• Moving someone
    Moving someone
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n someone a human being "there was too much for one person to do"
    • ***


  • Mohammed
    “If anyone tells you someone has changed their character; don't believe it.”
  • Stacia Tauscher
    Stacia Tauscher
    “We worry about what a child will be tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.”
  • William Saroyan
    William Saroyan
    “Every man in the world is better than someone else and not as good someone else.”
  • Lao-Tzu
    “To love someone deeply gives you strength. Being loved by someone deeply gives you courage.”
  • Ruggiero Ricci
    Ruggiero Ricci
    “A specialist is someone who does everything else worse.”
  • Barbara Ehrenreich
    “Someone has to stand up for wimps.”


Beat someone to the draw - (USA) If you beat someone to the draw, you do something before they do.
Beat the daylights out of someone - If someone beats the daylights out of another person, they hit them repeatedly. ('Knock' can also be used and it can be made even stronger by saying 'the living daylights'.)
Behind someone's back - If you do something behind someone's back, you do it without telling them.
Bend someone's ear - To bend someone's ear is to talk to someone about something for a long-enough period that it becomes tiresome for the listener.
Bite someone's head off - If you bite someone's head off, you criticise them angrily.
Bring someone to book - If somebody is brought to book, they are punished or made to account for something they have done wrong.
Bring someone to heel - If you bring someone to heel, you make them obey you.('Call someone to heel' is also used.)
Catch someone red-handed - If someone is caught red-handed, they are found doing something wrong or illegal.
Cook someone's goose - If you cook someone's goose, you ruin their plans.
Cut someone some slack - To relax a rule or make an allowance, as in allowing someone more time to finish something.
Dancing on someone's grave - If you will dance on someone's grave, you will outlive or outlast them and will celebrate their demise.
Dress someone down - If you dress someone down, you scold them.
Drive someone up the wall - If something or someone drives you up the wall, they do something that irritates you greatly.
Drop someone a line - If you drop someone a line, you send a letter to them.
Eat someone alive - If you eat someone alive, you defeat or beat them comprehensively.


In literature:

For it is usually someone of whom one knows nothing at all that gets shot accidentally.
"When Ghost Meets Ghost" by William Frend De Morgan
Bennington heard someone shouting hoarsely about the lights.
"Take the Reason Prisoner" by John Joseph McGuire
I wonder we did not kill someone or something in the bazaar.
"Banked Fires" by E. W. (Ethel Winifred) Savi
The room had been searched inch by inch, and by someone in a hurry.
"The Egyptian Cat Mystery" by Harold Leland Goodwin
After a repast of many courses Helen wandered into the great hall, found an empty chair, and longed for someone to speak to.
"The Silent Barrier" by Louis Tracy
Someone cleared a table and someone else picked her up and put her on it.
"The "Genius"" by Theodore Dreiser
I was hoping to contact someone to check it for me.
"Tangle Hold" by F. L. Wallace
But someone in charge must be here.
"The Caves of Fear" by John Blaine
Someone might really have had nightmare!
"The Brightener" by C. N. Williamson
His car had slowed almost to a stop; there was a low whistle from the porch and someone was coming down the steps.
"Fidelity" by Susan Glaspell

In poetry:

And blind as are
These three to me,
So blind to someone
I must be.
"All But Blind" by Walter de la Mare
Calling out, yet fearing
Someone might hear the cry,
Destined to disappearing
Within another I.
"Girl in Love" by Rainer Maria Rilke
Once, when I was young and true,
Someone left me sad-
Broke my brittle heart in two;
And that is very bad.
"A Very Short Song" by Dorothy Parker
She never has that vain belief
That someone's watching her as chief
And asking every one in brief—
"Who is she?"
"The Model Girl" by Frank Barbour Coffin
Yet--once--I saw its opening throw
A brighter light about
And glimpsed strange glory on the brow
Of someone passing out!
"The Town Between" by Isabel Ecclestone Mackay
I’ve never seen a homing soul so doubt-tossed, I must say,
He’d spurn the faith tomorrow, that was in him strong today:
For "someone told him something", and unto that he’d cling;
’Twas this mysterious "chap I met" who tells him every-thing.
"My Curate's Motor Bike" by John O Brien

In news:

Someone ripped the heads off 26 chickens at a home in the North Pole area, and Alaska State Troopers are wondering why.
If someone paid $185,000 at a charity auction to have lunch with Mayor Bloomberg, how much could a round of a golf fetch.
Put yourself in someone else's shoes for a while.
I thought it would be best to get someone at IB's New York office to set the record straight.
It's a testament to the pathetic GOP field that someone as quixotic as Cain has risen this far.
If you want today and Saturday to be as sunny and warm as Thursday, then someone needs to shut the back door .
When someone hands you a check, you are getting money for work you have done, thats nice.
It kinda sounds like someone is saying "la la la lala", but in a weird "Honey I Shrunk The Kids" kinda way.
There's a person in our barn who is constantly borrowing things from everyone else—polo wraps, boots, bits, spurs, stirrups, she even used someone else's saddle for the entire show season.
Funny how you know someone without ever meeting them.
1827 Greenville Ave. We wanted to give this award to someone else.
If you're going to prank someone, go big or go home.
In a perfect world, finished gages must pass final calibration by someone other than the person who made them.
She was walking up to anyone and everyone and screaming for someone to pay attention to her.
If you answered yes to those questions, someone in California would like to talk to you.

In science:

As noted earlier, this trivial solution for (i) is being employed whenever someone implicitly specifies a Hilbert space HS by specifying a state |Si as a linear combination of basis vectors Pi λi |si i.
Consistent quantum mechanics admits no mereotopology
It is not the first time someone talks about final theories.
On the Nature of Reality
An observer of a certain universe is something or someone that posses knowledge about the reality or the state of that universe.
On the Nature of Reality
The presence of non-vanishing terms on the right-hand side of (32) may led someone to think that the energy-momentum is not conserved in a Cartan gauge.
Scalar torsion and a new symmetry of general relativity
In practice c = pq is chosen to be the product of two large primes p, q known only to the user who published c, so only that user can read the messages—unless someone manages to factorise c.
Quantum Computing