social democracy


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n social democracy the belief in a gradual transition from capitalism to socialism by democratic means
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  • Jean Baudrillard
    “Democracy is the menopause of Western society, the Grand Climacteric of the body social. Fascism is its middle-aged lust.”


In literature:

Democracy is a spirit, an idea, a social quality, first of all.
"The Psychology of Nations" by G.E. Partridge
Many others are impressed by the fact of the irresistible advance of the Social Democracy.
"Socialism As It Is" by William English Walling
Social Democracy had failed.
"Erik Dorn" by Ben Hecht
Socialism is political democracy allied to industrial democracy.
"Socialism" by John Spargo
Magnitude of social achievement is the watchword of the democracy since the Civil War.
"The Frontier in American History" by Frederick Jackson Turner
You can have capitalism, which is a social system, without having democracy which is a political system.
"Revolution" by Dallas McCord Reynolds
The Negro cannot remain in a free democracy unless we absorb him into our social and political life.
"A Man of the People" by Thomas Dixon
EUGENE SUE is now a member of the French Assembly; but he still finds time to labor for democracy and socialism with his pen.
"The International Magazine, Volume 2, No. 3, February, 1851" by Various
Hence democracy everywhere stands for political and social reform.
"The Spirit of American Government" by J. Allen Smith
Social-Democracy may conceivably become a force that in the sheer power of untutored faith may destroy government and not replace it.
"New Worlds For Old" by Herbert George Wells

In news:

The Egyptian military's use of so-called virginity tests against female democracy protesters in Tahrir Square is part of a long tradition of using sexual harassment as a tool of social control.
Social democracy isn't as liberal as Americans think it is.
Titans-of-Finance Patriarchy vs Social Democracy.
Titans-of-Finance Patriarchy vs Social Democracy .
Time to embrace social democracy .
Could Hollande bring back social democracy .
Has the Euro Crisis Killed Off Social Democracy For Good.
The Pursuit of Social Democracy .
His 2007 book, The Wealth of Networks, analyzed how social production and the networked information economy could disrupt American markets and democracy.
CNN — Unless Facebook users fight back, the days of the social network's experiment with democracy may soon come to an end .
CNN — Unless Facebook users fight back, the days of the social network's experiment with democracy may soon come to an end.
A grim milestone on the path of America's "transformation" into a European social democracy basket case was passed in September, as ZeroHedge reports.
Americans can't define capitalism, socialism or democracy.
Election moved America toward social democracy -- just like Mexico.
Socialism's failures in a taxpayer democracy.

In science:

The social contract is a basic of all civilization. On the most extensive meaning, Montesquieu proposed that any law is a necessity relation. This is an expansion of the natural law. According to Montesquieu s principle, political system classifies democracy, monarchy and despotism.
Synergetic Application, Equations on Rule of Law and Two-Party Mechanism
This theme contains various national (opposition, corruption and Russia), international (Chechnya, NATO, Poland and Ukraine) and general (socialism, democracy and anti-communism) political topics.
Inference of the Russian drug community from one of the largest social networks in the Russian Federation