• WordNet 3.6
    • adj sour smelling of fermentation or staleness
    • adj sour showing a brooding ill humor "a dark scowl","the proverbially dour New England Puritan","a glum, hopeless shrug","he sat in moody silence","a morose and unsociable manner","a saturnine, almost misanthropic young genius"- Bruce Bliven","a sour temper","a sullen crowd"
    • adj sour inaccurate in pitch "a false (or sour) note","her singing was off key"
    • adj sour having a sharp biting taste
    • adj sour in an unpalatable state "sour milk"
    • adj sour one of the four basic taste sensations; like the taste of vinegar or lemons
    • v sour go sour or spoil "The milk has soured","The wine worked","The cream has turned--we have to throw it out"
    • v sour make sour or more sour
    • n sour the property of being acidic
    • n sour the taste experience when vinegar or lemon juice is taken into the mouth
    • n sour a cocktail made of a liquor (especially whiskey or gin) mixed with lemon or lime juice and sugar
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Cheese was first made in the Middle East when hunters became herders and realized that milk could solidify (sour milk).
    • n Sour A sour or acid substance; whatever produces a painful effect.
    • Sour Afflictive; painful. "Sour adversity."
    • Sour Changed, as by keeping, so as to be acid, rancid, or musty, turned.
    • Sour Cold and unproductive; as, sour land; a sour marsh.
    • Sour Disagreeable; unpleasant; hence; cross; crabbed; peevish; morose; as, a man of a sour temper; a sour reply. "A sour countenance.""He was a scholar . . . Lofty and sour to them that loved him not,
      But to those men that sought him sweet as summer."
    • Sour Having an acid or sharp, biting taste, like vinegar, and the juices of most unripe fruits; acid; tart. "All sour things, as vinegar, provoke appetite."
    • v. i Sour To become sour; to turn from sweet to sour; as, milk soon sours in hot weather; a kind temper sometimes sours in adversity. "They keep out melancholy from the virtuous, and hinder the hatred of vice from souring into severity."
    • Sour To cause or permit to become harsh or unkindly. "Souring his cheeks.""Pride had not sour'd nor wrath debased my heart."
    • Sour To cause to become sour; to cause to turn from sweet to sour; as, exposure to the air sours many substances. "So the sun's heat, with different powers,
      Ripens the grape, the liquor sours ."
    • Sour To macerate, and render fit for plaster or mortar; as, to sour lime for business purposes.
    • Sour To make cold and unproductive, as soil.
    • Sour To make unhappy, uneasy, or less agreeable. "To sour your happiness I must report,
      The queen is dead."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • sour Having an acid taste; sharp to the taste; tart; acid; specifically, acid in consequence of fermentation; fermented, and thus spoiled: as, sour bread; sour milk.
    • sour Harsh of temper; crabbed; peevish; austere; morose: as, a man of a sour temper.
    • sour Afflictive; hard to bear; bitter; disagreeable to the feelings; distasteful in any manner.
    • sour Expressing discontent, displeasure, or peevishness: as, a sour word.
    • sour Cold; wet; harsh; unkindly to crops: said of soil.
    • sour Coarse: said of grass.
    • sour Synonyms Acetous, acetose.
    • sour Cross, testy, waspish, snarling, cynical.
    • n sour Something sour or acid; something bitter or disagreeable.
    • n sour Dirt; filth.
    • n sour An acid punch.
    • n sour In bleaching and dyeing:
    • n sour A bath of buttermilk or sour milk, or of soured bran or rye-flour, used by primitive bleachers.
    • n sour A weak solution of sulphuric or hydrochloric acid, used for various purposes. Compare souring, 5.
    • sour To become sour; become acid; acquire the quality of tartness or pungency to the taste, as by fermentation: as, cider sours rapidly in the rays of the sun.
    • sour To become peevish, crabbed, or harsh in temper.
    • sour To become harsh, wet, cold, or unkindly to crops: said of soil.
    • sour To make sour; make acid; cause to have a sharp taste, especially by fermentation.
    • sour To make harsh, crabbed, morose, or bitter in temper; make cross or discontented; embitter; prejudice.
    • sour To make harsh, wet, cold, or unkindly to crops: said of soil.
    • sour In bleaching, etc., to treat with a dilute acid.
    • sour To macerate and render fit for plaster or mortar, as lime.
    • sour Sourly; bitterly.
    • n sour In drenching or puering skins, the old liquor which has become sour or turned.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Sour sowr having a pungent, acid taste: turned, as milk: rancid: crabbed or peevish in temper: bitter: cold and wet, as soil
    • v.t Sour to make sour or acid: to make cross, peevish, or discontented
    • v.i Sour to become sour or acid: to become peevish or crabbed
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  • Edwin Hubbel Chapin
    “Tribulation will not hurt you, unless as it too often does; it hardens you and makes you sour, narrow and skeptical.”
  • Frederic Raphael
    Frederic Raphael
    “The television critic, whatever his pretensions, does not labor in the same vineyard as those he criticizes; his grapes are all sour.”
  • William Shakespeare
    “The tartness of his face sours ripe grapes.”
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson
    “Every sweet has its sour; every evil its good.”
  • Samuel Goldwyn
    “You've got to take the bitter with the sour.”
  • Pearl Bailey
    Pearl Bailey
    “There is a period of life when we swallow knowledge of ourselves and it becomes either good or sour inside.”


Sour grapes - When someone says something critical or negative because they are jealous, it is a case of sour grapes.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. sour, sur, AS. sr,; akin to D. zuur, G. sauer, OHG. sr, Icel. srr, Sw. sur, Dan. suur, Lith. suras, salt, Russ. surovui, harsh, rough. Cf. Sorrel, the plant


In literature:

Practically all crops are benefited by it on sour soils and especially the vegetable crops.
"Trees, Fruits and Flowers of Minnesota, 1916" by Various
Sometimes, it is "the pot calling the kettle black;" more often it is a clear case of "sour grapes.
"Explanation of Catholic Morals" by John H. Stapleton
It should be prepared in a wooden tub, and a sufficient quantity of acid used to give the water a sour taste.
"The People's Common Sense Medical Adviser in Plain English" by R. V. Pierce
Mix to a smooth paste with sour cream and serve with baked fish.
"How to Cook Fish" by Olive Green
The latter greeted Abe with a sour nod.
"Abe and Mawruss" by Montague Glass
Nejoumi looked at him sourly for a moment.
"The Four Feathers" by A. E. W. Mason
Such beer cannot keep, without becoming sour.
"A Treatise on Adulterations of Food, and Culinary Poisons" by Fredrick Accum
The bunch calls him the Elephant, 'n' he's sour as lemons.
"Blister Jones" by John Taintor Foote
The track they were following sloped slightly upward, and a change in the wind brought to them a sour odor, blanking out all normal scents.
"The Time Traders" by Andre Norton
As planets went, Uller was no bargain, he thought sourly.
"Uller Uprising" by Henry Beam Piper, John D. Clark and John F. Carr

In poetry:

She letteth fall some luring baits
For fools to gather up;
Too sweet, too sour, to every taste
She tempereth her cup.
"Love's Servile Lot" by Robert Southwell
Some say the world is cold and sour,
Devoid of fellow-feeling,
But day by day and hour by hour,
To me comes a revealing
"Amityville" by Jared Barhite
A neighbor chap saw th' state o' things,
An' pitied ther distress,
An' begg'd em not to be soa sour
Abaht soa sweet a mess;
"Th' Traitle Sop" by John Hartley
How can we picture in our dreams
The joys that thro' thy paen glow,
That joy that sours so high it seems
About to break in woe?
"The Skylark" by Cicely Fox Smith
The winter wind is not so cold
As the bright smile he sees me win,
Nor the host's oldest wine so old
As our poor gabble, sour and thin.
"Without And Withiin" by James Russell Lowell
'Twas djust before my dinner hour —
Well, let the djuicy djoint go sour!
Djoyful I read. I djust must see
What this strange djolan word may be!
"Djolan" by Ellis Parker Butler

In news:

Sweetener Advocate, Soured by Obesity Links, Targets Moms in Ads.
A family vacation ends on a sour note when a Rhode Island family is kicked off their return flight home.
SJ-R gets a sour Apple from GateHouse.
SJ-R gets a sour Apple from GateHouse .
Sour note for Ghent funds.
Mix beer and wine and college students, and the result can turn sour.
Obama today to face New Hampshire voters now sour on him.
Apple looks good now, but will it sour.
Sweet and sour fruit flavors, liquid-filled centers and natural ingredients are making new gummy products better-tasting …and better for you, too.
Gwynn Park's season ends on a sour note in loss to Digital Harbor.
In a special consumer report, Action News helps some families who have fallen victim to a sour real estate deal and are now on the verge of losing their homes.
Soft-drink tax idea gets sour reception.
If you still weren't sold knowing that Metallica, Anthrax, Linkin Park, Stone Sour and A Perfect Circle were heading to Australia's Soundwave Festival early next year, does the addition of Slayer make you want to book your ticket right now.
It can be served with a Michigan sour cherry sauce.
Mini ricotta latkes with sour cherry sauce.

In science:

The sour ces with highest tangential velocity occur towards the the Galactic Centre direction and it is therefore in this direction that GLAST or VERITAS may find it easiest to detect them unambiguously.
Simple Models for the Distribution of Dark Matter
Han, “The reliability functions of the general sour ce with fixed-length coding,” T.S.
An Information-Spectrum Approach to Classical and Quantum Hypothesis Testing for Simple Hypotheses
Ihara, “The error exponent and minimum achievable rates for the fixed-length coding of general sour ces,” IEICE Trans.
An Information-Spectrum Approach to Classical and Quantum Hypothesis Testing for Simple Hypotheses
Our efforts focus on modeling experiments performed using the Omega laser facility at the University of Rochester (Soures et al. 1996; Boehly 1995; Bradley 1998) that involve shock propagation through a multi-layer target.
On Validating an Astrophysical Simulation Code
The primary targets are young supernova remnants and binary X-ray soures.
X-ray astronomy in the new Millenium. A Summary