• WordNet 3.6
    • v squirt wet with a spurt of liquid "spurt the wall with water"
    • v squirt cause to come out in a squirt "the boy squirted water at his little sister"
    • n squirt the occurrence of a sudden discharge (as of liquid)
    • n squirt someone who is small and insignificant
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The human heart can create enough pressure that it could squirt blood at a distance of thirty feet
    • Squirt a short, overly assertive, or impudent person, especially when young; -- used in contempt.
    • Squirt A small, quick stream; a jet.
    • Squirt a youngster.
    • Squirt An instrument out of which a liquid is ejected in a small stream with force.
    • Squirt Hence, to throw out or utter words rapidly; to prate.
    • Squirt (Hydrodynamics) The whole system of flow in the vicinity of a source.
    • Squirt To be thrown out, or ejected, in a rapid stream, from a narrow orifice; -- said of liquids.
    • v. t Squirt skwẽrt To drive or eject in a stream out of a narrow pipe or orifice; as, to squirt water. "The hard-featured miscreant coolly rolled his tobacco in his cheek, and squirted the juice into the fire grate."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: On average, 350 squirts are needed from milking a cow to make a gallon of milk
    • squirt To eject with suddenness and force in a jet or rapid stream from a narrow orifice: as, to squirt water in one's face.
    • squirt To spatter or bespatter.
    • squirt To issue suddenly in a thin jet or jet-like stream, as from a syringe, or a narrow orifice suddenly opened; spurt.
    • squirt To prate; blab.
    • n squirt An instrument with which a liquid may be ejected in a strong jet-like stream; a syringe.
    • n squirt A small jet: as, a squirt of water.
    • n squirt A system of motion of a fluid, where the motion is everywhere irrotational, and where there is no expansion except at isolated points.
    • n squirt Looseness of the bowels; diarrhea.
    • n squirt A small, insignificant, but self-assertive fellow; an upstart; a cad.
    • n squirt A hasty start or spurt.
    • n squirt A sea-squirt; an ascidian or tunicary.
    • squirt To force (lead or other metal) by hydraulic pressure into the form of rods or pipes; to force through a small hole under pressure as in the manufacture of carbonaceous paste into filaments for glow-lamps or into pencils for arc-lamps.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The human heart creates enough pressure when it pumps out to the body to squirt blood 30 feet
    • v.t Squirt skwėrt to throw out water in a stream from a narrow opening
    • n Squirt a small instrument for squirting: a small, quick stream
    • ***


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Cf. LG. swirtjen, to squirt, OSw. sqvätta, E. squander,


In literature:

How to apply oil.= Do not pour or squirt oil on the rifle.
"Manual of Military Training" by James A. Moss
He snatched a fire extinguisher off the wall of the office and squirted its contents full in the bear's face.
"The Ocean Wireless Boys And The Naval Code" by John Henry Goldfrap, AKA Captain Wilbur Lawton
Squirt, squirt, squirt, squirt.
"Here and Now Story Book" by Lucy Sprague Mitchell
But he rallied quickly, and with well-charged squirt-gun attacked the new defender of the yacht.
"Historic Boys" by Elbridge Streeter Brooks
Tungsten metal was first used for incandescent lamps in the form of a paste, squirted into the shape of a thread.
"Electricity for the farm" by Frederick Irving Anderson
Every little squirt of a soldier can shout: 'Here guard!
"The House with the Mezzanine and Other Stories" by Anton Tchekoff
The coffee squirted all over the front of Asrange's clean white tunic.
"The Jupiter Weapon" by Charles Louis Fontenay
Ef we want to go up off the ground we squirt out under the machine an' that gives us a h'ist.
"The Panchronicon" by Harold Steele Mackaye
Remove the syringe from the steriliser, squirt out the water from its interior, and allow to cool.
"The Elements of Bacteriological Technique" by John William Henry Eyre
She squirted the wine into his open mouth.
"The Saracen: The Holy War" by Robert Shea

In poetry:

But if you or I pull his handles, why
The Moo Cow Moo says it hurts,
But the hired man sits down close by
And squirts, and squirts, and squirts.
"Moo Cow Moo" by Edmund Vance Cooke
I love you more than a duck can swim,
And more than a grapefruit squirts,
I love you more than a gin rummy is a bore,
And more than a toothache hurts.
"To My Valentine" by Ogden Nash
Shunned are the games a parent proposes,
They prefer to squirt each other with hoses,
Their playmates are their natural foemen
And they like to poke each other's abdomen.
"Children's Party" by Ogden Nash
An' he wropt th'uther end with some string an' white
Piece o' the sleeve of a' old tored shirt;
An' nen he showed me to hold it tight,
An' suck in the water an' work it right
An' it 'ud ist squirt an' squirt!
"The Squirtgun Uncle Maked Me" by James Whitcomb Riley
Of pictures, I should like to own
Titians aud Raphaels three or four,—
I love so much their style and tone,
One Turner, and no more,
(A landscape,—foreground golden dirt,—
The sunshine painted with a squirt.)
"Contentment" by Oliver Wendell Holmes
Oh, yes, the gush of spring is strong enough
to toss the globe of earth like a ball on a water-jet
dancing sportfully;
as you see a tiny celluloid ball tossing on a squirt of water
for men to shoot at, penny-a-time, in a booth at a fair.
"Craving For Spring" by D H Lawrence

In news:

45-1 Longshot Ceeband Upsets Squirtle Squirt in Triple Bend.
Pincay has been in the irons for all of Squirtle Squirt 's starts.
Squirtle Squirt earned $63,540 for the win, his fourth in five starts.
Pontiac woman, upset over lack of hot sauce, arrested after squirting store clerk with ketchup in Troy.
My boyfriend and I have been dating for nine months, and I only recently told him I can squirt .
When we would have sex before, I would tell him to stop before I came because I didn't want to squirt .
Four western Pennsylvania teens have been charged in a drive-by squirt gun attack, and police say the parents of one teen will also be charged with disorderly conduct for yelling at officers who were investigating the incident.
Squirting and the ass icon.
What's a song- squirt .
The catch is that the squirt is fast-drying--in three days it goes away.
She's done it one time using her vibrator alone and she really wants me to make her squirt (without the sex toys).
Use her vibrator to get her to squirt first.
Dress up your hot dog with these fresh toppings and you'll never go back to a simple squirt again.
Squirt, a juvenile terrapin, is measured by Conococheague Elementary School student Christopher Andrews.
Lucas Tota of the Lakers chases the puck in recent Squirt Division action at the Jamestown Savings Bank Arena.

In science:

Fountain-effect pumps squirt superfluid liquid helium into a reservoir under the aperture plane assembly, where it boils to keep the top plate cold (dumping the radiative heat load from the IR lines in the atmosphere).
The Cosmic Microwave Background Spectrum