• Slopping pigs
    Slopping pigs
  • WordNet 3.6
    • v slop feed pigs
    • v slop cause or allow (a liquid substance) to run or flow from a container "spill the milk","splatter water"
    • v slop ladle clumsily "slop the food onto the plate"
    • v slop walk through mud or mire "We had to splosh across the wet meadow"
    • n slop writing or music that is excessively sweet and sentimental
    • n slop wet feed (especially for pigs) consisting of mostly kitchen waste mixed with water or skimmed or sour milk
    • n slop (usually plural) weak or watery unappetizing food or drink "he lived on the thin slops that food kitchens provided"
    • n slop (usually plural) waste water from a kitchen or bathroom or chamber pot that has to be emptied by hand "she carried out the sink slops"
    • n slop deep soft mud in water or slush "they waded through the slop"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Slop A loose lower garment; loose breeches; chiefly used in the plural. "A pair of slops .""There's a French salutation to your French slop ."
    • Slop Any kind of outer garment made of linen or cotton, as a night dress, or a smock frock.
    • Slop Dirty water; water in which anything has been washed or rinsed; water from wash-bowls, etc.
    • Slop Mean and weak drink or liquid food; -- usually in the plural.
    • Slop Ready-made clothes; also, among seamen, clothing, bedding, and other furnishings.
    • Slop To cause to overflow, as a liquid, by the motion of the vessel containing it; to spill.
    • v. i Slop To overflow or be spilled as a liquid, by the motion of the vessel containing it; -- often with over.
    • Slop To spill liquid upon; to soil with a liquid spilled.
    • Slop Water or other liquid carelessly spilled or thrown aboyt, as upon a table or a floor; a puddle; a soiled spot.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n slop A puddle; a miry or slippery place.
    • n slop Liquid carelessly dropped or spilled about; a wet place.
    • n slop plural Liquid food or nourishment; thin food, as gruel or thin broth prepared for the sick: so called in contempt.
    • n slop plural The waste, dirty water, dregs, etc., of a house.
    • n slop In ceramics, same as slip, 11.
    • slop To spill, as a liquid; usually, to spill by causing to overflow the edge of a containing vessel: as, to slop water on the floor in carrying a full pail.
    • slop To drinkgreedily and grossly; swill.
    • slop To spill liquid upon; soil by letting a liquid fall upon: as, the table was s lopped with drink. Synonyms Spill, Slop, Splash Slopping is a form of spilling: it is the somewhat sudden spilling of a considerable amount, which falls free from the receptacle and strikes the ground or floor flatly, perhaps with a sound resembling the word. Slopping is always awkward or disagreeable. Splashing may be a form of spilling or of throwing: that which is splashed falls in larger amount than in slopping, making a noise like the sound of the word, and spreads by spattering or by flowing.
    • slop To be spilled or overflow, as a liquid, by the motion of the vessel containing it: usually with over.
    • slop To work or walk in the wet; make a slop.
    • n slop Originally, an outer garment, as a jacket or cassock; in later provincial use, “an outer garment made of linen; a smock-frock; a nightgown” (Wright).
    • n slop A garment covering the legs and the body below the waist, worn by men, and varying in cut according to the fashion: in this sense also in the plural.
    • n slop Clothing; ready-made clothing; in the British navy, the clothes and bedding of the men, which are supplied by the government at about cost price: usually in the plural.
    • n slop An article of clothing made of leather, apparently shoes or slippers. They are mentioned as of black, tawny, and red leather, and as being of small cost.
    • n slop A tailor.
    • n slop The product from finely ground Indian corn freed from the germs and bolted, the bran which remains on the bolting-cloth sieves being pressed, mixed with about 50 per cent. of water, and sold for immediate use as cattle-food. Also called glucose food, sugar-food, corn-food, etc.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Slop slop water carelessly spilled: a puddle: mean liquor or liquid food:
    • v.t Slop to soil by letting a liquid fall upon:—pr.p. slop′ping; pa.p. slopped
    • n Slop slop (pl.) dirty water
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  • Torley
    “Chop the slop!”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
AS. slop, a frock or over-garment, fr. slpan, to slip, to slide; akin to Icel. sloppr, a thin garment; cf. OHG. slouf, a garment. Cf. Slip (v. i.)
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. sloppe, slyppe, cow-droppings—slúpan, to slip.


In literature:

I learned to do up the night turns, slop the hogs and help bout the milkin'.
"Slave Narratives: a Folk History of Slavery in the United States From Interviews with Former Slaves" by Work Projects Administration
Pigs void an enormous quantity of water, especially when fed on slops from the house, whey, etc.
"Talks on Manures" by Joseph Harris
WATER your rose with a slop-pail when it's in bud, and you'll be asked the name of it when it's in flower.
"Mary's Meadow" by Juliana Horatia Ewing
She came so hastily that the contents of the two cups she carried slopped over.
"Key Out of Time" by Andre Alice Norton
Without a word the drummer hauled himself out of the slop and walked sullenly forward.
"Earth's Enigmas" by Charles G. D. Roberts
Feed easily digested food, slops, etc.
"The Veterinarian" by Chas. J. Korinek
Not patriotic, exactly, but solid and native heathy and Scots-wha-hae-wi'-Wallace and all that kind of slop.
"Gigolo" by Edna Ferber
His window at the moment exhibited his recent satirical publication entitled a Slap at Slop and the Bridge Street Gang.
"Real Life In London, Volumes I. and II." by Pierce Egan
She was excellent at a slop or a puddle, but she should not have meddled with a tempest.
"How to Succeed" by Orison Swett Marden
The slops should be emptied, and the chamber should be washed with cold water, using a special cloth.
"Ontario Teachers' Manuals: Household Science in Rural Schools" by Ministry of Education Ontario

In poetry:

He paddled down the winding stairs
And to the parlor hied,
Dispensing pools of foamy suds
And slop on every side.
"The Ballad Of The Taylor Pup" by Eugene Field
All day I wallowed in the mud,
And ate the choicest slops.
I watched the brindles chew their cud--
The farmer tend his crops.
"The Epic Of The Hog" by Edwin Carty Ranck
See, the desert moon is rising
For the golden sun has dropped
And the Burma girl is sleeping
Sleeping sleeps she never slopped.
"Mandalay 1" by Billy Bennett
And that is the call of the Yukon
That wafts o'er the trees and housetops
Saying, "Call me early, mother, dear
For I'm to be Queen of the slops."
"Call Of The Yukon" by Billy Bennett
And there was Jake Without-the-Ears,
And Pamba the Malay,
And Carboy Gin the Guinea cook,
And Luz from Vigo Bay,
And Honest Jack who sold them slops
And harvested their pay.
"The Ballad of Fisher's Boarding-House" by Rudyard Kipling
His dress wor black as black could be,
An th' latest fashion aw could see,
But yet they hung soa dawderly,
Like suits i' shops;
Bi'th' heart! yo mud ha putten three
Sich legs i'th' slops.
"A Strange Stooary" by John Hartley

In news:

Compared to, say, slopping out a hog barn, checking tire pressure is a hoot.
Would a farmer who put out a trough of slop be surprised if it attracted a bunch of pigs.
At the Punchestown Racecourse in Dublin, Ireland, a real slop-in-the-face affair.
Trough full of stupid slop .
Pig wallows in slop on night of upsets.
Pig Slop was not just some dude's basement.
The ' slop bucket' makes it easy.
Slop , shop, fish-fry stop.
All Blogs Slop Culture NBC's Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.
One advantage of slop , however, is that it makes almost all surfaces equal and soft.
Black Friday brings out crowds, some slopping over from Thursday.
Trough full of stupid slop.
Could have been a glitch, because the turbo model, also driven a week, had no such slop in the stop, nor did other Foresters driven briefly.
Ruler on Ice rules in slop and wins Belmont Stakes.
Rain is slopping down, the wind gusting to 30.

In science:

At 11.75GHz, we observe that the exponential decay with nearly the same slop holds for both cases - the slight difference is due to the finite width in the ‘Outside’ case, and reveals the genuine localization behavior.
Are waves all localized in two dimensional random media?
The estimated slops for the transmission are indicated in the figure.
Are waves all localized in two dimensional random media?
FIG. 2: (a) Conductance as a function of the sample thickness at 300 K, 100 K and 5 K. (b) Conductivity of the film interior derived from the slops of the conductance-thickness lines in region (III) of (a) as a function of temperature.
Bi(111) thin film with insulating interior but metallic surfaces
By getting the slops at different temperatures, we establish a relation between σixx and temperature, as shown in Fig. 2(b) as σixx vs 1/T .
Bi(111) thin film with insulating interior but metallic surfaces
The slop of this curve determines the disk viscous stability.
Comment on Viscous Stability of Relativistic Keplerian Accretion Disks