• Group showing a starfish attacking an oyster; soft shelled clams; hermit crabs; fiddler crabs, etc
    Group showing a starfish attacking an oyster; soft shelled clams; hermit crabs; fiddler crabs, etc
  • WordNet 3.6
    • adj soft not brilliant or glaring "the moon cast soft shadows","soft pastel colors","subdued lighting"
    • adj soft mild and pleasant "balmy days and nights","the climate was mild and conducive to life or growth","a soft breeze"
    • adj soft not burdensome or demanding; borne or done easily and without hardship "what a cushy job!","the easygoing life of a parttime consultant","a soft job"
    • adj soft willing to negotiate and compromise
    • adj soft out of condition; not strong or robust; incapable of exertion or endurance "he was too soft for the army","flabby around the middle","flaccid cheeks"
    • adj soft yielding readily to pressure or weight
    • adj soft compassionate and kind; conciliatory "he was soft on his children"
    • adj soft (of speech sounds); produced with the back of the tongue raised toward the hard palate; characterized by a hissing or hushing sound (as `s' and `sh')
    • adj soft (of light) transmitted from a broad light source or reflected
    • adj soft having little impact "an easy pat on the shoulder","gentle rain","a gentle breeze","a soft (or light) tapping at the window"
    • adj soft (of sound) relatively low in volume "soft voices","soft music"
    • adj soft used chiefly as a direction or description in music "the piano passages in the composition"
    • adj soft not protected against attack (especially by nuclear weapons) "soft targets"
    • adj soft soft and mild; not harsh or stern or severe "a gentle reprimand","a vein of gentle irony","poked gentle fun at him"
    • adj soft tolerant or lenient "indulgent parents risk spoiling their children","too soft on the children","they are soft on crime"
    • adj soft using evidence not readily amenable to experimental verification or refutation "soft data","the soft sciences"
    • adj soft produced with vibration of the vocal cords; "a frequently voiced opinion","voiced consonants such as `b' and `g' and `z'"
    • adj soft easily hurt "soft hands","a baby's delicate skin"
    • adj soft (of a commodity or market or currency) falling or likely to fall in value "the market for computers is soft"
    • adv soft in a relaxed manner; or without hardship "just wanted to take it easy" (`soft' is nonstandard)"
    • ***

Additional illustrations & photos:

The morning was truly Venetian, soft and fair as a dream The morning was truly Venetian, soft and fair as a dream
Silver Maple. Soft Maple Silver Maple. Soft Maple
Red Maple. Soft Maple Red Maple. Soft Maple

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The quills of a porcupine are soft when they are born
    • n Soft A soft or foolish person; an idiot.
    • Soft (Phonetics) Applied to a palatal, a sibilant, or a dental consonant (as g in gem c in cent, etc.) as distinguished from a guttural mute (as g in go c in cone, etc.); -- opposed to hard.
    • interj Soft Be quiet; hold; stop; not so fast. "Soft , you; a word or two before you go."
    • Soft (Phonetics) Belonging to the class of sonant elements as distinguished from the surd, and considered as involving less force in utterance; as, b d g z v, etc., in contrast with p t k s f, etc.
    • Soft Easily yielding to pressure; easily impressed, molded, or cut; not firm in resisting; impressible; yielding; also, malleable; -- opposed to hard; as, a soft bed; a soft peach; soft earth; soft wood or metal.
    • Soft Easily yielding; susceptible to influence; flexible; gentle; kind. "I would to God my heart were flint, like Edward's;
      Or Edward's soft and pitiful, like mine."
      "The meek or soft shall inherit the earth."
    • Soft Effeminate; not courageous or manly, weak. "A longing after sensual pleasures is a dissolution of the spirit of a man, and makes it loose, soft , and wandering."
    • Soft Expressing gentleness, tenderness, or the like; mild; conciliatory; courteous; kind; as, soft eyes. "A soft answer turneth away wrath.""A face with gladness overspread, Soft smiles, by human kindness bred."
    • Soft Gentle in action or motion; easy. "On her soft axle, white she paces even,
      And bears thee soft with the smooth air along."
    • Soft Having, or consisting of, a gentle curve or curves; not angular or abrupt; as, soft outlines.
    • Soft Hence, agreeable to feel, taste, or inhale; not irritating to the tissues; as, a soft liniment; soft wines. "The soft , delicious air."
    • Soft Not harsh or offensive to the sight; not glaring; pleasing to the eye; not exciting by intensity of color or violent contrast; as, soft hues or tints. "The sun, shining upon the upper part of the clouds . . . made the softest lights imaginable."
    • Soft Not harsh or rough in sound; gentle and pleasing to the ear; flowing; as, soft whispers of music. "Her voice was ever soft ,
      Gentle, and low, -- an excellent thing in woman."
      "Soft were my numbers; who could take offense?"
    • Soft Not rough, rugged, or harsh to the touch; smooth; delicate; fine; as, soft silk; a soft skin. "They that wear soft clothing are in king's houses."
    • Soft Not tinged with mineral salts; adapted to decompose soap; as, soft water is the best for washing.
    • Soft Quiet; undisturbed; paceful; as, soft slumbers.
    • adv Soft Softly; without roughness or harshness; gently; quietly. "A knight soft riding toward them."
    • Soft Somewhat weak in intellect. "He made soft fellows stark noddies, and such as were foolish quite mad."
    • Soft Weak in character; impressible. "The deceiver soon found this soft place of Adam's."
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Coca-Cola was the first soft drink to be consumed in outer space
    • soft Yielding readily to pressure; easily penetrated; impressible; yielding: opposed to hard: as, a soft bed; a soft apple; soft earth; soft wood; a soft mineral; easily susceptible of change of form; hence, easily worked; malleable: as, soft iron; lead is softer than gold.
    • soft Affecting the senses in a mild, smooth, bland, delicate, or agreeable manner. Smooth and agreeable to the touch; free from roughness or harshness; not rugged, rough, or coarse; delicate; fine: as, a soft skin; soft hair; soft silk; soft dress-materials.
    • soft Mild and agreeable; gentle; genial; kindly.
    • soft Smooth; flowing; not rough or vehement; not harsh; gentle or melodious to the ear: as, a soft sound; soft accents; soft whispers.
    • soft Not harsh or offensive to the sight; mild to the eye; not strong or glaring; not exciting by intensity of color or violent contrast: as, soft colors; the soft coloring of a picture.
    • soft Bituminous, as opposed to anthracitic: said of coal.
    • soft Nearly free from lime or magnesia salts, and therefore forming a lather with soap without leaving a curd-like deposit: said of water.
    • soft Unsized: as, soft paper.
    • soft Mild: noting the weather. Open; genial.
    • soft Moist; wet or rainy: as, a soft day.
    • soft Warm enough to melt snow or ice; thawing.
    • soft In phonetics, pronounced with more or less of a sibilant sound and without explosive utterance, as c in cinder as opposed to c in candle, g in gin as opposed to g in gift; also often used instead of sonant or voiced or the like for an alphabetic sound uttered with tone.
    • soft Tender; delicate.
    • soft Effeminate; lacking manliness, hardiness, or courage; easy to overcome; gentle.
    • soft Easily persuaded, moved, or acted upon; impressible; hence, facile; weak; simple; foolish; silly.
    • soft Slack; easy-going; without care or anxiety.
    • soft Mild; gentle; kind; sympathetic; easily touched or moved; susceptible; tender; merciful; courteous; not rough, rude, or irritating: as, soft manners.
    • soft Easy; gentle; steady and even, especially in action or motion.
    • soft In anatomy, not bony, cartilaginous, dentinal, etc.: as, the soft parts or soft tissues of the body: not specific.
    • soft When noting silk, having the natural gum removed by cleaning or washing: distinguished from hard.
    • soft In ichthyology, not spinous; soft-rayed: noting fins or fin-rays: as, a soft dorsal or anal (fin). See soft-finned, and cut under Malacopterygii.
    • soft In conchology and herpetology, soft-shelled.
    • soft In Crustacea, soft-shelled.
    • soft Synonyms Plastic, pliable.
    • soft Mellifluous, dulcet.
    • soft Compliant, submissive, irresolute.
    • soft and Mild, Bland, etc. See gentle.
    • n soft A soft or silly person; a person who is weak or foolish; a fool. Also softy.
    • n soft In United States politics: A member or an adherent of that one of the two factions into which in 1852 and succeeding years the Democratic party in the State of New York was divided which was less favorable to the extension of slavery.
    • n soft A member of the pro-slavery wing of the Democratic party in Missouri about 1850. See hard, n., 5.
    • soft Softly; gently; quietly.
    • soft Go softly! hold! stop! not so fast!
    • soft To soften; make soft.
    • soft In archery, smooth and even in flexure and recoil: said of a bow.
    • n soft plural Rags of loosely woven or knitted goods, such as flannel, hosiery, etc.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Prague consumes 3 times more beer than all the soft drinks combined
    • adj Soft soft easily yielding to pressure: easily cut or acted upon: malleable: not rough to the touch: smooth: pleasing or soothing to the senses: easily yielding to any influence: mild: sympathetic: gentle: effeminate: gentle in motion: easy: free from lime or salt, as water: bituminous, as opposed to anthracitic, of coal: unsized, of paper: wet, rainy: warm enough to melt ice, thawing:
    • n Soft a silly person, a fool
    • adv Soft gently: quietly
    • interj Soft hold! not so fast!—adjs. Soft′-bod′ied, having a soft body
    • v.i Soft to grow soft or softer
    • n Soft flattery
    • adj Soft soft (phon.) pronounced with a somewhat sibilant sound, not guttural or explosive: vocal or sonant: not bony, cartilaginous, not spinous: soft-rayed, soft-shelled: of silk, having the natural gum cleaned or washed off—opp. to Hard
    • ***


  • Thomas Fuller
    “Soft words are hard arguments.”
  • English Proverb
    English Proverb
    “Use soft words and hard arguments.”
  • William Butler Yeats
    “But I, being poor, have only my dreams; I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.”
  • Miguel De Cervantes
    “Fair and softly goes far.”
  • Anthony J. D'Angelo
    Anthony J. D'Angelo
    “Have a strong mind and a soft heart.”
  • Theodore Roosevelt
    “Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.”


Soft soap someone - If you soft soap someone, you flatter them.
Speak softly and carry a big stick - If you speak softly and carry a big stick, you make your case quietly but can back it up forcefully if necessary.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. softe, AS. sōfte, properly adv. of sēfte, adj.; akin to OS. sāfto, adv., D. zacht, OHG. samfto, adv., semfti, adj., G. sanft, LG. sacht,; of uncertain origin
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. sófte, séfte; Dut. zacht, Ger. sanft.


In literature:

Once more it must be insisted that soft, very soft singing only, can be allowed.
"The Child-Voice in Singing" by Francis E. Howard
"A Political History of the State of New York, Volumes 1-3" by DeAlva Stanwood Alexander
She had a new straw gypsy with a wreath of buttercups, and soft yellow strings tied under her chin.
"A Little Girl in Old New York" by Amanda Millie Douglas
He believed he should go softly all his days; and, from a certain point of view, in this he was right.
"The History of Sir Richard Calmady" by Lucas Malet
Then she smiled softly.
"A Little Girl in Old Boston" by Amanda Millie Douglas
Then his voice changed, friendly and soft again.
"The Snowshoe Trail" by Edison Marshall
Out of this the Indians manufacture soft, warm gloves.
"The Western World" by W.H.G. Kingston
It takes a soft heart to feel tenderly towards a soft head.
"The Manxman A Novel - 1895" by Hall Caine
He went out and closed the door softly after him.
"A Collection of Stories, Reviews and Essays" by Willa Cather
In making curry onions should be cooked until they are perfectly soft.
"The Khaki Kook Book" by Mary Kennedy Core

In poetry:

A soft song, filled
With a misery
Older than Mose
Will ever be.
"Mose" by Sterling A Brown
So would I softly,
Day long, night long,
Change my sorrow
Into song.
"Like Barley Bending" by Sara Teasdale
Not because
they curve soft and warm
lovely and firm
under the Greek sun
"Hills and hills" by Irving Layton
While on the instant
Dulcet voices soft and tender
Issue from the cave's abysses.
"The Purgatory Of St. Patrick - Act III" by Denis Florence MacCarthy
In soft delicious dreaming when they drain
Thy wine of colour. Virgin fair thou art.
All sweetly fruitful, waiting with soft pain
The spouse that comes to wake thy sleeping heart.
"Western Australia" by John Boyle O Reilly
When Zephyr on his drooping wings
Soft sighs and spicy fragrance brings,
How sweet to wander on the lawns
Wrapped in the soft green grass of spring
And dewy splendors of the dawns.
"Ode--Spring: Paraphrased From Anacreon" by Maurice Thompson

In news:

Select pears without bruises, scars or soft spots.
You feel like a pro when the lights at Jefferson Park in Hollywood flick on and bathe the soft dirt of the bocce courts in a yellow glow.
Chefs Bring Pisco, Agave, and Soft- Boiled Eggs to Local Food Fest.
Best of all, of course, is the pie itself—the crust is relatively thin but incredibly soft, with just the right quotient of chewiness.
Beat cream cheese with mixer until soft.
Add pomegranate molasses, add the eggplant and chickpeas and simmer for 20 minutes or until eggplant is soft.
Soft Serve Chocolate or Hard Serve Chocolate.
The most intriguing snack on offer at frozen yogurt bar Tutti Frutti (1315 Walnut St.), which opened earlier this month, doesn't come out of a soft-serve machine.
A Soft Spot for Circuitry .
So soft his steps and long his stride, I see him now.
Or the time you starred in that soft-core porn.
Boursin cheese (soft garlic herb cheese).
New ways of projecting soft power.
Specialty soft lens design ?
Specialty soft lens design fits with difficulty/vision compromise ?

In science:

From the potential given in eq.(36) we can read directly the F-, D- and scalar soft terms which break softly the supersymmetric theory obtained by CSDR over G2/SU (3).
Supersymmetry Breaking by Dimensional Reduction over Coset Spaces
Assume that the effective space for each ui in the soft part is given by a quantity ∆. (∆ is sensitive to the soft k⊥ -cutoff, and an estimate is presented in ref. 1.) Then the total weight for this part becomes ∆N −k .
A Simple Model for the BFKL-DGLAP Transition
If this is the case, all the soft breaking terms are diagonal at the high energy scale, and the only source of flavour violation in the leptonic sector are the radiative corrections to the soft terms, through the neutrino Yukawa couplings.
Neutrino Phenomenology -- the case of two right handed neutrinos
Moreover A is PcN (Lemma B.4), so any soft sheaf on A is acyclic (Lemma B.5) and therefore the cohomology of F ↾ A can be computed by soft resolutions.
O-minimal cohomology: finiteness and invariance results
A system of observations is said to have soft noise (or soft noisy observations), if there exists M < ∞ such that the kernels R and and Q(k) for al l k ≥ 1 are M -soft.
Estimating Random Variables from Random Sparse Observations