• A Special 4-Rail Transfer Truck
    A Special 4-Rail Transfer Truck
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n specialness the quality of being particular and pertaining to a specific case or instance "the particularity of human situations"
    • n specialness a distinguishing trait
    • ***

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A Special 2-Rail Flexible Transfer Truck A Special 2-Rail Flexible Transfer Truck
A Special Transfer Car for handling Stave Bolt Trucks A Special Transfer Car for handling Stave Bolt Trucks
Church buildings ... special attention Church buildings ... special attention


  • William Shakespeare
    “Suit the action to the world, the world to the action, with this special observance, that you overstep not the modesty of nature.”
  • David Ben-Gurion
    David Ben-Gurion
    “Courage is a special kind of knowledge: the knowledge of how to fear what ought to be feared and how not to fear what ought no to be feared.”
  • Edgar R. Fiedler
    Edgar R. Fiedler
    “For economist the real world is often a special case.”
  • Anna Chennault
    Anna Chennault
    “Equal opportunity is good, but special privilege is better.”
  • Marcel Masse
    Marcel Masse
    “The more the world is specialized the more it will be run by generalists.”
  • Les Brown
    “Fear does not have any special power unless you empower it by submitting to it.”


In literature:

What special line of reading was Lady Sellingworth's likely to be?
"December Love" by Robert Hichens
To-night, however, her looks were specially soft.
"Robert Elsmere" by Mrs. Humphry Ward
There were three special modes of oratory in which Cicero displayed his powers.
"Life of Cicero" by Anthony Trollope
The special place of iron is in the coloring matter of the blood.
"A Practical Physiology" by Albert F. Blaisdell
Any movement not specially excepted may be executed in double time.
"Manual for Noncommissioned Officers and Privates of Infantry of the" by War Department
Special ability, skill and team work are only acquired by long specialized practice.
"Industrial Progress and Human Economics" by James Hartness
At the first session of Congress under the constitution, this ordinance was ratified by a special act.
"The Anti-Slavery Examiner, Part 2 of 4" by American Anti-Slavery Society
A specially persecuted people.
"The Lost Ten Tribes, and 1882" by Joseph Wild
And they swore me specially to say nothing up here.
"The Landleaguers" by Anthony Trollope
This last class of eye movements is specially instructive and shows specially well the mobility of attention.
"Psychology" by Robert S. Woodworth

In poetry:

'So many loving maids would wed,
And wondrous mothers be.'
'I'll buy the love I want,' he said,
'No squally brats for me.'
. . . I hope the devil stoketh well
For him a special hell.
"A Bachelor" by Robert W Service
Our Superintendent superintend;
On him Thy special blessings send,
And guide him in the way;
Enrich our Treasurer with Thy grace,
So that he may adorn the place,
He fills so well to-day.
"Anniversary Hymn" by David John Scott
There's nought in man, that can the Godhead move
To shew him such regard — such wondrous love!
But God himself, out of his special grace,
Vouchsafes us Christ — to save a ruin'd race.
"Advice, To Search For The Lord Jesus Christ" by Rees Prichard
To those which God designed should live
For special duties, He might give
To move mankind along
Upon the road toward perfect man,
That He might thus reveal His plan,
And happiness prolong.
"The Five Senses" by Jared Barhite
She daurna leuk up she's sae doon i' the mouth:
Weel kens she the bodies that dwall in the South,
And specially the Cockneys, are lauchin' ilk ane
At her an' her sticket big humplock o' stane.
"Auld Scotland At The Abbey Craig In November, 1864" by Janet Hamilton
Life to the kosmic ages! Lyre,
Burst in blessing, high and higher,
Still to Him, all to Him,
Throned above the cherubim,
Whose “Be” was worlds: in special grace,
Father of the Thoughtful Race.
"The Lyre" by Thomas Aird

In news:

Grandpa, a blue-ribbon chef, prepared special fare for me on request.
For four decades, it has been appearing on the nightly news in the hands of police, anti-terrorist and special operations professionals.
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – Madison Bumgarner's teammates had something special for him — a shower of beer and shaving cream, a celebration for his first career complete game and shutout.
Winning a single race is tough enough, so getting a thousand is a pretty special accomplishment.
KKFI-FM 90.1 airs special radio show "Civil Rights and the Story of the 1923 Catcher, Arkansas Race Incident" during the 101st NAACP Convention.
We celebrate a long legacy and action-packed history on this special day.
His birthday is actually November 25, 1906, but Wednesday was a special birthday celebration for the nation's oldest Marine.
Special celebration planned for Pineland's 110th .
Special celebration to note Pineland's 110th anniversary.
LOS FELIZ — On Friday, December 16, the 115th Anniversary of Griffith Park was celebrated by Los Angeles City Councilman Tom LaBonge with a special ceremony at Griffith Observatory.
The new window is being revealed at a special service Sunday afternoon at Grace Episcopal Church in Concord.
He writes about a special memory of the recent late Dr Frank A Anderson.
The Robert McCormick Foundation provides funding to journalism and nonprofit organizations to host specialized reporting institutes (SRIs), providing journalism training in specialized subjects.
(WIBW)-- One special lady celebrated a very special birthday today.
Vulcan Group Inc, in business since 1991, specializes in producing firearms and accessories for special operations forces and Law Enforcement agencies here and abroad.

In science:

Ahluwalia, Operational indistinguishabilty of doubly special relativities from special relativity, [gr-qc/0212128]; Note: M.
Extended set of Majorana spinors, a new dispersion relation, and a preferred frame
Remark 2.1. A special spine of a compact M with boundary is dual to an ideal triangulation of M , and a special spine of a closed M is dual to a 1-vertex triangulation of M , as suggested by Fig. 2.
Complexity of 3-manifolds
It was found that (after suitable changes of variables) all of these ODEs have general solutions in terms of classical special functions (defined by linear equations) or elliptic functions, except for six special equations which are now known as Painlev´e I-VI (or just PI-VI).
Painleve tests, singularity structure and integrability
Bianchi identities, when specialized to special type IIB A, B and C backgrounds in Table 3.4, give a particularly simple second order equation.
Flux compactifications in string theory: a comprehensive review
Grassmanian of Special Lagrangian planes SL( R4 ) Combining the results from subsection 2.2 and subsection 2.3 it becomes very simple to analyse the Grassmanian of Special Lagrangian planes.
Review of SU(2)-Calibrations