• WordNet 3.6
    • adj smooth (of a body of water) free from disturbance by heavy waves "a ribbon of sand between the angry sea and the placid bay","the quiet waters of a lagoon","a lake of tranquil blue water reflecting a tranquil blue sky","a smooth channel crossing","scarcely a ripple on the still water","unruffled water"
    • adj smooth lacking obstructions or difficulties "the bill's path through the legislature was smooth and orderly"
    • adj smooth smoothly agreeable and courteous with a degree of sophistication "he was too politic to quarrel with so important a personage","the manager pacified the customer with a smooth apology for the error"
    • adj smooth smooth and unconstrained in movement "a long, smooth stride","the fluid motion of a cat","the liquid grace of a ballerina"
    • adj smooth having a surface free from roughness or bumps or ridges or irregularities "smooth skin","a smooth tabletop","smooth fabric","a smooth road","water as smooth as a mirror"
    • adj smooth of motion that runs or flows or proceeds without jolts or turbulence "a smooth ride"
    • adj smooth of the margin of a leaf shape; not broken up into teeth
    • adj smooth (music) without breaks between notes; smooth and connected "a legato passage"
    • v smooth make (a surface) shine "shine the silver, please","polish my shoes"
    • v smooth make smooth or smoother, as if by rubbing "smooth the surface of the wood"
    • v smooth free from obstructions "smooth the way towards peace negotiations"
    • n smooth the act of smoothing "he gave his hair a quick smooth"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Chocolate was introduced into the United States in 1765 when cocoa beans were brought from the West Indies to Dorchester, Massachusetts.Cocoa butter is the natural fat of the cocoa bean. It has a delicate chocolate aroma, but is very bitter tasting. It is used to give body, smoothness, and flavor to eating chocolate.
    • Smooth Bland; mild; smoothing; fattering. "This smooth discourse and mild behavior oft
      Conceal a traitor."
    • Smooth (Mech. & Physics) Causing no resistance to a body sliding along its surface; frictionless.
    • Smooth Evenly spread or arranged; sleek; as, smooth hair.
    • Smooth Flowing or uttered without check, obstruction, or hesitation; not harsh; voluble; even; fluent. "The only smooth poet of those times.""Waller was smooth ; but Dryden taught to join
      The varying verse, the full-resounding line."
      "When sage Minerva rose,
      From her sweet lips smooth elocution flows."
    • Smooth Gently flowing; moving equably; not ruffled or obstructed; as, a smooth stream.
    • Smooth Having an even surface, or a surface so even that no roughness or points can be perceived by the touch; not rough; as, smooth glass; smooth porcelain. "The outlines must be smooth , imperceptible to the touch, and even, without eminence or cavities."
    • adv Smooth Smoothly. "Smooth runs the water where the brook is deep."
    • Smooth That which is smooth; the smooth part of anything. "The smooth of his neck."
    • Smooth The act of making smooth; a stroke which smooths.
    • v. i Smooth To flatter; to use blandishment. "Because I can not flatter and speak fair,
      Smile in men's faces, smooth , deceive and cog."
    • v. t Smooth To make smooth; to make even on the surface by any means; as, to smooth a board with a plane; to smooth cloth with an iron. "Thou, Abelard! the last sad office pay,
      And smooth my passage to the realms of day."
      "In their motions harmony divine
      So smooths her charming tones that God's own ear
      Listens delighted."
      "Each perturbation smoothed with outward calm."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: There are more than 500 varieties of banana in the world: The most common kinds are Dwarf Cavendish, Valery, and Williams Hybrid bananas. Other types of bananas include Apple and a small red banana called the Red Jamaica. A large type of banana called the plantain is hard and starchy and is almost eaten as a cooked vegetable. The Cavendish is the most common variety of bananas now imported to the United States. The Cavendish is a shorter, stubbier plant than earlier varieties. It was developed to resist plant diseases, insects and windstorms better than its predecessors. The Cavendish fruit is of medium size, has a creamier, smooth texture, and a thinner peel than earlier varieties.
    • smooth Having a surface so uniform that the eye and the touch do not readily detect any projections or irregularities in it; not rough; of water, not ruffied, or not undulating.
    • smooth Free from hair: as, a smooth face.
    • smooth Free from lumps: especially noting flour, starch, and the like.
    • smooth Not harsh; not rugged; even; harmonious.
    • smooth Using pleasing or euphonious language.
    • smooth In Greek grammar, free from aspiration; not rough: as, a smooth mute; the smooth breathing.
    • smooth Bland; mild; soothing; insinuating; wheedling: noting persons or speech, etc.
    • smooth Free from anything disagreeable or unpleasant.
    • smooth Unruffled; calm; even; complaisant: as, a smooth temper.
    • smooth Without jolt, jar, or shock; even: as, smooth sailing; smooth driving.
    • smooth Gentle; mild; placid.
    • smooth Free from astringency, tartness, or any stinging or titillating character; soft to the nerves of taste: used especially of spirit.
    • smooth In zoology, not rough, as an unsculptured surface, or one without visible elevations (as granules, points, papillæ, and nodes) or impressions (as striæ, punctures, and foveæ), though it may be thinly clothed with hairs or minute scales.
    • smooth In botany, either opposed to scabrous (that is, not rough), or equivalent to glabrous (that is, not pubescent): the former is the more correct sense.
    • smooth Synonyms Plain, level, polished.
    • smooth Voluble, fluent.
    • smooth Oily.
    • n smooth The act of smoothing.
    • n smooth That which is smooth; the smooth part of anything; a smooth place.
    • n smooth Specifically, a field or plat of grass.
    • smooth To make smooth; make even on the surface by any means: as, to smooth a board with a plane; to smooth cloth with an iron.
    • smooth To free from obstruction; make easy; remove, as an obstruction or difficulty.
    • smooth To free from harshness; make flowing.
    • smooth To palliate; soften.
    • smooth To calm; mollify; allay.
    • smooth To make agreeable; make flattering.
    • smooth To utter agreeably; hence, to free from blame; exonerate.
    • smooth To modify (a given series of values) so as to remove irregularities.
    • smooth To become smooth.
    • smooth To repeat flattering or wheedling words.
    • smooth In old music, same as plain, 16.
    • smooth Numerical methods, in which the means are taken of successive pairs of observations and again the means of successive means. This process may be repeated indefinitely, and is known as Bloxaming or Bloxam's method. An analogous method, but one more nearly in accord with the precepts of the laws of chance, is embodied in the following rule, devised by Dr. Galle of Breslau, for combining together seven consecutive daily means a ……. g into one value for the median date :
    • smooth This formula can be rearranged so as to reduce the whole process of computation to a simple system of summing and halving.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: If the Earth was smooth, the ocean would cover the entire surface to a depth of 12,000 feet.
    • adj Smooth smōōth having an even surface: not tough: evenly spread: glossy: gently flowing: easy: regular: unobstructed: bland: mild, calm
    • v.t Smooth to make smooth: to palliate: to soften: to calm: to ease:
    • v.i Smooth to repeat flattering words
    • n Smooth (B.) the smooth part
    • n Smooth a gun with smooth-bored barrel
    • v.t Smooth (Shak.) to exonerate
    • ***


  • Elizabeth Gaskell
    Elizabeth Gaskell
    “A little credulity helps one on through life very smoothly.”
  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “Triumphs without difficulties are empty. Indeed; it is difficulties that make the triumph. It is no feat to travel the smooth road.”
  • Lord Byron
    “Keep thy smooth words and juggling homilies for those who know thee not.”
  • Thomas Jefferson
    “Always take hold of things by the smooth handle.”
  • Harriet Martineau
    “If there is any country on earth where the course of true love may be expected to run smooth, it is America.”
  • William Shakespeare
    “They do not love that do not show their love. The course of true love never did run smooth. Love is a familiar. Love is a devil. There is no evil angel but Love.”


Smooth as a baby's bottom - If something is smooth as a baby's bottom, it has a regular, flat surface.
Smooth sailing - If something is smooth sailing, then you can progress without difficulty. ('Plain sailing' is also used.)
Take the rough with the smooth - People say that you have to take the rough with the smooth, meaning that you have to be prepared to accept the disadvantages as well of the advantages of something.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. smothe, smethe, AS. smēðe, smœðe, where ē, œ, come from an older ō; cf. LG. smöde, smöe, smödig,; of uncertain origin


In literature:

This lake was quite different from the others; wide and open, with smooth sand-beaches all around it.
"Days Off" by Henry Van Dyke
Rao Khan was a short, thickset man, with a round, smooth face.
"The River of Darkness" by William Murray Graydon
Forward the river swept smoothly round a curve.
"Still Jim" by Honoré Willsie Morrow
The bar being tolerably smooth, the boats crossed without any accident, the crews giving way with a will up the river.
"The Three Commanders" by W.H.G. Kingston
The white linen cover of the chair was smooth and cool; Margaret pressed her cheek against it, and a sense of comfort stole over her insensibly.
"Margaret Montfort" by Laura E. Richards
The sleighing was superb, the snow pure as ivory, hard as marble, and beautifully crisp and smooth.
"Northern Travel" by Bayard Taylor
A box in which he had lain, a passage with smooth metallic walls, and an alien world at the end of it.
"The Defiant Agents" by Andre Alice Norton
It was so in fact, as the noose was seen settling smoothly over the jutting-stone, taking full hold upon it.
"Popular Adventure Tales" by Mayne Reid
Every Indian cook-house is provided with a smooth black stone about a foot and a half long and a foot wide.
"The Khaki Kook Book" by Mary Kennedy Core
Beat smooth, and when tepid add the yeast, cover and set away to rise.
"The Golden Age Cook Book" by Henrietta Latham Dwight

In poetry:

But if we'd all anxiously tak
To makkin things smooth as we're able,
Ther'd be monny a better clooath'd back,
An' monny a better spread table.
"Ther's Much Expected" by John Hartley
Oh! lost Ophelia! smoothly flow'd the day,
To feel his music with my flames agree,
To taste the beauties of his melting lay,
To taste, and fancy it was dear to thee.
"Elegy XVIII. He Repeats the Song of Colin, a Discerning Shepherd" by William Shenstone
Thou wearest on thy young, smooth brow a smile
Of happy peace and joy and tender love,
Speaking in soft yet earnest tones the while
The eternal message utter'd from above:
"O, Glad New Year" by Alexander Anderson
Think of me, when 'mid joy and gladness
They bark glides smoothly down life's tranquil stream.
When thy life, free from care or sadness,
Is calm and peaceful as a summer dream.
"Think Of Me" by Thomas Edward Spencer
Oh glorious spirits, who after all your bands
See the smooth face of God, without a frown
Or strict commands;
Where ev'ry one is king, and hath his crown,
If not upon his head, yet in his hands:
"To All Angels And Saints" by George Herbert
Touch--touch me with your hands.--
Smooth back the hair
You once caressed, and kissed, and called so fair
That I did dream its gold would wear alway,
And lo, to-day--
O touch me with your hands!
"The Passing Of A Heart" by James Whitcomb Riley

In news:

Beat with a mixer until smooth.
You can smooth out many of the high, lows, twists and turns of the roller coaster world of business ownership.
A successful landing and Mars's smooth surface sets optimum digging conditions.
Early voting ' extraordinarily smooth'.
Its set at Neurolux with Utah's The Mighty Sequoyah Aug 4 was as smooth as ever, despite having a ringer on drums.
Breyers Smooth & Dreamy Creamy Fat-Free Chocolate Ice Cream.
Breyers Smooth & Dreamy Creamy Fat-Free Chocolate Ice Cream Review.
The Russian leader looks rather smooth for almost-60, and what was that mysterious bruise on his cheek.
Tyler BushAaron Suski takes his smooth pop for a stroll on this desert-style backside 180.
The Warped Tour will roll into Ventura for the 13th year on June 24 with a well-organized and experienced crew of people to make the multi-stage event go smoothly.
VANCOUVER, British Columbia — The other ice surfaces at the Winter Olympics, from the bobsled track to the speed-skating oval, are designed to be smooth and fast.
Police officers stand guard on the Howrah bridge in preparation for smooth traffic flow during the nationwide strike in Kolkata on May 31, 2012.
Roger Federer's approach is almost classical, with its smooth swing and old-school grip.
A forehead -lift can help smooth the forehead skin and raise your eyebrows.
Brazilian Blowout and other hair straightening and smoothing products can release formaldehyde , even when labeled " formaldehyde -free," according to a hazard alert recently issued by a federal agency for salon workers and owners.

In science:

The smoothness follows from the smoothness of the nonlinear semigroup, see Kreiss and Lorentz .
Existence and homogenization of the Rayleigh-B\'enard problem
Let f : X → S be a family of smooth pro jective varieties parametrised by a smooth connected variety S .
The Hodge Conjecture for general Prym varieties
Moreover, the general fibre is a double cover C ′ → D ′ of a smooth curve D ′ by a smooth curve C ′ .
The Hodge Conjecture for general Prym varieties
For F (x) = f (|x|/R)/R2 to be a smooth function of x, f should be a smooth even function of its argument u ≡ |x|/R.
Defining Entropy Bounds
Let V be (the tangent bundle of ) a smooth foliation on a smooth Riemannian manifold (M , g ) and set H = V ⊥ .
Harmonic morphisms with one-dimensional fibres on Einstein manifolds