• WordNet 3.6
    • v sop cover with liquid; pour liquid onto "souse water on his hot face"
    • v sop dip into liquid "sop bread into the sauce"
    • v sop be or become thoroughly soaked or saturated with a liquid
    • v sop give a conciliatory gift or bribe to
    • n SOP a prescribed procedure to be followed routinely "rote memorization has been the educator's standard operating procedure for centuries"
    • n sop a concession given to mollify or placate "the offer was a sop to my feelings"
    • n sop piece of solid food for dipping in a liquid
    • ***
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The English word "soup" comes from the Middle Ages word "sop," which means a slice of bread over which roast drippings were poured. The first archaeological evidence of soup being consumed dates back to 6000 B.C., with the main ingredient being Hippopotamus bones
    • Sop A thing of little or no value.
    • Sop Anything given to pacify; -- so called from the sop given to Cerberus, as related in mythology. "All nature is cured with a sop ."
    • Sop Anything steeped, or dipped and softened, in any liquid; especially, something dipped in broth or liquid food, and intended to be eaten. "He it is to whom I shall give a sop , when I have dipped it.""Sops in wine, quantity, inebriate more than wine itself.""The bounded waters
      Should lift their bosoms higher than the shores,
      And make a sop of all this solid globe."
    • v. t Sop To steep or dip in any liquid.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n sop Something soaked; a morsel, as of bread, dipped in a liquid before being eaten; a piece of bread softened, as in broth or milk, or intended to be so softened.
    • n sop Hence A morsel of food; a small portion of food or drink; a mouthful; a bite.
    • n sop Something given to pacify or quiet; a bribe: so used in allusion to the sop given to Cerberus in order to secure a quiet entrance to the lower world.
    • n sop A small piece; a fragment: a particle; hence, a trifle; a thing of little or no value.
    • sop To dip or soak in a liquid.
    • sop To take up by absorption: followed by up: as, to sop up water with a sponge.
    • sop To soak in; penetrate, as a liquid; percolate.
    • sop To be drenched; be soaked with wet: as, his clothes were sopping with rain.
    • n sop An abbreviation of soprano.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Sop sop anything dipped or soaked, esp. in soup, to be eaten: anything given to satisfy or quieten
    • v.t Sop to steep in liquor: to take up by absorption (with up)
    • v.i Sop to soak in, percolate: to be soaked:—pr.p. sop′ping; pa.t. and pa.p. sopped
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. sop, soppe,; akin to AS. span, to sup, to sip, to drink, D. sop, sop, G. suppe, soup, Icel. soppa, sop. See Sup (v. t.), and cf. Soup


In literature:

That was one sop to conscience when I remembered that she was a wife.
"Desert Dust" by Edwin L. Sabin
She lives almost entirely upon weak tea and bread sops.
"The Toilers of the Field" by Richard Jefferies
I must hurry, or they will be all sopping wet.
"Nine Little Goslings" by Susan Coolidge
Even my martial cloak is sopping, though the lining is what, considering all things, I might call dry.
"A Yeoman's Letters" by P. T. Ross
And, meanwhile, the soul is being made into a sop.
"Laurus Nobilis" by Vernon Lee
It should be sopped on frequently with a soft cloth and allowed to dry on the skin.
"The Home Medical Library, Volume II (of VI)" by Various
She was busy feeding little Rudolph with bits of bread sopped in warm broth.
"One Snowy Night" by Emily Sarah Holt
Look you here, sir, if it aint a-sopping up beautiful.
"The Perpetual Curate" by Mrs [Margaret] Oliphant
A little sopped bread will be taken as a change, but there must be a little animal food.
"Little Folks (December 1884)" by Various
The bag gets sopped at once and the pears fall through it.
"A Padre in France" by George A. Birmingham

In poetry:

Ajax said, quite raging,
"This thing's got to stop,
Bossing Negroes' voting,
No more'll be a sop."
"Ajax Votes for McKinley" by Frank Barbour Coffin
This didn't suit th' young lads a bit,--
They didn't mean to stop,
They felt detarmin'd that they'd get
Another traitle sop.
"Th' Traitle Sop" by John Hartley
Remember how the Devil, fatal guest!
Erst enter'd Judas's unhallow'd breast,
When he receiv'd the sop, and rashly eat,
Though plung'd in sin, the consecrated meat.
"A Preparation For The Holy Communion" by Rees Prichard
They fought a weary time that day,
And seas of purple blood were shed,
Till by Winfreda's cunning lay
That awful wolf all limp and dead;
Winfreda saw him reel and drop—
Then back she went to brewing sop.
"Winfreda" by Eugene Field
When to the dreary greenwood gloam
Winfreda's husband strode that day,
The fair Winfreda bode at home
To toil the weary time away;
"While thou art gone to hunt," said she,
"I'll brew a goodly sop for thee."
"Winfreda" by Eugene Field
So when the husband came at night
From bootless chase, cold, gaunt, and grim,
Great was that Saxon lord's delight
To find the sop dished up for him;
And as he ate, Winfreda told
How she had laid the wolf out cold.
"Winfreda" by Eugene Field

In news:

This process addresses the fundamental "why" questions: Why is there an SOP.
Swatting, TSA Admits Breaking SOP But Not Strip Searching, Virus Discovered After 10 Years, and More.
Local 23 year old resident of Big Bear Lake Christopher Sop passed away yesterday after being involved in a bicycle accident.
Cause of LI man's death in SOP still undetermined.
Isaac's floodwaters recede in Louisiana leaving a sopping mess.
Waters recede in Louisiana, leaving sopping mess.
CBS Cruises, but SpongeBob Sops Up Viewers.
They're thicker and will sop up the meat's juices and cool sauce.
Come in and enjoy pasta, sops, salads, burgers and our brick oven pizza and calzones.
Be sure to serve it with a side that will sop up the glaze .
Serve the chicken with something to "sop" up the glaze .
When you take Joe Rivera's Kickboxing Burn at Burn Fitness you will sweat so much you will be sopping wet by the time you leave.
Piedmont Aircraft takes over maintenance facility at SOP.
This morning the class quickly hustled through a 65-question written test covering 5 textbook chapters and 17 Department SOPs.
Temple Memorial Library's Soup or Sop contest in Diboll.

In science:

In this paper we obtain recursion relations for SOP.
Generalized Christoffel-Darboux formula for skew-orthogonal polynomials and random matrix theory
We have dropped the superscript β (as in ) and ) since we will only be interested in SOP arising in the study of symplectic ensembles of random matrices.
Skew-orthogonal polynomials: the quartic case
Having obtained the polynomials for the specific case of d = 2, we will discuss briefly about the zeros of these SOP in this section.
Skew-orthogonal polynomials: the quartic case
This paper gives a formalism to derive the SOP arising in the study of symplectic ensembles of random matrices .
Skew-orthogonal polynomials: the quartic case
When the crystallite size of Z nO is 10nm < L < 100nm, the SOP can be appear and its intensity increasing with reducing the nano-column diameter34 .
Ferromagnetism in Co-doped ZnO films grown by molecular beam epitaxy: magnetic, electrical and microstructural studies