduction-pipe of a steam-pump to absorb the concussions due to the pulsation and irregularities caused by the necessary use of bends and changes in the direction of pipes.
    • n standpipe An upright pipe, open at the top, used in connection with a hot-water heating system to allow room for the expansion of the water when heated; an expansion-pipe.
    • n standpipe A portable pipe used to afford a high head of water at fires. One section of a pipe is secured to trunnions, while other sections are kept in a rack, and attached when required. When the hose is coupled, the long pipe is raised by means of a wheel, and the lower end is connected with the water-supply. Another more recent form is a derrick, elevated by two cylinders and pistons analogous in construction to these parts in a steam-engine; but the pistons are moved by the pressure of carbonic acid gas, generated, immediately as wanted, from the reaction of sulphuric acid upon a solution of sodium bicarbonate in a suitable generator. The pipe is elevated above the derrick by a wire rope, pulleys, and a hand-winch. A movable butt or nozle, which can be inclined to any desired angle up or down, or turned in any direction horizontally, is controlled by a man on the lower platform of the derrick, and a copious stream can thus be poured into or upon the top of a tall building. Also called water-tower.
    • n standpipe A fixed vertical pipe for furnishing water to the upper part of a high building in case of fire. The stand-pipe may be connected to a high-pressure water-main or may be dependent on a hose from a fire-engine for its supply.
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In literature:

The standpipe amply rewarded investigation.
"Song of the Lark" by Willa Cather
Tom had caught sight of Eradicate and the giant, Koku, unreeling from a central standpipe a long line of hose.
"Tom Swift and his Aerial Warship" by Victor Appleton
Standpipes are fixed all along the hall.
"Turkish Prisoners in Egypt" by Various
Is is objectionable to fill the tanks too full of coal or overflow tank at standpipes or water tanks?
"The Traveling Engineers' Association" by Anonymous
He used wrought-iron tubes connected at the front and rear with standpipes through intermediate connections.
"Steam, Its Generation and Use" by Babcock & Wilcox Co.
Little boys came off that roof in record time, and with such a clatter that the effort of the standpipe almost lost its place as a star turn.
"Westward with the Prince of Wales" by W. Douglas Newton
In it were incorporated integral-boss standpipe oil drains which discharged into a bolted-on sump.
"The Wright Brothers' Engines and Their Design" by Leonard S. Hobbs
The overhead pipes are connected with standpipes at the highest place, generally at the ends of the rows.
"Farm Mechanics" by Herbert A. Shearer
Standpipes and air cushions.
"Physics" by Willis Eugene Tower

In news:

A broken standpipe slowed efforts to lower the level of this ponding basin, causing water to spill onto the street.
Ground ladders, hard suction hose and standpipe packs are carried on the officer's side of the engine with the three crosslay hose beds.
The Thomas Hill Standpipe was open for its fall foliage tour.
The Thomas Hill Standpipe will be open for its Fall Foliage Tour.
The standpipe opens its doors four times a year for tours.
The standpipe is not handicap accessible.
People leave the top of a Belton Fire Department fire truck after riding through Belton at the Standpipe Festival.
The 26th annual Standpipe Festival drew a large crowd to downtown Belton on Saturday.
This has got to be my favorite time of year to climb the Standpipe .
Rain brought by the outer bands of Tropical Storm Sandy fall in the Standpipe neighborhood of Kingston, Jamaica, Tuesday, Oct 23, 2012.
Set to appear at Standpipe Coffeehouse.