• WordNet 3.6
    • v souse cover with liquid; pour liquid onto "souse water on his hot face"
    • v souse cook in a marinade "souse herring"
    • v souse become drunk or drink excessively
    • v souse immerse briefly into a liquid so as to wet, coat, or saturate "dip the garment into the cleaning solution","dip the brush into the paint"
    • n souse the act of making something completely wet "he gave it a good drenching"
    • n souse pork trimmings chopped and pickled and jelled
    • n souse a person who drinks alcohol to excess habitually
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Souse A corrupt form of Sou.
    • Souse Pickle made with salt.
    • Souse Something kept or steeped in pickle; esp., the pickled ears, feet, etc., of swine. "And he that can rear up a pig in his house,
      Hath cheaper his bacon, and sweeter his souse ."
    • n Souse The act of sousing, or swooping. "As a falcon fair
      That once hath failed or her souse full near."
    • Souse The act of sousing; a plunging into water.
    • Souse The ear; especially, a hog's ear.
    • Souse To drench, as by an immersion; to wet throughly. "Although I be well soused in this shower."
    • Souse To plunge or immerse in water or any liquid. "They soused me over head and ears in water."
    • v. t Souse To pounce upon. "The gallant monarch] like eagle o'er his serie towers,
      To souse annoyance that comes near his nest."
    • Souse To steep in pickle; to pickle. "A soused gurnet."
    • v. i Souse To swoop or plunge, as a bird upon its prey; to fall suddenly; to rush with speed; to make a sudden attack. "For then I viewed his plunge and souse Into the foamy main.""Jove's bird will souse upon the timorous hare."
    • adv Souse With a sudden swoop; violently.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n souse Pickle made with salt; sauce.
    • n souse Something kept or steeped in pickle; especially, the head, ears, and feet of swine pickled.
    • n souse The car: in contempt.
    • souse To steep in piekle.
    • souse To plunge (into water or other liquid); cover or drench (with liquid).
    • souse To pour or dash, as water.
    • souse To swoop; rush with violence; descend with speed or headlong, as a hawk on its prey.
    • souse To strike.
    • souse To be diligent.
    • souse To strike with sudden violence, as a bird strikes its prey; pounce upon.
    • n souse A pouncing down; a stoop or swoop; a swift or precipitate descent, especially for attack: as, the souse of a hawk upon its prey.
    • n souse A blow; a thump.
    • n souse A dip or plunge in the water.
    • souse With a sudden plunge; with headlong descent; with violent motion downward; less correctly, with sudden violence in any direction.
    • n souse See sous.
    • n souse In architecture, a support or underprop.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t Souse sows to strike with sudden violence, as a bird its prey
    • v.i Souse to rush with speed, as a bird on its prey
    • n Souse violent attack, as of a bird striking its prey
    • adj Souse (Shak.) sudden, violent
    • adv Souse with sudden violence, with swift descent downwards
    • n Souse sows pickle made of salt: anything steeped in pickle: the ear, feet, &c. of swine pickled
    • v.t Souse to steep in pickle: to plunge into water
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Probably fr. OF. sors, p. p. of sordre, to rise, and first used of an upward swood, then of a swoop in general, but also confused with Souse (v. t.) See Source


In literature:

At the first water which we saw I took time to give my head a good souse.
"Who Goes There?" by Blackwood Ketcham Benson
Sous le commandement de M. J. Dumont D'Urville.
"Narrative Of The Voyage Of H.M.S. Rattlesnake, Commanded By The Late Captain Owen Stanley, R.N., F.R.S. Etc. During The Years 1846-1850. Including Discoveries And Surveys In New Guinea, The Louisiade Archipelago, Etc. To Which Is Added The Account Of Mr. E.B. Kennedy's Expedition For The Exploration Of The Cape York Peninsula. By John Macgillivray, F.R.G.S. Naturalist To The Expedition. In Two Volumes. Volume 1." by John MacGillivray
Only four sous each, and an opportunity that will never occur again!
"In the Days of My Youth" by Amelia Ann Blandford Edwards
"The Virginia Housewife" by Mary Randolph
At Goree the bar, under the French, was 4, pieces of 24 sous, and 1 of 6; but at present the bar is considered a dollar.
"Observations Upon The Windward Coast Of Africa" by Joseph Corry
No, he might not even take the sous she offered him: all, all, had been arranged, Mademoiselle!
"The Purple Heights" by Marie Conway Oemler
They were always delighted to come with me, and did not mind being soused by a roller now and then when filling my "pippy" bag.
"By Rock and Pool on an Austral Shore, and Other Stories" by Louis Becke
Do you suppose that it is for two sous' worth of polish on your boots that I love you?
"Poor Relations" by Honore de Balzac
Would you mind telling me just why you soused your tea into his face?
"The Daredevil" by Maria Thompson Daviess
You can sit in the gallery for five sous if you like the company of the Paris gamin.
"Lippincott's Magazine of Popular Literature and Science, Vol. 15, No. 90, June, 1875" by Various

In poetry:

Meanwhile the soldiers sigh'd and sobb'd,
For not one sous had they;
His Excellence had each man fobb'd,
For he had sunk their pay.
"The Viceroy. A Ballad." by Matthew Prior
The lichts o' langsyne are noo laid on the shelf,
An' maybe they've smoor't the wee wannerin' elf,
Or sous'd the bit Spunk in some broun mossy stank,
Sae deep that it canna win up to the bank.
"Spunkie" by Janet Hamilton
Yes, with his brethren clinging at his cloak,
The statue on his shoulders—fit to choke—
One most tremendous bound made Hyacinth,
And soused friars, statue, and all, slap-dash into the Dnieper!
"The Legend Of St. Sophia Of Kioff" by William Makepeace Thackeray
And men who starve on Lettermore,
Cursing the haggard, hungry surf,
Will souse the autumn's bruised grains
To light dark fires within their brains
And fight with stones on Lettermore
Or sprawl beside the smoky turf.
"Lettermore" by Francis Brett Young
Look - my triangular Cape of Good Hope.
To purchase it I had to sell my car.
Now in my pocket for some sous I grope
To pay my omnibus when home is far,
And I am cold and hungry and footsore,
In haste to add some beauty to my store.
"Stamp Collector" by Robert W Service
Thy wife, answer'd Matthew, when she went abroad,
Ne'er told thee of half the by-ways she had trod;
Perhaps she met friends, and brought pence to thy house,
But thou shalt go home without ever a sous. Derry down, down, hey derry down.
"Down-Hall. A Ballad." by Matthew Prior

In news:

Former Playground Sous-Chef To Open New Restaurant in Laguna Beach.
Literary Bushwick meets affordably-soused Bushwick at Molasses Bookstore.
The former sous chef at Marvin has been put in charge of his own kitchen as part of operators Eric and Ian Hilton's fast-growing empire of bars and restaurants in the District.
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Sous chef promoted to executive chef at 8-twelve.
Sous chef Frank DeLoach fires up the wok.
Andrew Miller, who joined 8-twelve MVP Bar & Grill in Brookfield as sous chef at its opening in summer, has been named the restaurant's executive chef.
View full size Photo provided Executive Chef at Fin in Atlantic City Demetrios Haronis and Sous Chef Al Hughes.

In science:

Sikorav, Construction de sous-vari´et´es symplectiques (d’apr`es S. K.
Universality and scaling of zeros on symplectic manifolds
Spaltenstein, Classes unipotentes et sous-groupes de Borel, Lecture Notes in Mathematics, 946.
On Q-factorial terminalizations of nilpotent orbits
Intersection de sous-vari´et´es lagrangiennes, fonctionnelles d’action et indice des syst`emes hamiltoniens.
Open strings, Lagrangian conductors and Floer functor
Derriennic, Un théorème ergodique presque sous-additif, Ann.
On random topological Markov chains with big images and preimages
Matsumoto, Sur les sous-groupes arithmetiques des groupes semisimples deployes, These, Univ. de Paris, 1968. C.
Local Rigidity of Partially Hyperbolic Actions