soliton wave


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n soliton wave (physics) a quantum of energy or quasiparticle that can be propagated as a traveling wave in nonlinear systems and is neither preceded nor followed by another such disturbance; does not obey the superposition principle and does not dissipate "soliton waves can travel long distances with little loss of energy or structure"
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In science:

It has been also described as a soliton wave .
Nonlinear evolution equations in QCD
Solitons are localized nonlinear waves that have highly stable properties that allow them to propagate very long distances with very little change [4-14]. In this paper we present a novel technique of memory storage using soliton waves.
Novel Technique for Volatile Optical Memory Using Solitons
And the form of multi soliton solution (up to this factor) will be the same for all systems of 3-th waves hierarchy.
Hamiltonian formalism in a problem of 3-th waves hierarchy
The discrete transformation for n-wave problem in the case of arbitrary semisimple algebra was presented in form and author have no doubts that the problem of equations of n-wave hierarchy and its multi-soliton solution may be resolved in explicit form.
Hamiltonian formalism in a problem of 3-th waves hierarchy
A soliton is a non-dissipating solitary wave.
Finite temperature corrections and embedded strings in noncommutative geometry and the standard model with neutrino mixing